The Equalizer Recap 11/07/21: Season 2 Episode 5 “Followers”

The Equalizer Recap 11/07/21: Season 2 Episode 5 "Followers"

The Equalizer airs tonight on CBS with an all-new Sunday, November 7, 2021, season 2 episode 5 called “Followers,” and we have your The Equalizer recap below. On tonight’s The Equalizer episode as per the CW synopsis, “McCall is hired by an online group of true-crime enthusiasts to find the anonymous stalker of an unsuspecting NYC woman, when the criminal claims he will murder her in eight hours.”

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In tonight’s The Equalizer episode begins with a woman getting out of bed in the middle of the night because her young son said there was a ghost in his room. She comforts him and leaves the room.

The next morning, McCall is making toast for Delilah when she gets a call. Bad news, she can’t make the movie she planned with Viola and Delilah.

McCall meets with online true-crime enthusiasts “arm chair detectives” Abe and Rachel, who claim they want to find an anonymous stalker who is posting videos of an unsuspecting woman, and he says he will murder her in eight hours. They went to NYPD who told them that the videos were not enough to go on. Abe gets upset when McCall says maybe this is just a hoax.

He tells McCall that they have been investigating since the first video dropped and they have a suspect, Brandon Mackey, everything points at him and he needs to be stopped, he is going to kill her. The same person who posted these videos posted a video of animal cruelty to a kitten a few months ago, and they are convinced that it is only a matter of time before he does it to a human.

McCall meets with Melody and Harry, she tells them that this guy is a phsycopath. They find information on Brandon, he works for the cable company but has no social media existence. Through their investigation they find out that Brandon is actually on social media with another name, Jason Caldwell, same IP address and he has a jeuvenile record.

McCall heads to Brandon’s house, his shift doesn’t end till much later so she breaks in. When she looks at the stove, she sees smoke coming from a pot, she knows he is home. He is there and he pulls a gun on her, she distracts him by telling him the safety is on and grabs the gun from him. Brandon says he is not the stalker. All of a sudden, a brick is thrown through the window by a drive by.

He says he has slashed tires, his employer is getting threats, he claims not to be the stalker, and he is trying to find the real one to clear his name. He says the videos have times stamps and he has an alibi for everyone. Harry calls McCall a new video just dropped, and there is a caption, “what would you do with your last eight hours?” McCall says whoever made those videos is going to kill that woman today.

Harry traces the videos, one of them wasn’t blocked and was uploaded from an internet café, McCall heads over there.

Viola is in a store and a client in the store wants a robe that she has in her hands and was looking at. When Viola won’t give it to her, the woman calls the cops and reports an assault. Elsewhere, McCall finds Abe lurking around the internet café, he wanted to find the stalker and didn’t want McCall to take all the glory.

Harry and Melody found something, on the newest video, the woman got a new lock, she must have realized that she was bring followed. McCall says she may have reported it to the police. McCall goes to see Marcus, she shows him the video and he notices that there are bey blades, the woman has a child.

Viola and Delilah are waiting in the store, the police arrive and the client tells her story. One of the cops approaches Viola and tells her that he heard it got physical. He tells her that if they can’t come to a peaceful resolution, they will have to take it further. Thankfully, Delilah got it on video, they have proof about what that client did. The client apologies to Viola and so does the cop. Viola asks the cop, doesn’t he want to know if she wants to press charges. He asks her if she does and she says no, she is not going to weaponize the police.

Harry and Melody are able to track down who the woman is that is being stalked, all that from plastic blinds in the video, they figure the house had to be a rental or Air B&B. McCall knocks on the door, Vicky is there, but the perpertrator was there, he threatened to kill her and when he heard MCCall at the door, he grapped her son, Benji, and ran.

In the hospital, Vicky tells Marcus and McCall that the attacker was covered, he had gloves and a ski mask. Her son was wearing a white sweater and jeans. McCall asks her if there is anyone in her past that would want to do her harm. She says no.

Harry says he has bad news, there was no security cam on Vicky’s rental, there was no sign of Benjamin or the stalker on foot leaving the premises. McCall is wondering why Vicky recalled the attacker more than what her son was wearing; they are missing something. McCall says that the stalker had a mug when he posted a video from his premises, and the mug was from Vicky’s high school. They pull up photos of Vicky’s year book, the woman who they thought was the victim is actually the stalker. Marcus finds Vicky and Benjamin tied up in a basement. The woman who is the stalker, her name is Amber.

At home, Viola and Delilah tell her what happened when they were shopping, they are all upset about it. Harry calls McCall, there was another anonymous video posted, in this one, Amber has Rachel, another woman, hostage. Thousands of people are watching, the video is live. Harry is trying to track it, to find the location. McCall gets Harry to zoom the video and look at the windows, there is blue under them so McCall wants to post it to the arm chair detectives and see if anyone recognizes the location.

Amber tells Rachel she is going to do the same thing to her that she did to the kittens. Someone in the group gives Harry a location, they recognize the blue windows. McCall tells Harry to crash the video and buy them five minutes. He only buys them thirty seconds. Amber puts a plastic bag over Rachel’s face and starts to suffocate her, just in time, the police arrive, Rachel is safe.

Delilah goes to see the client from the store who is a real estate agent. She tells her that her aunt was upset, and she thinks she had a right to be. The woman tells her that she seems like a nice girl considering the people she was raised by, but if her aunt wants to apologize, she can come there herself. Delilah tells her that she just became famous, she posts the original video online.