The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Tuesday, May 11 Recap – Chelsea Fakes Post-Stroke Psychosis – Michael Says Adam is Free

The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Tuesday, May 11 Recap – Chelsea Fakes Post-Stroke Psychosis – Michael Says Adam is Free

The Young and the Restless (Y&R) spoilers recap for Tuesday, May 11, teases that Rey Rosales (Jordi Vilasuso) will let Sharon Rosales (Sharon Case) know there’s something he has to go deal with.

Rey will note that he’s been kept out of the loop a few times recently, but he’ll get confirmation that Sharon will be in touch if the surgeries finish before he returns.

Y&R fans will see Adam Newman (Mark Grossman) under anesthesia on one operating table – and then viewers will see Faith Newman (Reylynn Caster) under anesthesia on another.

In the waiting area, Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow) will warn Phyllis Summers (Michelle Stafford) not to push him for details on how he talked Adam into coming home. Nick will admit it’s best if Phyllis doesn’t know.

After Nick joins Sharon, they’ll get updates from Nate Hastings (Sean Dominic). Nate will note that everything is going smoothly when it comes to the transplant. He’ll explain that Adam should be out of the OR and in recovery soon, but Faith’s surgery will take longer.

Nate will reveal that Faith has her new kidney and that they’re doing everything they can to make sure it’s getting the necessary blood supply and working properly.

After Nate promises to offer more news once the operation wraps up, he’ll push Nick and Sharon to take a breath since this is almost over.

Once Sharon is alone with Nick, she’ll worry he’s going to keep his word and try to help Adam escape. Sharon will point out that the last thing Faith needs is for her father to land in jail, but Nick will really hope that the situation doesn’t turn into a jailbreak.

Nick will admit he has something else in mind, so he’ll count on Adam to listen to his pitch and perhaps be willing to compromise.

At the ranch, Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) will thank Rey for coming as Chelsea Lawson (Melissa Claire Egan) gets up from the sofa.

“You called Rey? What the hell, Victor! What are you trying to pull now? Is this a trap?” Chelsea will ask in Tuesday’s Young and the Restless episode.

Chelsea will keep ranting about how Victor said there was a way out for all of them – that they could all win. She’ll ask if that was a lie, but Victor will declare that he’s lied about nothing.

Victor will note that he tried to convince Chelsea to tell the truth, but maybe he pushed a little too hard.

Chelsea will snarl that Victor’s dragging her son into this, but Victor will insist that Chelsea’s falling apart and that he called a doctor before he called Rey. “I’m not falling apart! I don’t need a doctor!” Chelsea will counter.

Chelsea will tell Rey she needs protection since Adam is back in town and hates her enough to try anything, so Rey will wonder why Adam hates her.

Chelsea will tear up as she says this wasn’t her fault and that they can’t blame her for this. “I’m sorry! You have to believe me! I am so, so sorry!”

Chelsea will insist as the tears keep coming. Rey will push Chelsea to tell him what she’s sorry for and will ask if she’s trying to confess something.

Chelsea will eventually toss her cane down and move about freely. She’ll assure Rey that she was relieved to know he was OK and will insist they’re both innocent victims in all this.

Chelsea will argue that she only wanted to teach Adam and Sharon a lesson. She’ll be frantic as she promises she didn’t have enough poison to kill anybody and that Rey dying was never part of the plan.

The Young and the Restless spoilers say Chelsea will wish she could erase it all, but she’ll think what she’s been through was enough to push anybody to the edge.

“Do you have any concept of what that’s like to be living with someone and in love with someone who’s obsessed with someone else?” Chelsea will ask on Tuesday’s Y&R episode.

Rey’s expression will suggest he seems to understand on some level. Chelsea will rant about the stolen kisses when Adam and Sharon thought she couldn’t see.

Chelsea will insist the worst part was Sharon and Adam’s “sordid, tawdry affair.” Chelsea will lie that Adam and Sharon were sleeping together upstairs in the bed she used to share with Adam, so Rey will seem taken aback before he asks how Chelsea knows.

Chelsea will argue that it’s so obvious due to the way Adam and Sharon look at each other. “It’s like they can’t get enough!” Chelsea will exclaim. Victor will bring in Dr. Hedges (Michael Bofshever) along with DA Michael Baldwin (Christian LeBlanc).

Chelsea will tell Dr. Hedges that she’s feeling ambushed, but she’ll refuse to say more in Victor’s presence since he scares her.

After Victor leaves to check on Faith, Dr. Hedges will ask why Chelsea thinks people are after her. Chelsea will insist it’s only one person: Victor Newman. She’ll state that she knows things and that Victor wants to make her disappear.

Rey will tell Michael that Chelsea is spiraling little by little before revealing her poisoning confession. He’ll suggest he hasn’t mirandarized Chelsea since she’s not in a great state psychologically.

