The Young and the Restless Spoilers Recap: Thursday, March 11 – Ashland Recognizes Kyle – Sally’s New Bestie Tara – Billy’s Gambling Haunts

The Young and the Restless Spoilers Recap: Thursday, March 11 – Ashland Recognizes Kyle - Sally’s New Bestie Tara – Billy’s Gambling Haunts

The Young and the Restless (Y&R) spoilers recap for Thursday, March 11, teases that Sally Spectra (Courtney Hope) will head to the Abbott mansion, where she’ll drop off a gift to Mrs. Martinez to thank her for the lovely dinner the other night.

After Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman) greets Sally, she’ll wonder if there was any fallout from their kiss at Crimson Lights.

Jack will think Kyle knows better than to bring that up. After Sally fishes to find out if Jack knows why Kyle canceled his New York trip, Jack will admit Kyle’s holding back when they normally have an open line of communication.

After Sally and Jack talk about ice skating recently, Sally will suggest a snowball fight is more her style – though she’ll have to take a “snow check” on having one.

Sally and Jack will talk about how much they enjoy the spontaneous nature of their relationship before Sally exits. Before Jack can shut the door, Sally will fling a snowball and force him to duck.

At the Grand Phoenix, Ashland Locke (Richard Burgi) will arrive with Tara Locke (Elizabeth Leiner) right behind him. Ashland will mistake Kyle Abbott (Michael Mealor) for someone who works at the hotel and offer him cash to get the bags from the car.

Summer Newman (Hunter King) will swoop in and suggest she can get Ashland some real help since her mom owns the place.

Tara will try to get Ashland upstairs, but he’ll recognize Kyle as John Abbott’s (Jerry Douglas) grandson. Ashland will suggest he’s seen Kyle’s photo before and never forgets a face.

Kyle and Tara will pretend they’re meeting for the first time – and Kyle will give them an awkward welcome to Genoa City.

Tara will note that they don’t intend to stay long since they have to get back to their three-year-old son. “The joys and sorrows of parenting! I’ve never experienced anything like it. You have so much to look forward to,” Ashland will tell Kyle.

The Young and the Restless spoilers say Ashland will also reflect on doing a business deal with Kyle’s grandfather 25 or 30 years ago. After Ashland recalls that John was a stubborn man of integrity, Summer will pipe up that Kyle is, too.

At Chancellor Communications, Billy Abbott (Jason Thompson) and Lily Winters (Christel Khalil) will feel good about their upcoming pitch. Meanwhile, Victoria Newman (Amelia Heinle) will taunt Adam Newman (Mark Grossman) at Society about how he’s their dad’s second choice for acquiring Cyaxares.

Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) will try to shut Victoria down, but she’ll keep at it.

Adam will highly doubt that Ashland’s going to turn down an offer from a Newman. Victoria will smirk about that being a good point, though she’ll think it could be a red flag when Ashland sees that this offer isn’t actually coming from Newman Enterprises.

At Jabot, Kyle will be rattled following that encounter with Ashland and Tara. Summer will assure Kyle that Ashland doesn’t suspect anything. Y&R spoilers say Summer will admit she couldn’t take her eyes off Tara – the woman Kyle risked everything for.

Kyle will argue that he wasn’t thinking about his future back then. Now Kyle loves Summer and only Summer.

Once Jack interrupts, he’ll call Kyle’s attention to some sloppy work he’s been doing lately. Jack will sense that Kyle’s been distracted, but Summer will blame it on an argument they had.

Next, Jack will tell a story that’s yet another example of Ashland’s ruthless behavior. John was able to foil Ashland’s plan, so Jack will guess the only reason John must’ve impressed Ashland enough to avoid getting crushed.

Afterward, Kyle will let Summer know he wants to clear his head alone on a walk. Back at The Grand Phoenix, Sally will hear Tara Locke say her name on a phone call. Once Sally gushes about Tara’s shoe line, she’ll mention that they have a mutual friend in Kyle.

Sally will note that Kyle ran in Tara’s circle three or four years ago, but Tara will insist Sally must be mistaken.

Tara will claim she just met Kyle for the first time today. Sally will lie that it indeed must be her mistake then before dragging Tara off to talk fashion over lattes at Crimson Lights.

