My 600-lb Life Recap 01/05/22: Season 10 Episode 10 “Margaret’s Journey”

My 600-lb Life Recap 01/05/22: Season 10 Episode 10 "Margaret's Journey"

Tonight on TLC their fan-favorite series My 600-lb Life airs with an all-new Wednesday, January 5, 2022, Season 10 Episode 10 and we have your My 600-lb Life recap below. On tonight’s My 600-lb Life season, 10 episodes 10 called “Margaret’s Journey,” as per the TLC synopsis, “At 700 lbs, mama’s girl Margaret needs to jump start here life.

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In tonight’s My 600-Lb Life episode, there are hundreds of patients who get weight-loss surgery each year. But their chances of success is less than five percent and more often than not it was the patients themselves who got in their own way. They self-destruct. They do things with food. They do this with drugs. They mentally give up on themselves before they let anyone else do it. There are people there to help them. People like Dr. Nowzaradanis. Dr. Nowzaradan or Dr. Now as he likes to be called remains committed to helping bariatric patients and he doesn’t just give them weight-loss surgery. He does his best to convince them to change their lifestyle. Their eating habits. He also tends to recommend therapy and that’s what most of them need before they can get surgery.

Dr. Now’s latest patient is Margaret. Margaret has one of the worst BMIs that the doctor has ever seen and she desperately needs help. She was over seven hundred and fifty pounds. She was thirty-five. She lives with her mother Millie and she was in fact house bound until she suffered a fall at home. The fall was so bad that she had to be hospitalized. She ended up meeting Dr. Now at the hospital. He told her that she couldn’t go on like this. She needs to lose weight and Margaret told the good doctor that she was willing to do anything to save her life. Millie was even on board. There were a few times when family sabotages the patients and so it was a good sign that Mille didn’t do so.

Dr. Now told Margaret he arranged for a home health aide after she was released. This was important because she does have a severe infection in her leg and this would also help her to eat right. Margaret’s diet is controlled while she’s in the hospital. They know when and what to feed her. As long as Millie wasn’t sneaking in food, (something that sabotaging family tend to do) she will be fine. Margaret was given exercises. She did that along with eating well while in the hospital and she was soon released from the doctor’s care. Her next hurdle was a mental health. Margaret has always had a problem with food and so she has to change her mindset.

Margaret grew up with an abusive father. He was emotionally abusive and he didn’t even want to feed his children. Her father was overweight. He came to use eating as a way to force his wife to take care of him. He resented when she showed affection to their three children. He would then force his children to go without meals. They couldn’t eat until he was finished and only then they would have his leftovers. Something which he resented as well. Her father came to weight a thousand pounds and at one point Margaret stood up to him by eating as much as she could. She wasn’t supposed to touch his food. And she did so anyways as a mean of rebelling.

Margaret’s father forced his wife to abandon the kids. He made her move without them and so they went to go stay with their grandmother. Their grandmother who was also abusive. She would make Margaret feel ashamed for eating at all. She also used Margaret’s increasing weight as a way to put her down. Margaret’s mother eventually pulled her away from that situation. She sent Margaret to live with an aunt and Margaret loved it there. Her eating habits still weren’t great. She was still eating a lot but now out of habit than rebellion and unfortunately her aunt died. Margaret went back to her parents’ house after that.

Margaret remained abusive. He later pushed his wife into leaving him and she did, but she only took one daughter. Millie left Margaret behind with her father. Millie didn’t have much. She went to go stay with her father and she does regret leaving Margaret because Margaret’s father used Millie’s abandonment as another means of chipping away at Margaret’s self-esteem. He told Margaret that her mother left her because she was too fat and she didn’t want a child like that around. He made Margaret feel worthless. He told her that she couldn’t amount to anything. She fell into a deep depression which forced her to stay indoors.

Margaret stayed in her bed all day eating. She wouldn’t even get up to use the bathroom. She would just soil herself. Margaret has been like that ever since and nothing has changed. Not even after she got away from her father or when her mother returned in her life to help take care of her. Margaret just stays in her bed all day. Dr. Now sent her physical therapists to help work out at home and Margaret tried to turn them away. She didn’t want to work out. She told her mother to reschedule it and it was actually the physical therapists who refused to do so. They arranged things for Margaret on a particular day. They couldn’t move everything around just for her.

Margaret soon consented for them to come into the house. They showed her exercises and things she can do every day. Margaret said she would do them and then tried to back out of it. Margaret promised Dr. Now she would get better. She promised to do everything to lose weight and at the end of the day she was simple too lazy to do most of it. She even tried to ignore the diet. Margaret’s mother was a better woman than most in this situation because she refused all of Margaret’s excuses. She pushed her daughter into following the diet. She made her daughter walk around everyday. And eventually Margret got int the habit of walking around every day on her own.

Margaret cancelled her first appointment with Dr. Now after her release from the hospital. Her mother had to work that day and she didn’t have a ride to his office. She also was in pain. Her leg was in pain and so it’s good that Dr. Now set up a video-call with her. He got to see for himself that she is losing weight. He asked about her eating habits. She thought she had to have three meals a day and he told her that she doesn’t have to eat if she isn’t hungry. It helps that she’s mostly eating fish, baked chicken, and salads. The next time she was weighed she was six hundred and thirty two pounds. It was great.

It was inspiring. Dr. Now told her that another month like this and she’ll get her surgery. Margaret was so happy that she burst into tears at the thought. She couldn’t wait to have surgery. She continued eating right or so she claims. She worked out with the physical therapist and later when she returned to Dr. Now’s office – she only lost five pounds. It was a huge disappointment. Even Margaret was disappointed. She didn’t know what went wrong and Dr. Now called that out. He knows that Margret isn’t doing what she’s supposed to be doing. He talked to her. He found out she’s drinking protein shakes twice a day. She also hasn’t gone to therapy.

Dr. Now told her she needs to speak to a therapist. He arranged for a doctor to visit her at her house and the doctor was kind. He was patient. He also made Margaret confront her demons and she didn’t like that. She pulled away. She tried to throw the doctor out of her house. Only Dr. Paradise refused to leave. He told Margaret that she needs to acknowledge her dependency. She’s dependent on her mother. She needs to be able to stand without her. Both physically and emotionally. Dr. Paradise gave Margret a new form of homework. Something that she followed this time. Margaret went back to losing weight and by her next appointment with Dr. Now she had lost thirty-one pounds.

Dr. Now wants her to continue losing weight before she get surgery. He performed endoscopy to make sure that he can perform the surgery when she’s ready and to see if there anything else that can be wrong internally. He thankfully didn’t find anything. He also later gave Margaret the weight-loss surgery because she proved to him that she was willing to do the work. She got her surgery in her fifth month of losing weight. She’s still healing from the surgery now but her cravings are mostly gone and she’s still sees Dr. Paradise to help her with her mental health.