Michael will be hesitant to get a confession on record without a lawyer present under the circumstances.

Dr. Hedges will continue to question Chelsea, who’ll become increasingly emotional to the point where it seems like she’s having a full-blown breakdown.

Chelsea will yell about Adam’s betrayal and how she couldn’t just let Sharon take him. She’ll insist the police and the DA should be giving her a medal for doing what they couldn’t do.

“I put together the evidence to set up Adam for attempted murder!” Chelsea will declare. She’ll talk about feeling invisible when she was in that chair. Chelsea will explain how she got better bit by bit and made a plan.

Chelsea will claim she snuck out, got a rideshare, picked the lock of the cottage and found the trinkets to hide in Adam’s car.

On Tuesday’s Young and the Restless episode, Chelsea will also admit to putting the thallium in Rey’s toiletries, but she’ll once again insist killing him wasn’t her intention.

“So…see, that proves I’m not crazy, right? Or does it prove I am?” Chelsea will ask. She’ll cry hysterically about them judging her and will act like they all want to hurt her.

Chelsea will insist that Adam changes people and that it’s his fault. “This isn’t who I am! I’m not this person!” Chelsea will shout before knocking a chair over. Dr. Hedges will insist he wants to help and will pull out a syringe.

He’ll insist he’s going to give Chelsea something to calm down, but she’ll complain that she doesn’t want it and will beg to avoid an injection.

Chelsea will seemingly be sedated anyway since Dr. Hedges will claim she just confessed she’s a danger to herself and others. Michael will wonder about Dr. Hedges’ preliminary findings, so the doc will suggest it’s possible Chelsea is suffering from post-stroke psychosis.

Dr. Hedges will want to take Chelsea to a psychiatric facility and into his care. Victor will agree that Chelsea seemingly isn’t in any condition to spend time behind bars.

Michael will have no objection as long as his office receives updates on Chelsea’s mental health evaluation. Michael will also confirm to Victor that Adam is a free man.

In the hospital waiting area on Tuesday’s Young and the Restless episode, Phyllis and Nikki Newman (Melody Thomas Scott Wilson) will bicker before Mariah Copeland (Camryn Grimes) shows up.

Mariah will hear the story of Nick tracking Adam down in a tornado – and then talk will turn to the miraculous gift Mariah’s giving Abby Newman-Abbott-Chancellor (Melissa Ordway).

Mariah will get emotional over getting a crash course in what it means to be a family over the last few years. She’ll admit having a family can bring some scary moments, but Nikki will think the what ifs are usually much worse than what actually happens.

Later, Nate will tell Sharon and Nick that Faith made it through the surgery with no complications. He’ll reveal that Adam pulled through just fine as well, so both Nick and Sharon will be relieved. Now it’s just a waiting game to make sure Faith’s body accepts the new organ.

After Nate brings Nikki, Phyllis and Mariah up to speed, he’ll head to Adam’s hospital room. Since Adam will be awake, Nate will ask how he’s feeling. Adam will admit he feels like someone dropped a house on him, but he’ll mostly be concerned about Faith.

Nate will note that it’ll be a couple days before Adam is strong enough to leave the hospital, so he’ll warn not to make a break for it.

Back with Phyllis, she’ll tell Mariah about Summer Newman (Hunter King) going into anaphylactic shock when she was little. Phyllis will admit this whole ordeal with Faith stirred up some painful memories, so Mariah will note that motherhood is a tough gig.

When Phyllis mentions Mariah’s pregnancy, Mariah will be adamant that she’s just she surrogate and that this will be Abby and Chance Chancellor’s (Donny Boaz) child.

Over with Sharon, she’ll leave Rey a message to let him know Faith’s out of surgery along with Adam. After Faith awakens, she’ll get plenty of reassurance from Sharon and Nick that the procedure went well.

While Mariah joins Sharon in Faith’s room, Nate will talk to Adam and admit he respects what Adam did for Faith. Nate will hope this can be a second chance for both of them.

Afterward, Nick will appear and suggest these might be the last words of appreciation he ever offers Adam. He’ll want Adam to know that he’s indeed grateful for the kept promise.

When Adam wonders what’s next for them, Nick will insist that depends on Adam. Back at the ranch, Victor will be glad Rey accepted the truth about who poisoned him. After Rey learns a vacant room has opened up for Chelsea, he’ll vow to arrange for her to be transferred to the psychiatric facility.

Once Rey leaves on Tuesday’s Y&R episode, Victor and Dr. Hedges will trade nods. Chelsea will open her eyes on the sofa and give Victor an annoyed look that says she did what she was told.

The fake breakdown and sedation were all part of Victor’s master plan, but it’s going to pay off!

The Young and the Restless spoilers say Chelsea will apparently wiggle out of criminal charges, so stay tuned to watch the news spread. CDL will have other hot Young and the Restless spoilers, updates and news, so pop back in frequently.