90 Day Fiancé Recap 07/03/22: Season 9 Episode 12 “Different Ex-pectations”

90 Day Fiancé Recap 07/03/22: Season 9 Episode 12 "Different Ex-pectations"

Tonight on TLC their popular reality show 90 Day Fiance airs with an all-new Sunday, July 3, 2022 episode and we have your 90 Day Fiance recap below for you. On tonight’s 90 Day Fiance season 9 episode 12 called, “Different Ex-pectations”,” as per the TLC synopsis, “Mohamed considers a new sponsor. John butts in, and Thais doubles down on keeping the truth from her dad. Bilal’s ex pushes Shaeeda about the prenup. Kara and Guillermo reach a compromise. Miona refuses to budge on wedding locations.”

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In tonight’s 90 Day Fiance recap, Yve and Mohammed have been arguing a lot. They argue about literally everything. Her going out. Her wanting another baby. Mohammed uses every little thing to accus Yve of not respecting his culture and yet his culture was a very convenient excuse for him. He only brought it up when he tries to win a fight. He never just educate her or talk about the principles in the Islamic faith. He never gives her anything to actually follow. He just uses it as a way to dismiss everything she feels or says and that’s why its convenient. But in spite of it all, Yve still wants to marry him. She was a man child who demanded to be catered to and she still wants to marry him.

Yve even looked into wedding venues. She told him that places are getting booked fast and that they should make a decision soon. Yve really wants to get married. Mohammed wants to get married as well. He’s not dragging his feet or anything but he doesn’t want a big wedding. He wants a courthouse wedding. Mohammed wants to hurry up and get married because he would like to get his green card soon. It wasn’t anything shady. He just needs his green card in order to leave the country and be able to return. He wants to visit his mother. He was a momma’s boy back home. And he didn’t want to be left waiting months before he could see his mom again.

Patrick meanwhile was a lot like Yve. He wanted a big wedding. He figured he was only going to get married once and he wanted to do it right. He wanted a big wedding with their friends and family. It was his fiancé Thais that was against it. She didn’t want a big wedding. She hadn’t even wanted to tell her father that she and Patrick are engaged. Her father doesn’t like Patrick. He doesn’t like the idea of American men preying on young Brazilian women and that’s what he thinks is happening between Thais and Patrick. Nevermind, that Patrick was trying to be a nice guy or that he sent a man a Father’s Day gift. Thais’s father just hates him.

Thais didn’t want to explain that to Patrick. She instead told them that they could get married and tell her father about it after it was a done deal. Which Patrick doesn’t want to do. Patrick doesn’t want to antagonize his future father-in-law. He wants to be on a good page with the other man. He also didn’t want to rush through a wedding knowing that Thais has been lying to him. She came to the United States and never told him about her father’s overwhelming hatred for him. She hid that. She hid their engagement. What else is she hiding? Patrick was afraid to find out and so he talked about it with his brother and a friend.

They told him not to get married without the father’s approval. They knew that would make or break his relationship with his future father-in-law. His brother John was also looking out for him. Why does the father not like him? Why is Thais keeping their engagement a secret? Is she ashamed of Patrick? John almost lost his temper when he suspected that and so he took a moment to calm down. He didn’t want anyone treating one of his siblings like a dirty secret. He felt Patrick deserve more and he wasn’t wrong about that. Patrick may have his flaws. He did cheat on Thais. He was still living with his brother. And yet Patrick didn’t deserve to be anyone’s secret.

Be proud together or breakup. For all of Thais’s issues, at least she didn’t have a persistent ex lying around. Ariela was a little too friendly with her ex-husband. He was invited to family dinners. He came around her new fiancé and baby. He was even going to go wedding dress shopping with Ariela. But they had to cancel their trip because Ariela was feeling sick that morning. She also didn’t remember when her last period was. Her ex-husband Leandro asked about that when she said she wasn’t feeling well and it was clear she didn’t know. Leandro also asked if she was trying to have another baby.

Biniyam hadn’t wanted to discuss that with Leandro. He felt that was a personal question. He doesn’t really like Leandro’s involvement in their lives or that he needed Leandro’s help in getting a pregnancy test for his fiancé. Only the two men got to talking. They were shopping when Leandro asked Biniyam how many kids he wants and Biniyam said ten. They grabbed the test. They returned to the apartment and Leandro asked Ariela how many more kids she wants. She said she just wanted one more. She was fine with being a mother of two. She didn’t want any more than that and so that was news to Biniyam. And Ariela made a crass joke.

