New Amsterdam Recap Winter Premiere 01/04/22: Season 4 Episode 11 “Talkin’ Bout a Revolution”

New Amsterdam Recap Winter Premiere 01/04/22: Season 4 Episode 11 "Talkin' Bout a Revolution"

Tonight on NBC New Amsterdam airs with an all-new Tuesday, January 4, 2022, season 4 episode 11 called, “Talkin’ Bout a Revolution,” and we have your New Amsterdam recap below. On tonight’s New Amsterdam season 4 episode 11 as per the NBC synopsis, “Max and Sharpe settle happily into their new life in London; Dr. Fuentes takes over as medical director with disastrous effects; Bloom helps a patient who thinks he’s cursed; Iggy develops a plan to get his psych patients gainfully employed.”

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New Amsterdam begins tonight with Dr Max Goodwin (Ryan Eggold) and Dr Helen Sharpe (Freema Agyeman) traveling through London traffic to get to their new home. They thoroughly enjoy setting up their new place and exploring the neighborhood; once settles, they welcome Luna home.

Meanwhile at New Amsterdam, Dr Veronica Fuentes (Michelle Forbes) tries to speak to several of the staff, who ignore her or close the door on her. She is very harsh on her staff Adam, venting how the people are dodging her since Max left 6 weeks earlier. She demands for a department head meeting in one hour, saying whoever doesn’t show up will be fired. Their chat is interrupted by a man shouting “Merry Christmas” in the lobby and it is January. Adam informs Veronica that this is part of Dr Iggy Frome’s (Tyler Labine) occupational therapy for in-patients. Iggy is clearly distracted by all the compliments and attention he is getting from his new assistant.

Dr Lyn Malvo (Frances Turner) has her pregnancy ultrasound; Jan commenting on how Dr Claude Baptiste (Andre Blake) must be over the moon as she never thought she could get pregnant. Outside the room, sits Claude with Dr Floyd Reynolds (Jocko Sims) who mentions that the test Lyn is doing could confirm who the father is.

Dr Lauren Bloom (Janet Montgomery) attempts to call Leyla (Shiva Kalaiselvan), saying it is weird not having her at the hospital. She wants to respect her space and needs to know if she is somewhere safe; her call cut short when she witnesses a pedestrian struck by lightning. Lauren rushes him into the ED, where Lauren informs her patient her has been struck by lightning and he tells her that is typical.

Dr Fuentes has a meeting which forces Iggy to defend his patients and how these jobs are for his healthy patients and their life after the hospital; she closes down the program. She gives Floyd the time to review what is going on in his department. She then targets Lauren saying she cannot send any patients up for elective surgery, if it is not urgent she has to discharge them. Lauren defies her and will not send patients home to call their insurance companies who shouldn’t be deciding what is elective or not.

Veronica continues to bark orders out for each department, but ends up praising Dr Wilder (Sandra Mae Frank) who is receptive to her changes. The departments are forced to welcome Dr Mia Castries who works with crystals. She gives her blessings and says she is excited to be there, something Iggy can only nod to. Once the meeting is over, Lauren, Iggy, Floyd are told to go down to the morgue, finding out the text is from Dr Wilder, who feels they need to work together, in secret to overpower Veronica. No one seems very enthusiastic to help her. Iggy says he is not going to risk his career as he has a family. Floyd has too much happening in his life and Lauren doesn’t want to cope with it, until Mia asks them what would Max do?

Lauren reminds her that she did not know Max but Wilder explains how she had someone like Veronica running her old hospital. She encourages them to do what max would want them to do; Iggy solemnly reminds them that Max isn’t there and he isn’t coming back; causing all three of them to walk out on Dr Wilder, who is left shaking her head.

Back in London, Helen runs into Dr Clement as he discusses physiotherapy as she talks about taking him on the road for lectures. Next she speaks to Dr Grey with several suggestions for her department, saying she just hired 6 more pediatricians for the clinic. Helen notes how terrible their numbers are and wants to know what they are doing wrong. Max is scurrying through his files as an elderly patient wants to reschedule her biopsy. He tries for her not to put it off, as Max explains he is s doctor but his license is somewhere in the mail. Helen grits her teeth as she hears Max talking extensive medical advice to Ruth when there is a huge line up for patients already.

Lauren walks in the ED and when she cannot find “Lightning Guy” she finds him in a room with Mia who is doing accupuncture on him. Mia insists that he is cursed and when he explains his various incidences, Lauren says there is no such thing as a curse but the metal door swings open and knocks him unconscious.

Iggy informs all his patients that they have been laid off. He insists they did nothing wrong but one of the patients comes forward, saying they all done something wrong. They have mental illnesses and people don’t want to see it nor be reminded of it.

Outside, Claude sits with Floyd after they both did cheek swabs; both admitting their parents would be furious if they saw this scenario. Floyd reveals that his father wasn’t a very good one as Claude tells him that he will be a great father, but both say there is no shame in stepping away if the other is the father.

