The Rookie Premiere Recap 09/26/21: Season 4 Episode 1 “Life and Death”

The Rookie Premiere Recap 09/26/21: Season 4 Episode 1 "Life and Death"

Tonight on ABC their new series The Rookie airs with an all-new Sunday, September 26, 2021, season 4 episode 1 premiere called, “Life and Death,” and we have your The Rookie recap below. On tonight’s The Rookie season 4 episode 1 as per the ABC synopsis, “Officer Nolan and the entire team race against the clock to locate Lopez after she is kidnapped on her wedding day, not only to save her life but her unborn child’s.”

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Tonight’s episode begins with security footage of Detective Lopez’s kidnapping. The police officers in her unit had checked the footage when they couldn’t find her or Officer West and unfortunately, the footage revealed that West was killed during his own abduction. However, Lopez was still alive. She was taken by a cartel queenpin known as La Fiera. She was known as that because she survived a gunfight when she was a teenage mother and she manage to take everyone out and survive with her baby. It was the loss of that child years later that pushed her into kidnapping Lopez. Lopez was heavily pregnant with her first child and La Fiera wanted the baby for herself. Sandra De La Cruz lost her only child. She now wishes to replace a dead child with a stolen one.

It’s why Lopez was taken alive while West was not. Officer West’s body was later and it was confirmed that he was dead, but before he died, he scratched the man who pulled the trigger and he collected DNA. LAPD was running a fast check on the DNA to see if it matched anyone in their system while in the meantime they were looking for Lopez. They managed to track her location back to a house. The officers moved on the house and it was revealed that the airfield was in the back. Lopez was taken out of the country. She was taken to Guatemala and her friends and family knew it. Lopez’s fiancé Wes comes from a wealthy family. They used their connections to get answers out of the DEA and the DEA Agent revealed that she had been taken back to La Fiera’s compound.

This was as far as the DEA were willing to go. They stopped at revealing Lopez’s whereabouts and they didn’t want to assist beyond that. Therefore, Wes had to use his other sources. Wes agreed to help a big-time drug dealer pass information to his informants in prison and to also become his personal lawyer if he could pinpoint where Lopez was located. He was desperate. The other guy knew it and so Wes became a dirty attorney but now he knows where Lopez is. He found out where La Fiera’s compound was located. He later told her friends that he plans on traveling down there to get her back and they all wanted to join him. They were all so quick to say yes that no one thought of how difficult it would be. No one until Sergeant Grey brought it up.

Grey pointed out that La Fiera would have heavy security. She would have sicarios and even the local police defending her. The rescue team would be fount out the moment they left the plane. They had to sneak into the country and so they turned to Max. Max was the spy they knew. They contacted him using a method that brought his attention last time and this time they met another “Max”. It turns out all the spies go by Max. The new Max agreed to help the rescue team sneak into Guatemala in return for them not doing interviews on CNN about him or his organization and he also gave them weapons too. It was up to the team to figure out how they were going to rescue Lopez from there.

The team came up with a plan. Wes flew down to Guatemala on a commercial flight that he knew La Fiera would track and he was immediately approached by the police when he landed. They told him he wasted a trip. They tried to march back into the airport when he told them he was there to make a deal with La Fiera and that she might kill them if they pass on this opportunity for her. Wes was then taken to the compound. He met La Fiera. He told her that he could use his family connections to lowering tariffs between Guatemala and the United States. La Fiera funnels her money through legitimate businesses meaning she was losing money because of heavy taxes. Wes agreed to help as long as he gets both Lopez and his baby back. And so La Fiera allowed Wes to see Lopez as she considers his deal.

Wes and Lopez were reunited. He whispered into her ear that they had a plan. They actually had several and Plan A was Wes making a deal with La Fiera. When that didn’t work, they moved on to Plan B. Plan B was to force La Fiera into bringing Lopez to the hospital. Wes created a diversion while he injected Lopez with something to bring about early labor. Harper had a needle to counter the early labor and so the plan all along was to get Lopez rushed to the hospital. There was just one hiccup with the plan. Wes and Lopez were separated before she could be taken to the hospital. Lopez still had to go because she was in labor and Harper was the only one who could save her baby. And so Wes was taken away to be killed.

But Nolan went after him. Nolan raced after Wes and he was able to rescue him. The others all got on the helicopter and they were turning back to pick up the guys. Eventually, everyone was able to get on board and they headed back to LA. Lopez was able to have her baby in the States three months later. His name is Jackson and he was named after the late Officer West. And the man that shot Officer West was also apprehended as well.