The Blacklist Recap 04/01/22: Season 9 Episode 14 “Eva Mason”

The Blacklist Recap 04/01/22: Season 9 Episode 14 "Eva Mason"

Tonight on NBC their hit drama The Blacklist starring James Spader airs with an all-new time-slow Friday, April 1, 2022, episode and we have your The Blacklist recap below. On tonight’s The Blacklist Season 9, Episode 13 called, “Eva Mason,” as per the NBC synopsis, “While searching for Sen. Panabaker’s missing daughter-in-law, the Task Force learns there may be a larger pattern of abductions. Red continues piecing together the mystery behind Liz’s death.

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Tonight’s The Blacklist episode begins with Two girls laying in a tent in the middle of nowhere. All of a sudden, they hear a noise outside, then again and it was bigger than a squirrel. Someone makes their way through the tent and the girls start screaming.

Elsewhere, Red is with Weecha, he pours himself a coffee. She tells him that the device that was inside Elizabeth was to perform two functions. It transmits GPS coordinates and it monitors medication. She sent a courier to Herbie that morning to look at the device, but he is not answering. Cynthia Panabaker arrives at the door, she tells Red that she needs his help. She only comes to him if she is desperate.

Her daughter-in-law, Sheila, disappeared three weeks ago, and she was found at a campsite. Emaciated, tortured and she is now in a medically induced coma, and the person who did it is free. Red says that when something doesn’t make sense in the light, they have to look in the dark.

The task force is discussing Sheila’s case, Cooper sends Ressler and Park to the hospital to get more information on what was done to Sheila. Then we see two women, one is nurse Binstock discussing that they need a new bed and one woman says she may have found a new candidate.

Sheila has heart damage, there are names carved on her legs and it looks self-inflicted. It is the name of two women. Park tells Cynthia that she thinks Sheila knew she was going to die and wanted to send a message to whoever found her body. And it worked. The two names were Crystal Flowers and Maria Holmes. All of the women belong to a fundraising organization, Tiny Fighters Foundation. They share stories of families who have children with serious medical conditions. They are bringing the woman who runs the organization, Emily Right.

Mary Sutton is in her kitchen making her daughter Sarah a sandwich when she hears her monitors going off, she runs to the room and then we see the girl being rushed out of the house.

Emily meets with Aram and Park, she gives them information about the women’s children. All the women were abducted was within a week of their children’s profile on the website. Park thinks someone is trolling the website for victims.

Red and Weecha go to Herbie’s apartment, his wife is not there and he is inside with his baby who is crying hysterically. Red picks up the baby, who stops crying right away. Red tells him to cherish this time because it gets pretty complicated. Red helps him to take the baby and smooth it, then Red starts singing. Herbie asks Red to stay for a while, he is desperate. Red says it depends on what he can say about his tracker.

The last profile on the website was for Sarah Sutton, the little girl who had a seizure and both she and her mother are at the hospital. Cooper tells Dembe and Ressler to go to the hospital and brief the mother on the situation. Meanwhile, the hospital wants to keep her there for a few days, Mary is surprised, usually when she has seizures they only stay overnight.

Mary is in Sarah’s room and a nurse, one who works with Blackstock, zaps Mary out cold. Sarah starts screaming for help. Ressler and Dembe arrive to find Sarah in the room and her mom on the floor, the nurse got away.

Mary is awake, Ressler and Dembe tell her what is happening. Aram checks the injection gun that was used on Mary, there are no prints and the camera footage is grainy.

Herbie says the device in Liz was dispersing meds in her, it is not something that is used, it is in a testing stage at a clinic in Boston. Cooper calls Red, tells him about the injection gun, asks if he can locate it on the black marked to see where the nurse got it.

Red’s constant was able to id the injection gun, some of them where delivered to a rural address in West Virginia along with second-hand hospital beds and equipment. Cooper says he needs a team there fast. Dembe and Ressler are on it, they arrive and find many women in hospital beds, they all look in bad shape. Blackstock comes out of nowhere with a knife, but they are able to stop her.

