Chicago Med Recap 04/06/22: Season 7 Episode 17 “If You Love Someone, Set Them Free”

Chicago Med Recap 04/06/22: Season 7 Episode 17 "If You Love Someone, Set Them Free"

Tonight on NBC their medical drama Chicago Med airs with an all-new Wednesday, April 6, 2022, episode, and we have your Chicago Med recap below. In tonight’s Chicago Med season 7 episode 17 called, “If You Love Someone, Set Them Free,” as per the NBC synopsis, “Rival gangs bring their war to Med. Will and Charles work with a teenage brain cancer patient who’s refusing treatment.

Tensions run high in the OR when a patient’s transplanted uterus fails, forcing Crockett and Blake to decide whether to try another transplant using a uterus from the patient’s sister.

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In tonight’s Chicago Med episode, Dr. Dylan Scott blames himself for his patient getting shot. Stefan’s shooting was on him. He was the one who discharged him. He did so against the data that stated he should stay in the hospital one more night. He also did so because an undercover cop gave him a tip and he wanted to help the police more than he wanted to help the patient.

But Stefan went straight from the hospital to a drug meet where he got shot and nothing Scott’s police contact could say would make him feel better. Scott blamed Milena in part as well. He felt he shouldn’t have listened to her and so he tried to distance himself. He started ignoring Milena as she hung out by the hospital. He wouldn’t talk to her and that would have been it if someone else hadn’t come in with a gunshot wound.

The newest patient’s name was Hector. Hector came in with a gunshot wound to his leg and he tipped off a buddy when he saw Stefan. Scott spotted this. He quickly realized Hector was shot in retaliation for what happened to Stefan and that now the rival gangs know where the other is.

This left the hospital open to a gang war. Scott called Milena to warn her about the new events and she reported it to her lieutenant. Chicago PD sent several officers to the hospital and they were keeping watch over the OR in case anything happened. Sharon was notified. She’s staying on top of this. Scott was also keeping watch.

Scott asked Taylor to step off the case. He thought it was too dangerous for a new doctor to stay on. Taylor refused to walk off and she told him that he needed another doctor if Stefan took a turn for the worst. Which was the truth. Scott does need a second doctor to keep on top of his patient.

His patient was also moved to a secure part of the hospital. Scott and Taylor did their best to hide what was happening from the others, but Maggie put two and two together. She went to Sharon. She noticed the police presence in Sharon’s office and so Sharon told that they had to move a patient into protective detail. And Maggie guessed it was her daughter’s patient.

Speaking of daughters, Halstead had a teenage patient that was dying. She was dying from brain cancer and she chose not to seek treatment. She was sixteen. It was her parents who had authority here and they chose to stand by Emily’s decision. They didn’t want to force treatment on her.

Chemotherapy would more or less ruin the last year of her life and its not like it could save her. she was dying. She was going to keep dying even if she did receive treatment. Her parents didn’t like it. Only they couldn’t change it. The least they could do was allow their daughter to die on her own terms.

Halstead didn’t understand it. He thought they should push for treatment if it could buy the girl one more year of her life. He wanted to fight the parents in court over treatment and Charles talked him down. Charles thought the parents had considered all their options. He told Halstead to let this one go and Halstead was going to do so when he noticed that the girl’s tumor had shrunk. He saw an MRI from her an old hospital. He compared it to a recent MRI and the tumor shrank. He informed the family and they all believed it was connected to the tea she was drinking. Emily was drinking a tea that claims to be an herbal remedy to cancer.

It’s been widely debunked. Emily was also vomiting and it got so bad that she started vomiting blood. Halstead had to give her a blood transfusion. He also tested that tea and it came back as harmless. But the girl’s blood test revealed she’s been taking chemotherapy pills. Those pills could be bought online and so someone was buying them and putting it in the girl’s tea without her consent. Charles and Halstead asked the family about it. It turns out to have been the boyfriend. He didn’t want Emily to die. He’s been crushing up the pills to put in her drink and it’s been working because the MRI proved that the tumor was shrinking.

The boyfriend was arrested because he technically committed assault. Something the doctors had to report and Halstead once again tried to tell the family to keep the girl on chemo, but they decided no drugs and so Emily was released without care. The whole situation reminded Halstead that love hurts. Something he understood with his ex being back. Dr. Asher was back at the hospital and she didn’t even warn him she was coming back. She cut off all contact with him once she left. She maintained that lack of contact even as she decided to come back. She also told him to his face upon seeing him that she doesn’t want what they had. She wants to move on.

Dr. Asher was already dealing with a boss that was holding her addiction against her. She also came on Archer’s bad side when she chose to help a patient with a uterus transplant and so she stuck to her guns on this one and now a woman will able to have the family she’s always wanted. Archer also came to respect her for standing up for what she believes in. And the surgery itself brought Blake and Crockett closer because he found out that Blake used a surrogate to have her daughter.

She had fibroid and pregnancy on top of that along with her internship could have cost her everything.

But Scott and Taylor survived their ordeal thanks to the cops being there at the hospital to stop several assassins.