Unpolished Recap 02/23/21: Season 2 Episode 7 “Worried Sick”

Unpolished Recap 02/23/21: Season 2 Episode 7 "Worried Sick"

Tonight on TLC their reality show about The Martone’s and their glitziest family-owned and operated salon, Unpolished airs with an all-new Tuesday, February 23, 2021 episode and we have your Unpolished recap below. On tonight’s Unpolished Season 2 episode 7, “Worried Sick,” as per the TLC synopsis, “Overwhelmed, overworked and over it, Lexi reaches her breaking point.

Jen realizes everyone needs a pick-me-up and plans a glamping trip for the staff; before they leave, Lexi gets a cuckoo request for a set of talking bird nails.”

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In tonight’s Unpolished episode Lexi walked out of the salon because her mother stepped into their conversation and defended Bria. Bria goes outside to speak to Lexi who says she is focused on the business and doesn’t think Lexi’s heart is in the business anymore. Lexi says she has a lot going on right now, but she still wants to be partners with her. Bria tells her they need to come up with a solution together. Bria hugs her. They both go back into the salon.

The next day, Foxy is back at the salon and working. It’s a new client day at the salon. Lexi has been busting her butt to bring in new clients, so things are picking up. Jennifer wants to do something special for the girls before Bria gets married. Jennifer tells them that she wants to take the girls on an overnight trip. You can’t ear perfume, no hairspray in your hair, but they can wear camouflage. Jennifer wants to take them camping, the girls think she has lost her mind. Bria asks Foxy if she dropped Jennifer on her head when she had her.

Antoinette, Lexi’s nail client, comes into the salon with an unusual request. She brings her bird in, he is her baby and this is a little over the top, she wants her nails to look like her bird, it’s his birthday soon and she wants to celebrate him. She tells Lexi that he talks a lot and lives in a fancy cage. And, she needs it done in a week.

Jennifer borrowed an RV from a friend, it is time to leave for their camping trip. They are actually not camping, they are glamping. Jennifer says Papa Joe was a truck driver his whole life so it is in her blood to be able to drive this RV. Jennifer arrives to pick up everyone, this is so out of character for them.

They are on the road; the girls are in the back and on the table is a letter from Matthew. Lexi is upset, Matthew is hijacking their trip. Bria’s wedding is in a week, it is going to be hard to be separated from Matthew for one night, but she thinks that this time together will be good. They arrive at a campground. The women come out and Lexi asks if she can call an Uber. Lexi’s survival tips, bug spray, and Prosecco.

The campground has activities, Jennifer signed them up for archery. Anthony is their instructor; it talks first about safety. He says this group of ladies are not the type he Is used to teaching, in fact, he doesn’t think he has ever seen anyone in stilettoes doing archery. Bria is in twelve-inch heels shooting a bow & arrow, she says everyone should be afraid. Lexi is impressed with Lexi’s shooting skills.

Time for dinner, Jennifer is going to attempt to cook dinner for everyone. Nobody eats hamburgers or hotdogs, but she thinks she should make them. Lexi says that Jennifer hasn’t turned the stove on in the last decade.

Late that night they start a fire. Jennifer asks the girls if they are happy, Lexi jokingly says no. Bria and Lexi have left outside alone, Bria tells her that if she ever wants to talk let her know. At 1:30 am in the morning, Gia says that her stomach hurts and she is coughing.

The next day, Gia still doesn’t feel well. The medic arrives to check her and they are cautious to stay away from her. They call Gia’s mom and she leaves to go to the hospital. Everyone packs up, time to go home. Jennifer is wondering if she poisoned Gia. Bria says glamping was fun, but now she has to concentrate on the wedding and packing for the honeymoon.

Back at the salon, Antoinette is back with her bird, Baby. Foxy comes in and brings her bird, Rocky, to meet Baby.

At Matt and Bria’s house, she is making a list of what she needs to pack. Jennifer calls Bria and tells her that she doesn’t feel well. She has a cough, she is sneezing and she has pain in her ears. Jennifer says that she may not be able to be at the wedding. Bria is beside herself, she tells her that she can not have her at the wedding. She doesn’t have her dad, and now her mom might not make it, how much can she take. Jennifer says she is going to call the doctor and see if she can get a rapid COVID test.