Once they’re on the coffeehouse patio, Sally will quiz Tara about shoe design and her trip to GC with Ashland. Tara will admit Ashland doesn’t like for her to be too far away.

Sally will admit she’d like to meet the famous Ashland, but Tara won’t think that’ll happen unless Sally’s making a multi-million dollar deal.

After Kyle walks in and sees Sally with Tara, he’ll immediately freak out. Sally will notice and excuse herself to get a refill. That’ll lead Kyle to confront Sally about “what the hell” she thinks she’s doing.

Kyle will be fed up with Sally’s games, but she’ll argue that they’ve been talking about design, not cheating. Sally will add that Tara’s pretending she doesn’t even know who Kyle is.

Sally will assure Kyle this is honestly about working a connection, but she’ll note that she could tell both Tara and Ashland what she knows. However, Sally won’t do that on one condition: Kyle has to back off.

Sally will insist she likes Jack and he likes her as well, so she’ll push Kyle to let them see where it leads.

When Kyle remains silent, Sally will suggest she’ll let him think about it while she wraps up with her “new bestie Tara.” Sally will add that they’ll probably exchange phone numbers and taunt Kyle by asking if he thinks that’s a good idea.

In a suite at The Grand Phoenix, Billy and Lily will make a strong pitch to Ashland. Although Ashland will thank them for the effort, he’ll be concerned about Billy’s gambling problem.

Ashland will admit he always does his research before meetings like this. Billy will smooth things over by suggesting that Ashland must be a bit of a gambler himself since he grew the company like this.

Ashland will note that this deal would be contingent upon him keeping a seat on the board. Before Ashland leaves, Billy will point out that this is the only pitch worth considering today. The rest of them will be tangled up in family drama and politics.

After Billy and Lily run into Adam and Victor downstairs, they’ll get the feeling the Newman men don’t know what Victoria has in store. Up in Ashland’s suite again, Victor will introduce Adam and let him take the lead. Adam will make the case for why they’re the best fit to acquire Cyaxares.

Ashland will admit his concerns are about all the troubling things he’s read about Adam – most of them published by his competitor recently. Although Adam won’t deny the claims against him, he’ll feel confident this would be a good business decision for Ashland.

Victor will note that he’ll be serving in an advisor capacity before Ashland mentions he has to meet with Victoria Newman (Amelia Heinle) next. After Victoria walks in the hotel lobby, she’ll run into Billy and admit this power play is about protecting him from Adam and Victor.

Moments later, Victor and Adam will come down following their pitch. “May the best person not named Newman win,” Billy will insist before Victoria heads up for her turn.

Back in Ashland’s suite, Victoria will assure him that she’s the brains of the family and doesn’t need backup. She’ll promise that she “really, really” likes to win – and she’ll be certain Ashland does as well.

Victoria will mention how she’s grown up with competition in her family, and she’ll think family is something that matters to Ashland.

Ashland will bring up his son named Harrison, though he’ll mention the boy’s a little young to compete. As talk swings back to Victoria’s pitch, she’ll contend that she meant what she said about winning. In fact, Victoria has never meant it more than right here, right now.

Over at Jabot again, Jack will remain worried about Kyle and won’t buy the story Summer tried to sell about the argument. Summer will keep things vague before Sally waltzes in and talks about wanting to go shopping with Jack later.

At Crimson Lights, Kyle will confront Tara and note that they should talk. Tara will be upset over their run-in earlier, but Kyle will insist that was a chance encounter.

Tara will warn that if there are any more “accidental” run-ins, then she doesn’t want to hear Harrison’s name. From where Tara was standing, she could see something in Kyle’s eyes when Ashland talked about the kid.

Tara will want Kyle to forget about Harrison, but Kyle will want her to level with him about this ruthless reputation of Ashland’s. After Kyle admits Ashland actually seemed nice, Tara will insist that’s only until you cross him.

Tara will argue that Ashland will crush her along with Kyle if he finds out what really happened between them.

Kyle will think that means they’re kind of in this together, but Tara will disagree. She’ll note that she won’t put the life she has with her child at risk and will warn Kyle to stay far away.

We’ll provide updates as other Y&R news rolls in. The Young and the Restless spoilers say some exciting curveballs are still to come for Kyle, so stay tuned. CDL will have lots of other great Young and the Restless spoilers, news and updates to read up on, so stick with us.