The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Friday, January 28 Recap – Victoria Stuns Adam with Official Sale – Phyllis Rejects Jack

The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Friday, January 28 Recap – Victoria Stuns Adam with Official Sale – Phyllis Rejects Jack

The Young and the Restless (Y&R) spoilers recap for Friday, January 28, reveals that Victoria Newman-Locke (Amelia Heinle) will stun Adam Newman (Mark Grossman) with the official sale of Newman Media while Phyllis Summers (Michelle Stafford) rejects Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman). Here’s how things will play out in Friday’s shocking Y&R episode.

At the ranch, Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) will acknowledge that one of his children will be unhappy no matter what.

Nikki Newman (Melody Thomas Scott) will know Victor intends to make the Newman Media decision alone – and soon enough, Victor will declare that he’s decided.

In Victoria’s office, she’ll be taken aback when Ashland Locke (Richard Burgi) mentions a meeting about the digital sports media division.

Victoria will point out that Ashland hasn’t even brought that division up to her before, but she’ll act like she’s simply surprised and not angry.

Since that’ll fall under Adam’s purview if he comes on board, Victoria will think it’d be better if anything directed at Adam comes through her.

Ashland will seem upset at the prospect of having less power once Adam’s in the picture, but Victoria will distract him with flirting and lovemaking.

At The Grand Phoenix, Phyllis will get off the phone with Summer Newman-Abbott (Hunter King), who’ll be excited over her mom joining her in Milan.

Phyllis will confirm to Michael Baldwin (Christian LeBlanc) that it’s just an exploratory trip, but she won’t see what Genoa City has to offer her anymore.

Suddenly, Jack will arrive and find out there’s some big news Phyllis needs to share.

They’ll take this discussion up to Phyllis’ suite, where she’ll bring up the texts and messages she left Jack.

Things will be a little awkward as Jack admits he got them and was tempted to reach out in response.

As they get to the heart of their issues, Phyllis will get choked up. She’ll insist she’s let Jack down so many times and doesn’t want to do it again.

Jack will assure Phyllis that he really did have business all over, so it wasn’t about avoiding her.

Jack will be shocked when Phyllis mentions the job offer in Milan, but he’ll understand if she feels like it’s the right call.

Jack will note that Phyllis obviously has decided to walk away from anything between them, so Phyllis will admit their dynamic scares her.

Phyllis will feel like they keep missing the mark, but Jack will have one request before Phyllis takes this trip to test the Milan waters.

Jack will want to take Phyllis out to dinner to make sure there’s no residual tension, but she’ll opt to wait until she gets back from Milan.

Although Jack will be disappointed, he’ll look forward to their delayed dinner and will feel certain Phyllis will shine if she accepts this marketing position.

Afterward, Phyllis will admit to Michael she’s more confused about her feelings than ever.

Phyllis will add that she was hoping Jack would stop her from taking her Milan trip.

At Society, Mariah Copeland (Camryn Grimes) and Tessa Porter (Cait Fairbanks) will be rather overwhelmed by all their adoption options, but they’ll feel certain they’re going to find the right little person to love.

Mariah will gush over the family they’ll bring their child into, but Tessa will seem uncomfortable at the mention of “Uncle Noah.”

Meanwhile, Noah Newman (Rory Gibson) will be distracted during his conversation with Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow) on the Crimson Lights patio.

Noah will cover by acting like the coffee just hasn’t kicked in yet.

Noah will mention having a moment that was a little too human last night and will note that it wasn’t pretty.

Later, Noah will spot Tessa by the counter and call her over.

Noah will apologize for making Tessa uncomfortable last night and will hope they can just forget it ever happened.

Tessa will be OK with that, but she’ll still seem concerned when Noah cuts her off and leaves abruptly.

As for Nick, he’ll spot Adam at the coffeehouse and note that his brother “looks like hell.”

Adam will blame it on work stuff and act like it’s too late to jump off the Victor merry-go-round, but Nick won’t think that’s true.

Nick will advise Adam to stay on or get off – just as long as he acknowledges he has a choice.

Once Victoria gets a message from Victor about the potential deal, she’ll tell Ashland it’s best if she goes alone.

At the ranch, Victoria will agree to Victor’s terms, which will include Adam running Newman Media and ChancComm once they’ve merged under the Newman-Locke umbrella.

After Victoria hugs Victor and shakes on the deal they’ve just made, she’ll offer updates to Ashland back in her office.

Ashland won’t like the fact that Victoria finalized everything without his approval and will act like there should’ve been more stipulations in place regarding Adam.

Ashland will play it like he’s trying to protect Victoria, but she’ll think they can handle Adam if there are problems.

Nikki will interrupt and wonder if she should tell Victor they need more time, but Victoria will want to stick to the deal she just made.

After Billy taunts Adam at Crimson Lights, he’ll return to Lily Winters (Christel Khalil) at Chancellor Industries.

Billy will think Adam’s going to lose his mind if Victoria’s sale pans out.

In his office, Adam will ignore a phone call from Victor before Victoria comes barging in.

Victoria will insist she wanted to see what she was getting for her money.

“Oh, don’t tell me that I’m the first to break the news?”

Victoria will exclaim gleefully to Adam. “Dad accepted Newman-Locke’s offer to buy Newman Media. It’s a done deal.”

The Young and the Restless spoilers say Adam and Victoria’s war is just getting started, so stay tuned!

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