General Hospital Spoilers: Friday, August 26 Recap – Ava’s Mystery Hook Assailant – Spencer Disowns Nik & Gets Wasted

General Hospital Spoilers: Friday, August 26 Recap – Ava’s Mystery Hook Assailant – Spencer Disowns Nik & Gets Wasted

General Hospital (GH) spoilers recap for Friday, August 26, reveals that Ava Jerome Cassadine’s (Maura West) mystery hook assailant brought a cliffhanger while Spencer Cassadine (Nicholas Chavez) disowned Nikolas Cassadine (Marcus Coloma) and got wasted.

At the stables, an angry Elizabeth Baldwin (Rebecca Herbst) invited Hamilton Finn (Michael Easton) to answer the incoming call from Sarah Webber (Sarah Laine).

Finn acknowledged that he reached out to Sarah because he couldn’t turn a blind eye to the burden Liz was carrying.

Liz insisted that was her own burden, not Finn’s – so he latched onto the fact that she was admitting she had a burden.

Nevertheless, Liz said Finn wasn’t her doctor and added that he wasn’t her anything before stomping off.

Soon after, Elizabeth had another flashback from her youth. It took her back to the top of the stairs, where she grabbed a woman’s arms.

A younger Liz warned the woman to talk about her father and see what happens!

Liz ultimately seemed to be missing time as she touched a wound on her head and saw blood on her hand.

Meanwhile, Mac Scorpio (John J. York) found out about Cody Bell’s (Josh Kelly) bio ties from Felicia Scorpio (Kristina Wagner) and Lucy Coe (Lynn Herring). Anna Devane (Finola Hughes) was also part of the conversation before she turned her attention to Lucy alone.

Next, Anna gave Lucy a nudge to use all her assets to pry Valentin Cassadine (James Patrick Stuart)-related info out of Victor Cassadine (Charles Shaughnessy).

After Mason (Nathanyael Grey) interacted with Maxie Jones (Kirsten Storms) at the picnic, Austin Gatlin Holt (Roger Howarth) spoke with his cousin in private.

As things got heated, Austin warned that his debt had been paid, but Mason disagreed.

Austin then gripped Mason’s head tightly and made it clear Maxie was off-limits.

However, Mason grabbed a knife and held it to Austin’s throat to gain the upper hand. That brought more threats from Mason, who insisted he gave the orders.

After Anna imagined Valentin’s head was at the center of a corn game, she threw bags at him for lying until Maxie’s arrival snapped her back to reality.

As for Lucy, she interrupted Valentin and Victor’s tense conversation. That gave Lucy a chance to flirt with Victor and get him to open a pickle jar for her.

Valentin mentioned Martin Grey (Michael E. Knight) and snapped a pic with his phone of Lucy with Victor.

After Valentin hinted about sending it to Martin, Lucy insisted there was no need for that – and Victor later forced Valentin to delete the photo.

Valentin pointed out that Victor always wanted what he couldn’t have, but Victor acted like he was patient enough to always get what he wanted.

When Lucy gave Anna updates, she suggested that Victor was tightening his leash on Valentin.

By the pool, Yuri (Cyrus Hobbi) got to know Terry Randolph (Cassandra James) and confirmed she was single.

After Yuri said that was a crime, he wound up diving in the pool to retrieve a necklace Terry dropped.

Elsewhere, Spencer got Nikolas to admit he indeed slept with Esme Prince (Avery Kristen Pohl).

Nikolas argued that it was a mistake and defended the secret since he was trying to shield Spencer from pain.

As for Ava, Nikolas snapped at her for blabbing and pointed out she blew any chance to make amends with Kiki Jerome (Hayley Erin). Ava slapped Nikolas before storming out.

Spencer was upset since although Esme didn’t matter to him, Nikolas meant something.

Sadly, Spencer declared that was no longer the case and was done as he washed his hands of his father.

Nikolas remained angry at Ava for spilling the beans and later found his son plastered after too many beers.

Spencer rebuffed Nikolas again and staggered away after Victor appeared. Victor asked what happened, so Nikolas argued that Ava did and rushed off.

Back at the stables, Cody pushed Britt Westbourne’s (Kelly Thiebaud) buttons with questions about Cesar Faison (Anders Hove) and Peter August (Wes Ramsey).

Britt and Cody were eventually interrupted by Mac and Felicia, so that brought some awkward introductions and Mac’s admission that he was friends with Dominique Stanton (Shell Danielson).

Mac kept his eyes fixated on Cody and seemed on edge.

Cody thought Mac was weird and told Britt so once they were alone again.

After Cody brought the discussion back to Britt’s family, she declined to talk about that topic. Cody decided they could do something besides talk and seemingly moved in close for a kiss.

Back with Felicia on Friday’s GH episode, she wondered if Mac was OK since he lied to Cody.

Felicia didn’t think “friend” was an adequate way to describe Mac’s relationship with Dominique.

By the grill, Ava witnessed the end of Austin and Mason’s faceoff. Ava quickly excused herself, so Austin acted like it wasn’t a big deal – that she just saw a family squabble.

Mason couldn’t take the chance and took off after Ava since she needed to be dealt with.

Later, someone could be seen in the boathouse grabbing gloves and a huge hook.

That person came up behind Ava outside and stabbed her in the abdomen with it – leaving Ava in shock as she looked down at the crimson trail.

General Hospital spoilers say Ava will be in bad shape thanks to this mysterious assailant, so don’t miss what’s ahead!

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