Ariela was joking that her ex-husband knew her better than her future husband while Jibri was still pondering on whether or not to get married. Jibri’s biggest issue with getting married is that he doesn’t feel like he can create when he’s with Miona. Miona wants his attention. She wants to move out of his parents’ house. She wants to get married now. Miona was basically stuck with his parents the whole time he wishes to get artistic and so her wanting his attention was out of place. Miona doesn’t have anyone here besides him. She left everything to be with him. Something he keeps failing to appreciate.

Jibri got very dismissive of her at a family dinner. He was so mean to her that his own mother had to call him out and tell him to stop it. Since then, Jibri hasn’t been shown apologizing or trying to make things up to his fiancé. He’s just been complaining about her. He wants to know why she wasn’t like the woman he first met. Miona was a different back then because she had ambitions and dreams. She showed a hunger for something more. Jibri told his grandma that he doesn’t see that same hunger since she came to the States. But he fails to understand that Miona needs to marry him to pursue any kind of career in the United States. She couldn’t even work until they were married.

Foreigners had to go through a lot to get their green card. They couldn’t legally work or pursue work until they get their green card. They also couldn’t return to their home countries and expect to be able to return without their green card. If they’re lucky, they get in on a spousal visa. But if they’re not. They then have to listen to little prats like Jibri who failed to understand he has to up his emotional intelligence to be in a long-lasting relationship. He may marry Miona. He may not. Either way, their relationship isn’t going to last long. Not with Jibri prioritizing his need to create over his future wife.

Another person who needs to up their emotional intelligence is Bilal. He keeps finding new ways to “test” fiancé. Like he should have been done this. He should have done this before she ever boarded a plane and left her family to come be with him. If Bilal was that concerned about her being a gold-digger than why did he flaunt his wealth to her? Why did he show up with couture luggage? Why did he promise that he could take care of her if he wasn’t going to trust her? He too was wondering if he should get married to his fiancé or not. His latest excuse is that they keep arguing all the time. He doesn’t see how he was pushing for all of these arguments.

Bilal brought his fiancé to a fake house to stay in. He later said it was a joke when it wasn’t. His latest tactic of testing Shaeeda was a prenup. He wants her to sign a prenup to protect his wealth if the relationship doesn’t work out. She agreed to do it, but she had stipulations. She wanted an agreement in there that they had to have kids by a certain point. Shaeeda wasn’t getting any younger. She wants kids. She’s been trying to pin down a date with Bilal and he’s been resisting her. And so she used the prenup against him by finally getting him to commit to future children with her.

Bilal didn’t like that. He fell into a supposed funk in which he questioned the whole relationship. In actuality, he threw a pity party for himself and Shaeeda was left trying to get him out of it. She came up with yoga. It was something relaxing to do with the kids. She was also trying to bury the hatchet over the prenup and Bilal didn’t want to join her in doing that. He actually started to enlist other people into getting Shaeeda to sign the prenup that he came up with. His ex-wife reached out to Shaeeda. Shaeeda agreed to meet because this woman was the mother of Bilal’s children. She wanted to be on good terms with her.

But the ex-wife bringing up the prenup was just a step too far. The woman said she was looking out for her children and so in that sense Shaeeda respected her. Shaeeda also wants to be a mother. She wants kids more than anything. She was also offended that Bilal went all the way to Trinidad to look for a wife and he failed to take into account that Shaeeda was well-known back home. She had a successful yoga studio. She’s been in newspapers. She didn’t just come from nowhere and began a life with Bilal. She had a life. A life she gave up to be with Bilal and he hasn’t appreciated it in the slightest. And so this prenup was turning into a bigger fight than either appreciated.

Ariela meanwhile was not pregnant. She also wasn’t disappointed about that as much as Biniyam was. Which made her realize that the two of them aren’t on the same page about kids and that they need a serious talk. Ariela doesn’t want ten kids. They don’t even have money to afford two kids and so they really dodged a bullet when she turned out to be not pregnant. Not that Biniyam sees it that way.

As for Guilermo and Kara, they were still trying to plan a wedding with only three weeks left on Guillermo’s fiancé visa. And so talk about leaving things to the last minute.

Mohammed however talked to a friend about missing his mom and he cried because he thought Yve was using him for free childcare without taking into account his needs. And so Yve was also guilty for seeking out a naïve young man who wasn’t ready to come to the United States. And speaking of immature, Thais was immature. She still didn’t want to tell her father and she got into an argument with Patrick’s brother’s John because tried to talk to Thais about her father. She got an attitude with him. She told him it was none of his business. And he told her that he was looking out for his brother.