Greg, lightning guy goes into scan as Lauren says that she likes things that are proven by science as Mia sits with her discussing the differences in their beliefs and how spiritual can very much be explained as well; both are distracted when they notice a cancerous tumor on Greg. Iggy’s patients clean up their christmas display, something he admits to Dr Wilder is “brutal” and that him and Max were very proud of this program, how it gave everyone hope. Elisabeth Wilder gives him an idea about hiring these people for real janitorial jobs as it would be so much better to hire people they have already seen work from. Iggy smirks and says she sounded just like him in that moment.

In London, Helen races down the stairs, Max catching her saying it is only lunchtime. Helen tells him about the surveys and how it gave the clinic a bad review. She takes his hand, him saying he sees a huge lineup in his clinic but that is because of the universal healthcare. He doesn’t seem to grasp things until she says someone is coming to survey the clinic and her suggestions that afternoon. She wants him to expedite the line for her today, he kisses her hand and says she will answer the phones for her today.

Greg learns from Lauren that he should feel lucky because if it wasn’t for the lightning strike and freak head injury they never would have found the cancer. Lauren says they could do a simple surgery on him but he is terrified that if it can go wrong, it will go wrong and says Lauren doesn’t understand. Mia agrees with him and speaks about it, saying he needs to let Lauren do the surgery to rid him of his cancer and Mia will be there by his side to rid him of his curse and he agrees.

Iggy meets with each of his patients, saying they have been rehired; each of them extremely excited. The only person who couldn’t be hired was a year-round Santa, Iggy telling him he would have to try again after the Thanksgiving holiday.

Lauren meets with Mia, stressing that Veronica will not allow cancer tumor removal as Veronica feels it is elective. Lauren is concerned that even a couple days could kill his patient. She pleads with Mia to do the surgery anyway and defy Veronica. Mia says she will not but when Lauren calls her stance BS, Mai jumps into action, explaining how they can get around Veronica, sneaking the surgery on other floors or another room; Lauren nods.

Lyn comes into Floyd’s office, saying she needs to talk and vent. Floyd is forced to reveal that he agrees with Claude getting a paternity test. He says it is against human nature for him to not care who the father is. She is furious that they went behind her back as Floyd said he got it because it is complicated. Lyn begins to start cramping and says something is wrong and thinks she is spotting. Floyd holds her hand concerned.

Floyd orders the nurses what to do as Claude arrives, saying what the nurses need to do, causing Lyn to kick both men out of the room.

Max ends a call, finding the waiting room is calm and approaches them about their surveys, explaining that he is the new guy and would like to make some big changes. He asks for their harshest critiques. Patients feel there is always a new doctor so no one seems to care. Max says he gets it as one patient explains they are all there because they have cancer; Max sits closer and tells his own cancer story saying he knows they are looking for dignity. They agree to help him work on their broken system.

Lauren explains to her staff, that anyone in that room is now part of the resistance and the only risk is to their jobs. Everyone smiles with her and they begin Greg’s procedure. Iggy, in the meantime, is trying to talk to his patient who is downtrodden about not playing Santa anymore. He explains the suit and the beard is who he is; being Santa is who he is and if he is not Santa, he is nothing at all. Iggy says he is not buying the story, saying he is very employable but he gets rather vicious when Iggy questions him being Santa. Mid-rant, Iggy tells him he has the perfect job for him.

Helen is chastised when she tries to tell them that the American medicine and that is not how it is done in London. She brings in the director who gets caught up behind her as all the patients are ranting about the changes they want to make; Max can’t help but look helplessly at Helen.

At the hospital, Claude is asked if he would like to sit with his wife, who her and her fetus are now stable. Floyd watches from the nurse’s station until Claude invites him along. Both men apologize to her, as Claude says the ride they are on can bring up a lot of insecurities but none of their alpha playing games is important. Floyd says they don’t know who won as they asked the lab to destroy the results. Claude tries to comfort her but she pulls her hands away saying she wants to know too but it doesn’t take DNA results to show who the father is as REAL father will show up and she wanted them to be better than this. Claude looks from Lyn to Floyd.

Lauren informs Greg they have removed all his cancer and medically speaking he is cured. Greg raves that it was Mia who did it as Lauren was skeptical. She brings Greg up to post op, as he almost gets hit by the medicine cabinet. Lauren grabs the wheelchair and insists she is going to bring him up to his room herself.

Veronica talks about how demanding her job is and has an interview for Chris, which was the Santa patient. Veronica reviews his resume, saying everything sounds great to her. He reveals that he needs December 25th off every year and hope it isn’t a deal breaker.

Mia comes down to see Greg, confused that he ended up having the surgery as she knew it was cancelled. Lauren, Iggy and Dr Wilder are thrilled about sharing their deeds from the day. Iggy confesses that the hospital is starting to feel like New Amsterdam since Max walked out and it is because of who walked in. Dr Wilder signing a huge thank you.

Helen comes in to dinner made by Max. She reveals that all her reforms have been repealed and 10% of her funding has been cut. Max says his license came in and he is ready to work whatever hours she requires, but Helen tells him he is fired for possibly being the worst receptionist ever. She needs to face the fact that her American changes will not work in this system and that includes Max. She knows he is looking for something and she will help him find it but she needs to do this on her own. Max smiles, joking that he is the terrible receptionist but he is in awe of her and everything that she is. She was worried how much he would hate it there but he says he loves it and its because she is there. Helen giggles when he makes fun of his receptionist skills.