This Is Us Recap 05/03/22: Season 6 Episode 15 “Miguel”

This Is Us Recap 05/03/22: Season 6 Episode 15 "Miguel"

Tonight on NBC their honest & provocative dramedy series This Is Us with an all-new Tuesday, May 3, 2022,  episode and we have you This Is Us recap below. In tonight’s This Is Us season 6 episode 15 called, “Miguel,” as per the NBC synopsis, “Miguel over the years..

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Tonight’s This Is Us episode begins with Miguel, he is a child and playing baseball with his friends. He arrives home and his parents are talking about leaving, there are no jobs where they live. Miguel’s father sits at the table with him and says they are going on a trip to Pennsylvania and when Miguel asks if they are coming back, his father says no.

Fast forward, Miguel wakes up to make coffee, he looks at gets Rebecca’s pills ready. We then see him with his doctor who says he needs to have a stress test and gives him a lecture about not being young anymore. Miguel goes into the bedroom and helps Rebecca get up for her day. They sit down to eat, then he does exercises with her when Leila, her nurse comes in. They go outside, Miguel tells her one day at a time and picks a peach off the tree for her. Kate, Kevin, and Randall call on and off to check on Rebecca, Miguel looks overwhelmed with taking care of her.

Back to young Miguel and his father, they have moved. His father is a gardener, Miguel asks if he can go in the house to go to the bathroom, his father says ok but doesn’t touch anything. Inside there is a man watching sports on TV, he tells Miguel to sit down and he gives him a baseball. The man tells Miguel to tell his father to take him to a game one day, sneak down and sit down near home plate. At home, Miguel listens to sports with his dad on the radio, they don’t own a TV.

Miguel is at a job interview, he gave the name Mike Rivers, he gets a job and then tells the man his real name is Miguel. The man says ok, great He then goes to his parent’s house, it is Christmas and he tells him about his good job and he just bought himself a new car. His father is not impressed and tells him to not forget where he came from. Miguel tells his father that he moved him there and told him to speak English, he doesn’t understand why it is so hard for him to see him make something of himself in the place where he brought them.

Miguel gets up and leaves, he heads to a bar where Jack is with his girlfriend, Rebecca. Jack goes to look at the new car and leaves Miguel with Rebecca. They chat for a bit then Miguel introduces him to a girl at the bar named Shirly, who he ends up being engaged to, and having a child with.

Miguel wakes up and he is worried when he can’t find Rebecca. He finds her outside in her pj’s, dancing in the now. Miguel falls and Rebecca laughs at him. He gets her inside and puts on a warm fire, he hurt himself falling, you can see it on his face. He thinks back to the day she told him Jack died, he tells her that he is moving to Houston. Then he thinks back to when his father died and he went home for the funeral. His mother tells him that he died proud of him, he wanted him to know that. He says that he is a little lost right now. He is looking online at Rebecca’s profile and writes to her, congratulations on her first grandchild.

It’s thanksgiving, Rebecca and Miguel are with the family, and Miguel is still a little sore from his fall. He goes to get some Tylenol and Rebecca starts to freak out when he is not in the room.

Back to when Rebecca and Miguel had their first date after chatting via messenger. She asks him how long he is in town, he says a few days. He tells her it is nice to see her. He says he spent the last eight years wondering if he made the right decision, and he had to leave. He never felt like he belonged, at home, anywhere. The first time he ever felt homesick is when he left her on that porch. She gets up, sits beside him, and kisses him, saying it is really nice to see him too. He kisses her. They end up in bed together, she tells him to retire and move back with her.

They talk about Jack and she says he would want the best for them. She says they have to tell the kids. It is thanksgiving and it is the day they are going to tell the kids. They are kissing, Kate and Kevin walk in and catch them, they now know. Beth says that she knew it, Randall says she Did. Kate says if she is happy. Kevin can’t believe it, he says Jack was his best friend, this is ridiculous. He says thanksgiving is canceled and walks out.

Miguel is looking in the mirror, he lifts up his shirt and he has a big bruise on his side from where he fell, Kevin sees him. The kids approach Miguel, he says he wasn’t seriously injured and he made a vow, that he is going to take care of her. Randall says that he needs round-the-clock help. He says he is not leaving her side, every morning at 6:45 she is the first thing she sees when she wakes up and it grounds her, as long as she needs him, he is not going anywhere. Randall says they want to do this or him, he honored his vows, and then some, they are grateful and love him. He says he has to be there for her. Randall begs him to let someone take care of the two of them. He says yes.

Kevin goes to see Miguel’s son, he says he doesn’t know about his relationship with Miguel, he never talked to him about it. But his father may not have a lot of time, the doctors are worried about heart failure, and he doesn’t want to leave things unfinished, he thought he should know.

It’s Christmas, the family is with Rebecca and Miguel, and so are his son and his children. Then we see the family dressed in black, Rebecca is in a wheelchair and Miguel is not there, she looks up at the tree that she looked at with Miguel. Kevin spreads some of his ashes by the tree, and his son spreads some in a field.