The Blacklist Recap 04/22/22: Season 9 Episode 17 “El Conejo”

The Blacklist Recap 04/22/22: Season 9 Episode 17 "El Conejo"

Tonight on NBC their hit drama The Blacklist starring James Spader airs with an all-new time-slow Friday, April 22, 2022, episode and we have your The Blacklist recap below. On tonight’s The Blacklist Season 9, Episode 17 called, “El Conejo,” as per the NBC synopsis, “When a member of The Task Force is captured by the leader of a cartel, they turn to Red for guidance. Red investigates a seemingly impossible heist.

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Tonight’s The Blacklist episode begins with Aram being the new head of the Task Force while Cooper is waiting for trial, and Aram is kidnapped by the Cartel because of a missing shipment, they think he had access to the delivery routes and stole the shipment. Red says that Don Maruez runs his cartel through a sophisticated server system, if there is a connection to Aram, that it is. The Scripps brothers run the servers.

Marquez wanted Red’s guys to do it, but his guys are exclusive to him, has a curfew, and a stern mother. Red will get them the address for the Scripps brother. Meanwhile, Aram tells Marquez that they have the wrong guy. Marquez shows Aram some code that he wrote and he tells him that if he didn’t have to kill him, he would hire him. Aram begs them not to kill him. Aram says he doesn’t know where his shipment is, but if lets him look at the computer he will try to help. Red has Teddy with him, he asks him who broke into the safe and he says he doesn’t know.

Dembe has the Scripps brothers in for questioning, Ressler starts asking questions and Braxton keeps saying lawyer over and over again. Ressler shows them that they are impounding their equipment. Then Park comes and drops a few pieces, and tells them they are clumsy and can get clumsier if they don’t give them what the want.

Aram found something, he says this is not him, somebody stole his work. Meanwhile, the Scripps brothers found something, they see a user poking around in the system, that would be Aram.

Aram tells Marquez that somebody used his work to get into Marquez information and stop the shipment. Marquez gets a phone call, they have his missing product and want a half a million cash.

Red watches a video that he made for Liz if he should have died before her. He tells her that she would be the head of the business, he is excited but scared. He also says he never worried about himself, he always worried about her. What lies ahead is a glorious journey and wants to share with him things throughout his life of good deeds and bad deeds.

Aram is tied in a corner, when Dembe and Ressler come in and save him, he tells them about the ransom call.

Back to Red’s video, he talks about shipping. He tells her that if she wants to make her enemy her friend, create a problem for them and solve it. Then he gives her his top wines. Red fast forwards a bit. Then, he says she has thousands of talented people that work for her, but at the end of the day, she is alone. He says even his friends, close partners have betrayed him. People will turn. He tells her to do her best with Agnes, hold on to her like she is her heart.

Park wants Aram to go to the hospital, Aram says no. Aram says he source code was stolen, and the only one that had it is his former business partner, Nick Faria. Cooper says they have to track Marquez.

Marquez arrives back in his safehouse, his son Antonio is there from University and he tells him that he has to go, he can’t crash there.

Aram meets with the head of the company, Walter Sykes, who he hired to do an independent review of his source code. Aram says they gave them a clean bill of health. Aram sees sections that weren’t there before, vulnerabilities, implementations.

Aram goes to see Nick who is in his office with Chloe, Aram shows him the report and says he had a little chat with Walter and this is the full report with vulnerabilities that he did not show him. Aram says he lied to him, right to his face. Aram tells him that this is dangerous, the wrong people could get access to Grey-Lock and cripple systems.

Nick says systems make mistakes and so do people. Aram says he can’t keep selling this, and Nick says he will as long as people are buying it.

Park says it is too soon for Marquez to leave the country. They have of his men in custody who says that he was with Marquez when he got the second phone call, he knows the place, time, and date of the trade.

Weecha is giving Teddy a massage, Red walks by to get a hammer and then starts breaking into a wall. He tells Weecha that his safe was torn out, you can see where it was, they replaced it with a replica and could drill for days if they needed to, and the man who took it is Heinrich Zimmerstahl.

Marquez is at his trade off point where a truck is with it’s lights on, he throws a bag of cash on the ground and he says he is never getting it, this is his graveyard. All of a sudden, Antonio comes out of the truck. He tells his father he stole his truck right out of his nose, is he smart enough now. Antonio was mad because of the lack of attention from his father. The FBI arrives, and Antonio says he did what he had to do. Marquez tells Antonio that this is what happens when you cross him and he fires his gun.

Later, at the bureau, Aram tells Antonio that he almost died today because of him. Aram tells Antonio that he used his code to hack his dad’s business. Antonio got a bullet to the arm that is wrapped up in a sling.

Red goes to see Kosta who says that he betrayed him, he left the house safe with him and he let the enemies inside. He never noticed the safe was gone. Red tells him when this is all said and done, he can keep the house and everything inside. Kosta tells him to forgive him, he will let him see himself out. Heinrich then walks in, Red says he told him that he needed a particularly secure safe, one of a kind, Heinrich says he remembers.

Red shows Heinrich where they took his safe out of the wall. He says the forgery is an exact duplicate and the only one who could have made it is him. Heinrich says yes, he made a second one, he did it for him.

Aram goes to see Nick, he says he went into the server and destroyed everything. Aram says his code was never safe with him. He did what he said out to do, make the world a little bit safer.

Cooper calls Ressler into his office, he says Reginald Cole is dead, there is one lead left to follow, the name is LeCroy.

Heinrich says he is so sorry, a woman came to him and said she was his representative. She asks for the same safe, she knew a lot about him. He assumed it was through him. She called him dearie, and she called herself Mr. Kaplan.