Magnum P.I. Recap 04/01/22 Season 4 Episode 17 “Remember Me Tomorrow”

Magnum P.I. Recap 04/01/22 Season 4 Episode 17 "Remember Me Tomorrow"

Tonight on CBS their reboot of the classic series Magnum P.I. airs with an all-new Friday, April 1, 2022, episode and we have your Magnum P.I. recap below. In tonight’s Magnum P.I. season 4 episode 16 “Remember Me Tomorrow”,” as per the CBS synopsis, “The mother of a suspected bomber hires Magnum and Higgins to locate her teen son and turn him in to the authorities. Also, Kumu and Rick help T.C. navigate his guilty conscience when he runs into a past flame.

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In tonight’s Magnum P.I. episode, Rick was in a good mood. He was happy that Suzy was coming back. He wanted to be there during all the firsts with the baby and he even made her a healthy smoothie to drink. But TC tasted the drink first. He said it was horrible and so then Rick tasted it. He also realized it was horrible. He ended up deciding not to give it to Suzy because it might bring back her morning sickness.

He tried to pass it to Higgins and she smelled it before she saw it and so she didn’t take it either. She instead waited for her client at the restaurant section of the bar. Higgins was hired by a teenager to look into an old murder case. The client’s name is Ella. Ella’s mother used to be a police officer and this case was the one she couldn’t let it go of nor solve. And so Ella asked Higgins to finish her mother’s work.

Ella was just a kid. Higgins didn’t think she should work for her until she spoke to Ella’s father and the man said that Ella was very mature for her age. She was also very driven. She wasn’t going to let this go and that’s the real reason Higgins decided to help her. Higgins asked for details. Ella told her everything she knew. Ella’s mother was working a double homicide before she died. She was investigating the murder of Mr. and Mrs. Akamu. They were shot at home in what appeared to be a robbery. Their teenage son had snuck out the night before and so he was the one to find his family dead the next morning.

Higgins told Ella that a case couldn’t be reopened without new evidence. But there was new evidence. Ella was sent a letter after her mother’s funeral and the letter mentioned looking into a tree behind a house for answers. Ella tried to get access to the property on her own only the homeowner fobbed her off. Ella, therefore, needed Higgins to find out what was in the tree. Higgins agreed to take the case and they went to the old house that was mentioned in the letter. Higgins did some busy work to get rid of the homeowner. They then snuck in and searched all the trees in the backyard. They later found a gun in one of them that was wrapped up in a bag.

Higgins brought the gun to Gordon. Gordon thought they should alert the Cold Case squad. Only Higgins talked him out of it. Higgins wanted to stay on the case and that wouldn’t be possible if some detective who didn’t know took over. She asked Gordon for this favor. He agreed to it because it was her and because he knew Ella’s mother, Phoebe. Ella apparently looks a lot like her mother. Gordon sent the weapon to get tested. He was staying on the case and, in the meantime, Higgins was following up on this Phoebe’s trail. Ella had her mother’s old notebook. They read it and they noticed that the detective was talking to the neighbor about “Ellsworth”.

But they didn’t know what “Ellsworth” was. Higgins and Ella started talking to the neighbors and they were getting nowhere until they met a man who acting shifty. Higgins was able to guess that he wrote the letter based on having smudged hands like the ones on the letter. She guessed correctly. They found the anonymous tipster. He also proved willing to talk. It turns out the guy was an alcoholic. He was drunk five years ago during the incident and he saw someone in a hoodie throw a bag of stuff in the garbage can. He went to see what they dropped. It was all the valuables stolen from the Akamus and rather than report it – he kept the loot.

The poor guy had lost his job due to his drinking. He had needed the money. But he regretted the part he played and so sent a letter once he saw that a detective was still working the case after all this time. He never knew that the detective died before she could see the letter. Ella instead got it and with Higgins’s help, she was able to reopen the case officially. Higgins also realized with this neighbor’s help that the robbery was staged. It was never the real motive. The real motive had always been the murders themselves. Higgins realized there had to be another reason why the Akamus were killed.

There was just one problem. Ella got busted. Ella’s father hadn’t known she hired a private investigator or that they were going around town investigating until he heard his daughter was missing from school. He informed Higgins what Ella did and he grabbed his daughter and left. It up to Higgins to finish the case. She talked to the Akamus’ son, Adam. Adam said there was a rumor back then that his mother was having an affair. Higgins looked into it. Higgins even got Ella’s father to help and so Higgins found out that a specific neighbor had mentioned the affair. Higgins went to go talk to the neighbor and she was almost killed by the woman.

Thankfully, Ella started to panic when she didn’t hear from Higgins. She contacted Gordon and Gordon came rushing in to save Higgins. It turns out it was never Mrs. Akamu who had the fair. It was the husband. He was sleeping with the neighbor and she got mad that he never left his family for her. So, she killed them all. She then started the rumor to tarnish a good woman’s name. But Higgins and more importantly Ella stopped her. Ella helped solve the case that haunted her mother. And she gained a new friend.

Higgins later met up with Magnum. He helped a vet reconnect with his brother and got drunk and so that’s why he hadn’t helped her with this case. But Higgins didn’t need him. She had Ella and that was all she needed.

And Suzy came back, but she told Rick that they couldn’t have a relationship because they have to be on good terms for the baby and so she wanted to go back to being friends.