The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Thursday, September 23 Recap – Gaines Threatens to Sell Ashland’s Story to Billy

The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Thursday, September 23 Recap – Gaines Threatens to Sell Ashland's Story to Billy

The Young and the Restless (Y&R) spoilers recap for Thursday, September 23, teases that Jesse Gaines (Jamison Jones) will threaten to sell the story to Billy Abbott (Jason Thompson) since Ashland Locke (Richard Burgi) will need millions more to meet the lawyer’s demand. Here’s what Y&R fans can expect in Thursday’s shocking show.

At Society, Lily Winters (Christel Khalil) will warn Billy not to do anything that might lead to him getting “cordially uninvited” to Ashland and Victoria Newman’s (Amelia Heinle) wedding.

Billy won’t be intimidated by Ashland, but Lily will warn that maybe he should be and won’t want Billy to take any unnecessary risks.

Soon after, Billy will spot Gaines and point him out as the guy he recently saw Ashland with. Billy will insist it was clear they were adversaries of some kind, so he’ll think that means he could become a new friend to them.

Lily will ask for a menu by the bar and sneak a peek at Gaines’ bill, so she’ll report back to Billy with the news that his name is Jesse Gaines.

Some quick sleuthing online will tell Billy this guy is actually Jesse Gaines, Jr. from Tom’s River, New Jersey – which is where those two news stations Ashland acquired were.

Billy will note that Gaines seems younger than Ashland, so Lily will speculate that maybe he works at one of the stations that Locke still owns.

In Victoria’s office, Ashland will talk to someone named Douglas over the phone about needing half a million in cash within an hour.

Ashland will get that it’s excessive, but he’ll lie that he needs it for a rare and exquisite impulse purchase for his beautiful bride.

Ashland will tell the person on the other end that as he gets older, he cares less and less about the IRS and jumping through hoops.

Ashland will feel certain Douglas can make this happen before he suddenly finds Victoria standing behind him.

After Ashland disconnects, Victoria will assume she wasn’t supposed to hear that. She’ll believe this involves another wedding present as Ashland suggests Victoria can handle being in suspense for a while.

Later, Nikki Newman (Melody Thomas Scott) will be blown away by the sight of Victoria’s stunning portrait hanging up.

Nikki will wonder what Victor Newman’s (Eric Braeden) going to think of it and will add that it makes quite a statement. “As it should. Newman is mine now,” Victoria will declare.

Once the conversation shifts to the wedding, Victoria will make it clear that she has no doubts. She’ll excuse Ashland’s lies about his past and will complain about Billy Abbott (Jason Thompson) backing Ashland into a corner.

Nikki will wonder if Victoria thinks Ashland ever would’ve confessed on his own, but Victoria will snap that she guesses they’ll never know now.

Victoria will assure Nikki that she’s marrying for love and will mention that Ashland has another extravagant surprise planned.

Victoria will hope Ashland can focus on that instead of his illness and “whatever crap” Billy keeps trying to dig up.

In his hotel suite, Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow) will come out of the shower to a note from Phyllis Summers (Michelle Stafford) about seeing him downstairs.

Nick will flash back to his conversation with Phyllis about Jack Abbott’s (Peter Bergman) feelings for her and recall how she shut him up with lovemaking.

Once Nick joins Phyllis in the lobby, they’ll talk about putting the whole Jack thing aside – though Phyllis will want to say one last thing first.

Phyllis will admit her heart aches for lonely Jack, but she’ll be hopeful about him finding his perfect match. Nick will seem a bit uncomfortable, but he’ll agree.

Phyllis will once again mention Jack later since she won’t understand why he would just bare his soul to Nick without giving her a heads-up. Nick will shrug that maybe Jack felt like he owed him.

Phyllis will be surprised to learn that Nick’s relationship with Phyllis has come up in their conversations lately. She’ll guess that when Nick said they were doing well and happy, it didn’t go over well with Jack.

Nick will pause and let out a nervous chuckle before he contends that Jack must’ve just felt better with everything out in the open.

Phyllis will seem unsettled by this whole conversation, so she’ll think it’s best if they don’t talk about this anymore.

Nick will have a better way to spend the morning and will invite Phyllis to come get a surprise in the park. He’ll warn Phyllis to wear comfortable clothes, so she’ll do what she’s told and show up to learn this is football practice.

Nick signed up to coach Christian Newman’s (Alex Wilson) flag football league, so he’ll think Phyllis can be his assistant.

Phyllis will point out she knows nothing about football, but Nick will be incredibly enthusiastic and will think he can teach her all she needs to know.

When Nick tosses a football at Phyllis, she’ll fail to catch it. Nick will work with Phyllis on her skills, but she’ll continue to be terrible despite his encouragement.

After discussing how Nick’s still torn over whether to dig into Ashland’s past, Phyllis will insist the coach’s assistant thing isn’t happening.

Phyllis will vow to bring incredible snacks and cheer the guys on at every game, but she’ll rattle off a list of reasons why she shouldn’t help with coaching duties.

Nick will seem bummed since he wanted this to be a family thing, but Phyllis will suggest this can be a father-son thing and they can figure out some other family thing for the three of them.

However, Phyllis will point out she’s woman to call if Nick needs a super sleuth to find out the real identity of a certain billionaire.

Once Nick returns to the suite with Phyllis, he’ll decide to take her up on her offer. “All right, let’s do it. Let’s find out who Ashland Locke was and how he became Ashland Locke,” Nick will declare.

Back with Billy, he’ll find Gaines at The Grand Phoenix and pretend to get a blast from the past when he hears his name.

Billy will act like their fathers knew each other and will suggest that maybe it was through advertising at the tv stations.

Gaines will think it’s amazing that Billy would remember his father’s name after so many years since Billy would’ve been so young.

When Billy wonders what brings Gaines to town, he’ll simply declare that it’s a personal matter.

As Ashland arrives, Lily will keep him busy by the door while Billy continues his conversation with Gaines. “

Oh, that’s why you’re here. To meet with Ashland Locke,” Billy will say with a phony smile.

When Ashland walks over, he’ll suggest he sees that Billy has met one of his lawyers.

Ashland will claim Gaines is in Genoa City to help with merger issues, but Billy clearly won’t buy that. Billy will realize Ashland knew Gaines’ father, so Ashland will insist he was a good man that they all miss very much.

After Ashland and Gaines walk off together, Billy will tell Lily that there’s definitely something going on there.

At the park, Ashland will tell Gaines that half a million in cash was all he could get him today.

Ashland will vow to make the same payment for the next five months, but Gaines will wonder what’ll happen if Ashland dies next week.

Gaines will point out that Billy is obviously suspicious. He’ll think it’d make a juicy story if Billy found out how Ashland was really able to buy those stations from Camila Rhodes and why he’s been paying Gaines all these years.

Gaines will take his down payment today, but he’ll want his other $2.5 million in three days or else he’ll sell the story to ChancComm.

The Young and the Restless spoilers say Ashland will gain a strong ally soon, so stay tuned.

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