The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Wednesday, September 28 Recap – Tucker Traps Diane – Adam Demands Nick’s Sally Confession

The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Wednesday, September 28 Recap – Tucker Traps Diane – Adam Demands Nick’s Sally Confession

The Young and the Restless (Y&R) spoilers recap for Wednesday, September 28, teases that Tucker McCall (Trevor St. John) will trap Diane Jenkins (Susan Walters) into meeting while Adam Newman (Mark Grossman) demands Nick Newman’s (Joshua Morrow) Sally Spectra (Courtney Hope) confession.

At Society on Wednesday’s Y&R episode, Sally will meet up with Nick for their “work” dinner and mostly stick to career-related questions – though the vibe will be fun and flirty.

After Sally talks about being impulsive, Nick will admit he tends to overthink things.

Sally will suggest that’s why they make a good team and inspire each other.

At Crimson Lights, Adam will spot Chelsea Lawson (Melissa Claire Egan) and urge her to reconsider the idea of a weekend family trip with Connor Newman (Judah Mackey).

Chelsea will have an attitude, but Adam will convince her to come discuss more Connor stuff over dinner.

Back with Nick and Sally, they’ll agree to share some bread pudding for dessert just before Chelsea and Adam appear.

There’ll be some awkwardness as Adam greets Sally and Nick before showing Chelsea to a nearby table.

Nick will offer Sally the chance to get out of there, but she’ll choose to stick around despite being a bit uncomfortable.

Sally will try to tell herself that she’s moved on, but she’ll acknowledge that things are confusing and complicated.

When Sally suggests getting back to shop talk, Nick will smile and let her know they can do whatever she wants.

Over with Adam, he’ll tell Chelsea that Sally isn’t wasting any time cozying up to the boss.

Chelsea will pass up a chance to take a dig at Sally, so Adam will know something is really bothering her.

After Chelsea updates Adam on the Johnny Abbott (Paxton Mishkind) situation, he’ll be upset that he’s just now hearing about it since it affects Connor.

Chelsea will assure Adam that she didn’t say anything to their son and wouldn’t do that without a discussion first.

After Chelsea admits Johnny doesn’t want her in his life, Adam will be sympathetic and suggest a fresh start away from GC.

Although Adam will think they can work out a Connor arrangement, Chelsea will feel like she owes it to Johnny to stick around.

Adam will worry about Chelsea getting her hopes up, but she’ll think she’s going to have a relationship with Johnny at some point.

Chelsea will argue that something has to go right for her eventually.

Once Chelsea leaves, Adam will watch Nick and Sally through the window as they wrap up their evening together.

Later, Adam will confront Nick at Newman Enterprises, so Nick will ask what he’s doing there and claim he thought Adam was on a date with Chelsea.

However, Adam will be done with all the lies. “You and Sally are sleeping together, aren’t you? You couldn’t wait to make your move,” Adam will insist.

At Chancellor-Winters, Victoria will be on edge since Johnny won’t eat anything or even look at her.

Billy Abbott (Jason Thompson) will admit Johnny is shutting him out as well, so Victoria will complain about their son holing up in his room with videogames.

Victoria will mention Chelsea stopping by her office and how she had to practically threaten her to leave.

That news will bother Billy, who’ll understand why Victoria is feeling so outraged.

Victoria will worry that maybe Johnny wanted to keep the door shut on his biological mom shut forever.

They disrespected Johnny’s explicit wishes since he told Victoria and Billy that he didn’t want to know.

Billy will argue that it was better for Johnny to hear the truth from them and will remind Victoria that Johnny was upset about everyone knowing before him.

Regardless, they can’t unring that bell, so Billy will think maybe they need a little patience all around.

Victoria will rant about Chelsea’s lack of boundaries, especially after Billy tells her about the baby blanket gift she tried to offer.

As far as Victoria’s concerned, she’ll be done watching Chelsea invade their lives and will refuse to let her force a relationship with Johnny.

If Johnny wants to talk to Chelsea when he’s 18, then Victoria will think that’s fine.

In the meantime, Victoria will argue that they have to honor Johnny’s preferences – and that means nothing more to do with Chelsea.

Victoria will need Billy to stand by her and close the door on this now for Johnny’s sake.

A little later, Billy will show up at Chelsea’s hotel suite, so she’ll assume Johnny still doesn’t want to talk to her.

Billy will note that he agrees with Victoria about wanting Johnny to have some space right now.

At the Abbott house, Diane will bring over a new dump truck toy for Harrison Abbott (Kellen Enriquez) since his old one broke, but she’ll ultimately admit it was an excuse to talk to Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman).

After Diane checks a text from her impatient secret partner, she’ll tear up and wonder if Jack has abandoned the war against her, too.

Diane will need to hear Jack say that he believes she’s changed and forgives her.

Jack will be willing to say he forgets the past and will offer a new beginning for Diane.

When Diane asks if that’s really a total start-over, Jack will insist it is – unless there’s something in LA that could be her undoing.

Diane will grumble about the lack of trust, but she’ll eventually tear up again about not knowing how hard redemption would be or how long it would take.

Jack will urge Diane to take this clean slate, so she’ll admit she feels safe with him before planting a kiss.

In the aftermath, Jack will insist that when Diane asked for a reset, he was agreeing to a peaceful coexistence as parents, grandparents and at Jabot.

Diane will act embarrassed for misreading the situation and will hope they can use that clean slate to forget she took things a bit too far.

After Diane leaves in a hurry, she’ll end up back at her hotel suite. Tucker will be waiting inside, so Diane will seem rattled and ask how he got in there.

After Tucker suggests he’s starting to feel like Diane is avoiding him, he’ll think that’s hurtful after everything he’s done to help her.

Tucker will note that they had an arrangement and will add that it’d be a real shame to find out now that he couldn’t trust Diane.

The Young and the Restless spoilers say Diane and Tucker’s alliance will cause plenty of trouble, so stay tuned to Y&R!

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