FBI: Most Wanted Fall Finale Recap 12/13/22: Season 4 Episode 8 “Appeal”

FBI: Most Wanted Fall Finale Recap 12/13/22: Season 4 Episode 8 "Appeal"

Tonight on CBS FBI Most Wanted airs with an all-new Tuesday, December 13, 2022 season 4 episode 8, “Appeal,” and we have your FBI Most Wanted recap below. In tonight’s FBI Most Wanted season 4 episode 8 as per the CBS synopsis, “When three prosecutors are assassinated outside a bar in their small Arkansas town, the team is called in

They are to determine if this was connected to a case from the local DA’s office or if it’s a personal vendetta. Also, Ray feels compelled to help a woman and her young son combat an injustice.”

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In tonight’s FBI Most Wanted episode, three prosecutors were gunned down. They were leaving a bar late at night when someone drove up next to them and gunned them all down. This all happened in Little Rock. It was a small town in Arkansas. The local sheriff’s department was pretty overwhelmed down there. They needed help and so they turned to the FBI. Scott and his team caught this one. They were looking for an Unsub. Someone with a grudge against the prosecutors. They first checked in with the victims’ boss. He was known as the working dad around the office. He wasn’t with the others on the night in question because he doesn’t drink. And when questioned about where he was that night, he admitted he was at bible study.

There were plenty of witnesses at the bible study. The District Attorney was in the clear that night. But there was a VHS recording of the shooting. The footage showed that whoever shot up those young people had signaled out Kat Sloane. He called her name and she went up to the car. The others were simply following her when they all were murdered. Meaning the Unsub wasn’t after all of the prosecutors. They were just after Kat. The FBI Agents dug into Kat’s life. They found out she was cheating on her boyfriend of four years with one of her co-workers and so the boyfriend was later questioned. He said he was driving that night.

The boyfriend wanted to go hunting. Only the location of this hunt was at least three hours away and he had to get up early to make it to the morning duck shoot. The FBI Agents weren’t sure if they believed or not, but it was proven that the boyfriend really was prepping for a duck shoot. Scott and his people had to go looking for someone else. Someone else might have a grudge against Kat. It was while they were looking for anyone else that they got a call about two suspicious characters. Those men were gone from the diner by the time the FBI arrived and so they had to get details from the waitress about what they looked like.

They were Hispanic. One of them had a tattoo of a seven with a snake around it. The waitress drew the tattoo for them after the new guy poured on some southern charm and that tattoo lead them to Luis Trevino. Trevino was in federal prison. It turns out the prosecutors he murdered had collected the evidence against him and handed it off to the US Attorney to prosecute him. Trevino was angry about that. He was also angry that his hotshot lawyer didn’t keep him out of prison. Trevino was a cartel and he didn’t take disappointments lightly. He ordered his brother-in-law to kill his lawyer. And everyone assumed he gave the order to murder the local prosecutors as well.

The brother-in-law took the orders. He was identified as Javier Perez. Perez was found and he was killed when he tried to put up resistance to his arrest. The defense attorney was found dead in Perez’s closet. It seems that the lawyer would call his client and because it was protected by attorney-client privilege, no one was listening in when the lawyer connected Trevino’s call to Perez. But when they did listen to it. It proved that Trevino has been ordering these murders from behind bars and so they were collecting evidence against him. And they ended up showing that Perez didn’t murder their prosecutors.

They came from a third man. The team had to go back to figuring out who wanted Kat dead and unfortunately they were too late to save her boss, the District Attorney. Someone murdered him while the team was pursuing their cartel lead. The team got evidence from that murder and they identified the killer. It was Judge Howard Roarke. Roarke killed the prosecutors because they left bad reviews for him and he especially wanted to murder Kat because she went to the media about a bad ruling of his. Roarke was one of those men who felt the white man was being marginalized. And so he cut them breaks.

They were found guilty of rape. He would give the minimum sentence. He also gave the most time he could to black and brown people of color. He was denied his dream job in the state’s court of appeals. He hit his wife and got kicked out of his house. He blamed women. He blamed people of color. He would never just face facts about his own race and so he wanted to punish them. He killed the District Attorney because that’s the guy who would have gotten his dream job. A black man. And so Roarke wanted to kill everyone he blamed.

The team arrived in time before he could murder the female Governor of Arkansas. They shot and killed Roarke and his murder spree probably opens up a slew of cases now. And luckily the FBI didn’t have to deal with it.

But this case showed Ray what a bully was willing to do to game the system. It reminded him of seeing this woman argue with her landlord because the landlord wanted to raise by two thousand dollars for no apparent reason and so Ray found evidence against the landlord. He found out the man was guilty of tax invasion. He offered not to turn him in to the IRS in exchange he keeps renting his place to the single mom and her son. And it didn’t hurt that the single mom was attractive.