Cooper calls Cynthia, and she comes into the bureau, they have Blackstock in custody but the other woman got away. The other victims are in serious condition, one critical, and there were remains on the premises. All the victims had the same profile, they were all caring for very sick children. While they were being held, they were injected with various medical conditions to mirror their sick children. As soon as they are released from the hospital, they will be reunited with their children. Blackstock is asking for an attorney, she says absolutely not.

And maybe, they need to get someone else to question her. Then we see Red and hear Blackstock screaming, Cynthia got Red to use his tactics, Teddy comes out of the room and tells Cynthia that her daughter-in-law is not the victim, she has been slipping her granddaughter a nasty concoction for years, making her sick. Cynthia says it is a lie, Sheila would not hurt her child. Red tells her to think with her head, not her heart. A few months ago she wanted Charlotte to see a cardiologist, but Sheila didn’t want to. But she did finally give in, but then didn’t show. She gets a text from her son, Sheila is off the respirator.

Aram tells the task force that Binstock says she wasn’t in the business of hurting innocent mothers, because those mothers were innocent. The children weren’t really sick, the mothers were doing it to their children, and the longer they held the mothers, the healthier the children became. It’s a mental illness and a form of child abuse. Cooper says they still can’t trust Blackstock, they need to look deeper into this. Cooper tells Dembe and Ressler to go to the hospital and separate Mary and her daughter, but they are already gone. Then they go to see Mr. Sutton and tell him what they think, he says it is impossible. He says he had to take a second job just to pay for the medical bills. Dembe sees a CD with the name of Tiny Fighters on it and asks if he can take it, Mr. Sutton says to take anything. Meanwhile, Sarah is worried, she is wondering why her mom hasn’t called her dad yet.

Cynthia goes to see her daughter-in-law, her son greets her and says it is a miracle. Sheila is in bed with her daughter cuddling beside her.

Aram found some information on Binstock, she worked as a home health care worker for a girl named Chelsea Mason who had a rare GI disorder. After Chelsea died, Binstock left the nursing field, and Chelsea’s older sister, Eva Mason received a fortune in settlements from hospitals that did needless procedures that only worsened Chelsea’s condition. Chelsea wasn’t really sick, they think her mother was poisoning her. Eva volunteers for the Tiny Fighters Foundation. Aram got a hit on Eva’s credit card in Delaware.

Dembe plays the CD he picked up at Sutton’s house, in the video Sarah talks about a mother-daughter trip, they go to Primrose Grand Hotel in Delaware. Meanwhile, Eva is in the hotel with Sarah and Mary, Dembe and Ressler arrive just in time, Sarah found a gun in her purse and is aiming it at Eva while Eva is aiming one at Mary. Eva tells Sarah that her mommy is making her sick. Dembe tells Eva that they know about her sister. Eva says there is no way, they didn’t see her mother drain the life from her sister. Sarah’s gun goes off, Dembe and Ressler are able to take control.

Cynthia calls Red and thanks to him for finding out the truth. Her son is devastated. She took her granddaughter for the afternoon, she didn’t want her there during the arrest. Elsewhere, Sheila is arrested in her hospital room in front of her husband. Cynthia is enjoying lunch with her granddaughter, she says her mother doesn’t let her have sweets because they make her sick.

Weecha gets Dr. Jensen from the clinic that is working on a pilot program for the device that was found in Liz. He says that a young man came to his office begging to be seen about his wife. He developed the device, his name was Andrew Kennison.

Cooper calls Ressler to the bureau and asks if he went to his meeting. He says yes, he just got his two-month chip yesterday. Cooper tells him that they couldn’t be prouder. Aram brings out a cake, and a killer playlist to celebrate. Ressler is overwhelmed, he tries to tell them it means a lot to him but he is choked up.