The Blacklist Recap 05/06/22: Season 9 Episode 19 “The Bear Mask”

The Blacklist Recap 05/06/22: Season 9 Episode 19 "The Bear Mask"

Tonight on NBC their hit drama The Blacklist starring James Spader airs with an all-new time-slow Friday, May 6, 2022, episode and we have your The Blacklist recap below. On tonight’s The Blacklist Season 9, Episode 19 called, “The Bear Mask,” as per the NBC synopsis, “Feeling the weight of recent pressures, Aram turns to an unusual outlet for release.

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Tonight’s The Blacklist episode begins with Aram who is seeing a Dr. Idigbe and says that he has been dealing with OCD and depression pretty much his whole life. He has been able to manage, but lately nothing helps, he feels like he barely can hold it together. He says when he first heard about psychedelic therapy, he expected something more – and she says, tie-die and trans music? He says yes and then they laugh. She says that the treatment is experimental, but legal. She is is injecting him with medication from psycho-active plants. They will play music so he can relax an if he sees something that upsets him, he should be open-minded about it. Aram is ready.

Aram is driving his bicycle to work, he is very happy. He arrives and he is still smiling while Park spilled coffee all over the desk. Aram says they should take a trip. Park says someone just tried to blow up Red, maybe next week.

In Aram’s office he finds a fairly large box wrapped up. He opens it and finds paper planes inside, he asks Ressler who sent it and he says he doesn’t know. The alarms are going off in the building and on security camera it shows gun men coming in, and they have taken the elevator. Dembe makes a call that they are under attack.

Park looks to Aram for advice and he tells Ressler where there is a phone. Aram and Ressler go to find the phone so they can call for backup and everyone else takes defensive position. Aram uses the phone and Red is on the line, he tells him that if he wants it stop he needs to get everyone out. Bullets are flying everywhere. Aram calls out to Park, she gets shot. She falls to the ground and when Aram runs to her she says she is sorry. Aram runs to the elevator, comes out and everything is ok – he just imagined it.

Aram is in the office, he says there was an attack, it seemed so real. Park asks if he is ok, he says yes and goes to his office.

Ressler calls Cooper and tells him that he pulled every piece of paper on Blackman and his lawyer LeCroy. He found nothing connecting them to Mr. Kaplan but he did find the shell corporation that LeCroy used to hide the blackmail operation. He had seven properities, a half dozen companies and a yacht.

Red walks into the morgue to visit Catherine Nemick, he says she belonged to a religious group and her body was supposed to be buried within 24-hours. Red is pretending to be the families lawyer.

Aram is in his office, he sees the wrapped box again and this time there are avacados and a ring with a purple stone. Ressler walks in and says Red is on is way, it is important. Aram runs down the stairs and says they are going to be attacked. All of sudden, armed men are coming in. Ressler grabs Aram’s arm and asks him what is going on. Aram says this doesn’t make any sense. Aram tells them they need to get out of the post office now.

They head down the stairs, at the bottom there are gunmen and Ressler gets shot. They proceed and when they are downstairs the electric panel doesn’t work. Dembe tries to gab Aram and get him out of there. Bullets are flying everywhere, Aram looks in shock and disbelief. And, Park gets shot again by a bear masked gunman. Aram tries to shoot him many times and the bullets don’t go through. He looks around and everyone is dead except for him and bear masked man who leaves in an elevator. Aram runs after him and when he gets out of the elevator, the day starts all over again.

Ressler and Park go to look for Mrs. LeCroy and find her dad in her car in an underground parking lot. Ressler checks her and she is still warm. Cooper comes behind the shooter that was hiding behind a truck and nabs him.

Back at the bureau, Aram tells he task force about what has been happening. He says Red called him and told him to get out of there and he thinks they all need to leave the post office for the loop to end. And, it begins all over again, like Groundhog day.

Red is in his trailer, Red got a sample of Kate’s DNA from the morgue, he really wants to know if it is indeed her.

It is a new days for Aram, he comes out of the elevator and says he got everyone out. Then he see s himself in the doctors office before he got the injection, then he sees Liz come out of the elevator and Agnes is there, then he is holding the doctor’s fishbowl with Frank the fish inside. He sees everyone being shot again. He opens his eyes, he is in the post office but it is dark nobody is there. Then he goes through a door and the man with the bear mask is there, he shoots Aram and takes off his max, it is Aram shooting Aram.

The task force has the man in custody who killed Mrs. Lecroy, they found a transaction on his phone where he received twenty five thousand dollars, it was a down-payment for the hit. The bank it came from closed three years ago. Cooper tells them they need to identify the person who owns that account.

Red is which Weecha, she has suffered pretty severe burns, he puts her to bed. Mierce walks in, she makes it clear to Red that she is only there to take care of Weecha.

Aram’s double tells him that he will always be a day late and a dollar short. Then we see when Liz was shot, then Liz and Agnes are running. Someone shoots Aram’s double, it is Samar and she says she thought he would never shut up.

Mierce tells Red that she is not angry with him, she is just sad. Vladimir arrives then with the results from the DNA, she was not Kate, she was her sister, Maureen.

Aram talks to his doctor, she tells him that his reaction was not normal, the loops that he experienced. He says he was certain that it was only a matter of time that everything was going to fall apart. But he feels like he doesn’t have to fight anymore. She tells them that the treatment is not a cure all.

Cooper is sitting with Red who says the night before the explosion he was wondering what he would do if this was all Kate’s doing and he knows she would want him to show her mercy. Cooper has something on Mrs. Lecroy, he tells Red that the bank was closed for years from the payment. Red looks at the paper and says that bank is more secure than any bank on earth, that is why he opened the account in the first place. Red admits the payment came from him.

Aram walks into the post office, it is a new day, he tells Park to slap in his the face hard, she does and says happy to help.

Aram is home, he throws his medication in the garbage and he visions himself sittign at the table with his double and Samar.