Chicago Fire Recap 10/12/22: Season 11 Episode 4 “The Center of The Universe”

Chicago Fire Recap 10/12/22: Season 11 Episode 4 "The Center of The Universe"

Tonight on NBC Chicago Fire returns with an all-new Wednesday, October 12, 2022, season 11 episode 4 called, “The Center of The Universe” and we have your Chicago Fire recap below. In tonight’s Chicago Fire season 11 episode 3 as per the NBC synopsis, “Kidd gets a glimpse into Carver’s chaotic personal life. Mouch and Herrmann receive an unexpected gift.”

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Chief Hawkins died. Some debris fell on him. It killed him instantly. There was nothing anyone could do about it and so that haunts Hawkins’s girlfriend, Violet. Violet really loved him. He loved her too. He was willing to risk his career to be with her. He was going to be transferred when he died trying to attend to a victim of a fire. He died right in front of Violet. Violet was so heartbroken afterward that she needed to take time off work. She couldn’t face getting up or even getting dressed. She took time off. Her partner was given a temp and it luckily wasn’t another Emma situation.

Emma had been a temp. She got ambitious. She tried to oust Violet and she resorted to blackmail. But Emma showed her true colors on the job. She got fired and Violet’s job was safe. It was safe with the new temp as well. The guy keeps talking about manga characters like Brett was supposed to know it. Brett didn’t read the manga. She has no idea what her new temporary partner was talking about. She simply nodded her head along to everything the new guy was saying. He was fine with basically talking to himself. He never noticed how Brett doesn’t have an opinion on anything. And so she was hiding in the locker rooms most of the time.

Brett only came out when she was talking with her friends. Everyone was worried about Violet. Hermann and his wife Cindy had dropped off some food with Violet’s super because Violet didn’t answer her door. Violet has also been ignoring phone calls and texts from her friends. Brett said that Violet needed some alone time right now only that wasn’t really true. Violet did eventually leave her apartment. She went to the hospital where the man Hawkins saved was being treated. Violet was by that guy’s bedside for hours. She told a nurse that she had to be there because she wanted to remember that her boyfriend didn’t die for anything. He died saving someone.

Brett and the firefighters meanwhile were still saving people. They saved a little boy who got buried alive in his Lifesize sandcastle. Nico was around the same age as Chief Boden’s son. Boden himself was the one who dug Nico out of the sand. His men had to pry him away because he had already done enough and they were willing to step in. But Boden later spoke with Nico’s father. The poor guy moved to Chicago for a new job right before the pandemic hit. His son has only known online learning and he was pretty lonely. The dad thought taking him to the beach will help cheer him up. And instead, the trip almost killed Nico.

Rob vented to Boden. Boden understood where he was coming from. He also told his fellow dad that kids are durable. They tend to bounce back when even adults wouldn’t be able to. Rob thanked Boden for saving his son’s life. Boden returned to work and he thought about his own son as well. His son Terrance recently found out about Hawkins’s death. The kid wondered if his own dad would die. Boden reassured him that he was safe. He has a desk job. His son didn’t need to worry about very adult things and the kid stopped once his father comforted him. And yet Boden still felt the need to talk to the other dads in the house.

Boden talked to both Cruz and Hermann. They said that at the end of the day they were privileged because they look after each other’s kids and that no child in their set would go without. Boden and Cruz recently had a playdate with their two sons. Hermann asked why he hadn’t been invited with his kid. But Cruz told him that his foster son Javi was afraid of Hermann’s daughter Annabelle. Apparently, everyone was afraid of Annabelle. Hermann understood because he was also a little afraid of her and so it was back to jokes and all when Kidd got a call. She got a call after a shift that one of her firefighters was in prison.

It was Carver. Carver got arrested for getting into a drunken brawl. He mentioned Kidd’s name when he got in trouble because he said “oh god, Lieutenant Kidd can’t find out about this” when Platt recognized the name. Platt called Kidd. Kidd bailed out Carver. She also got in his face about being a mess. She asked him if there was no one else to call. Where was his family? Where were his friends? Carver just stormed off when she began asking questions. He showed up to work the next morning sober and he asked her not to mention his drunken episode to Chief Boden. Kidd told him to worry about his own job. Leave the politics to her.

Kidd considered telling Boden. But when the moment arose, she chose not to. She doesn’t know what Carver’s deal was. Why he was doing everything possible to not talk about his private life? She just knew it wasn’t her concern. Not now anyways. If it continues to be a problem, then yes she’ll take it to Boden. She told Carver that as much. She put him on notice. He couldn’t mess up.

And Violet returned to work. Severide talked to her about losing someone on the job and she realized she was honoring Hawkins by continuing to work. It also helped that the man Hawkins saved later woke up in the hospital. His whole family had been there to help him. And Violet started to heal.

Boden arranged a playdate with Rob and their two sons and the kids had fun.

And Hermann sold something that belonged to Stephanites because he thought the guy was dead, but it seems he was alive and he wanted his beer jug back.