The Walking Dead Fall Premiere Recap 10/02/22: Season 11 Episode 17 “Lockdown”

The Walking Dead Fall Premiere Recap 10/02/22: Season 11 Episode 17 "Lockdown"

Tonight on AMC our favorite show The Walking Dead airs on an all-new Sunday, October 2, 2022, episode and we have your The Walking Dead fall premiere recap below. On tonight’s The Walking Dead Season 11, Episode 17 called, “Lockdown,” as per the AMC synopsis, “Daryl and Negan rush to the commonwealth to stop Hornsby from going after their families. Pamela deals with protesters demanding justice for Sebastian’s crimes. Mercer needs Rosita’s help to fight a swarm.”

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Tonight’s Walking Dead episode begins with Judith and she talks about growing up in her harsh world, the ones she lost and the ones she loved.

Daryl and Maggie are clearing walkers while Lance is on the way with the Commonwealth Army. Maggie hears something, it is Gabriel and he has Aaron, Negan and Annie, who is pregnant. Maggie is concerned about Hershel, but they assure her he is ok with Elijah. Maggie knows they have to kill Lance, or he will kill off of their family.

Negan convinces Daryl that they should head to Commonwealth to protect their family and friends but first, they kill a few of the army when Negan dresses as a walker and is able to score a weapon and a radio while Daryl is waiting for him in an SUV.

Lance finds some of his men dead and he believes it is Daryl or Aaron. He radioes Roman to tell him when bullets start flying everywhere from Daryl, Lance shouts at his army to kill him. Daryl jumps in the SUV and tries to run over Lance. Another SUV filled with the Commonwealth army are following them and shooting. Negal gets away, Daryl smashes the SUV and stops the army.

Protestors are demanding Governor Pamela justice, they want Sebastian to pay for this crime. Mercer finds Rosita at the protest, he tells her to suit up because he needs backup.

Negan has arrived at the Commonwealth and is in a room, Mercer walks in and Began says he was looking for him, they have a mutual friend, April. When the guard leaves, Negan tells Mercer that Daryl sent him. They have people in there to protect. Mercer says they got rules, he can’t just let him in.

Judith is in her kitchen with Judith and Grace, she is making pancakes for the kids when Carol sees Shira and Roman coming towards the house. She tells the girls to be quiet, they have to hide. Roman and Shira enter the house and hey can’t find anyone inside, Roman takes a photo off the fridge, puts it in his pocket. Shira tells him that should go check the school.

Negan is outside, Jerry sees him and Negan says he is there to save their asses. Jerry takes Negan to Carol’s place, he sits down with her and tells her wha is going on. Carol asks Jerry to take the kids to the hiding spot and wait for her signal.

Governor Pamela tries to leave, but the protestors are now in the building and they demand to know where her son is. Yumiko tries to calm the crowd down. Pamela asks Yumiko if her friend Connie wrote that piece. Pamela manages to get outside in a truck, she sees spray painted on a wall, “Miltons Are Murderers.”

Yumiko warns Magna that Pamela is suspicious. Yumiko tells Magna that she is not leaving there without her brother Tomi, Megna says when it is time to go she is going too, if she has to drag her out of there.

A swarm is headed towards the Comonweath and the citizens now have to contend with a curfew and lockdown. Jerry is ushering the kids to the safe spot when they see Roman and Shira after them, but are able to get some people to block the two from following them.

Carol wants to get the group some insurance, what she wants is to find Sebastien. Carol and Megan are looking for some clues to find him when he tells her that he is married and has a child along the way.

Maggie and Daryl duck down when see a large group of the Commonwealth army. Maggie thanks him for killing Leah to save her life, she is sorry he has to do it, he tells her that she never has to say sorry.

Jerry and the kids are on a fire escape when Roman walks by, but he doesn’t see them.

Carol and Megan are looking for Sebastien when Carol finds a hidden door, and bind it, there is Sebastien passed out on a bed not he floor. He tries to get up, but first Negan gets his gun. Carol tells him to get up, she is taking him home to his mother. Negan tells Sebastien that Carol is throwing him a life raft and he better take it,.

Elsewhere, the protestors are out and it is after curfew, they say they are going nowhere until Sebastien is brought to them. Megan, Carol and Sebastien head out and somebody spots Sebastien, Carol takes off with him while Nega causes a distraction but gets caught by doing it. The protestors hear the swarm coming. The Commonwealth throw canisters of tear gas and everyone starts trying to frantically get out of there.

Rosita and Mercer are out to try and stop the swarm from attacking but Mercer realizes it is too big of a swarm for them to shoot down, so he tell his team to get out. Mercer tells her that if the time comes and she decides to get out, he will be there for her.

Yumiko and Pamela are talking when she says how can she be sure her son didn’t do the things he was accused of. Pamela says her son is not a murderer. All of a sudden, Carol walks in with Sebastien. She hugs him, then she slaps him across the face. She demands to know what he had to do with it. He says it is a lie. Carol says they can help each other. She needs her help to get Lance to stop hunting her friends and she can tell the Commonwealth people that her son is innocent and Lance did it.

Daryl, Annie, Aaron, Gabriel and Maggie lure the Commonwealth army underground with Lance and Daryl surprises him with a knife under his throat.