The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Devon Pressures Abby for Even More Dominic Time – Takes Advantage of New Agreement?

The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Devon Pressures Abby for Even More Dominic Time – Takes Advantage of New Agreement?

The Young and the Restless (Y&R) spoilers tease that Devon Hamilton (Bryton James) may pressure Abby Newman-Abbott-Chancellor (Melissa Ordway) for even more Dominic Newman-Abbott-Winters-Chancellor (Rainn and River Wilson) time. Will Devon jeopardize his new agreement with pushy demands?

Although Abby is now willing to give Devon the scheduled overnight visitation he asked for, she clearly still has some concerns.

Abby said all the right things in Y&R’s January 21 episode, but the look on her face told a different story.

This custody battle wrapped up just a little too neat and tidy, so maybe it’s not the end after all.

Abby previously voiced her concerns to Chance Chancellor (Conner Floyd) about what would happen if they gave Devon what he wanted.

Abby wondered what would stop Devon from coming back and asking for even more time with Dominic.

Of course, Chance acted like that wouldn’t happen, but it certainly could. Abby made Devon the godfather and assured him of a permanent place in Dominic’s life, but that wasn’t good enough.

Devon demanded shared custody and threatened to trash Chance’s mental state in court to get it.

Abby has every reason to fret about Devon wanting more than just overnight visitation once a week.

After all, that doesn’t really solve the problem that Devon claimed to have.

If Devon is so concerned about Chance’s ability to be a father and the negative energy around Dom, what about the other six days and nights?

What good will it really do for the baby to spend this one night with Devon per week?

Devon is no doubt going to adore having Dom at the penthouse and will probably wish it could be like that all the time.

Unfortunately, Devon could go from wishing to demanding that it be that way all the time – or at least a good chunk of the time.

Devon might argue that he deserves an equal split when it comes to how many nights he gets and how many nights Abby and Chance get.

Devon could once again argue that Chance’s psychological state is a concern and that his one night a week isn’t cutting it.

Devon might even think he needs to be the primary caregiver since his demands seem to get increasingly outrageous. When will it end? Abby may wind up regretting her decision to accept Devon’s terms and could have a change of heart before all the necessary paperwork is signed.

Regardless, it’s troubling that Devon repeatedly refers to Dominic as “my son” and remains so fixated on being a parent to Dom. The show may be trying to sell this as some sappy wonderful thing, but Devon is overstepping in a big way – and that could get worse as time goes on.

We’ll offer updates as other Y&R news rolls in. The Young and the Restless spoilers say Devon’s father takeover may continue, so we’ll see if Abby might fight back after all. CDL’s where you want to be for gripping Young and the Restless spoilers, news and updates, so drop by frequently.