This Is Us Recap 05/10/22: Season 6 Episode 16 “Family Meeting”

This Is Us Recap 05/10/22: Season 6 Episode 16 "Family Meeting"

Tonight on NBC their honest & provocative dramedy series This Is Us with an all-new Tuesday, May 10, 2022,  episode and we have you This Is Us recap below. In tonight’s This Is Us season 6 episode 16 called, “Family Meeting,” as per the NBC synopsis, “The Big Three make a plan for Rebecca.

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In tonight’s This Is Us episode begins with Kate having a bad dream and waking up Rebecca when she is sleeping beside Jack, then Randall and Kevin come in the room and say they have had bad dreams as well, they want waffles. She gets up. Then we see her wakened up again by Randall, then so on. Present day, Rebecca is in her bed and calling for Miguel. Her nurse comes in and tells her he is not there. Kate, Randall and Kevin go in the room and try to make Rebecca comfortable. Kate tells her that she needs her rest, tomorrow they are going to have a fun beautiful day. Rebecca asks for Miguel again.

The next day, Randall, Kevin and Kate are in the kitchen having coffee. Sophie went into town with Beth and Phillip. Nicky and Elijah come in with the kids, they all have to go to the bathroom before they leave for the day. Kate tells her brothers that they all have to go back to their lives on Monday. Randall thinks they need to have a family meeting, a plan for mom. Miguel is gone and they can’t leave her there alone.

Kevin says that once Manny is done, he will be there every two weeks. Randall says it is not enough. Kate agrees that they should have a family meeting. Phillip walks in and looks at their faces, Beth says they are talking about what is next for Rebecca. Beth takes Sophie and Phillip away so they can talk and have their family meeting.

Rebecca pics up the kids, this is a time shortly after Jack died. Randall got hit by some guys who said something about Kate, he was defending her. Later Rebecca goes into Kate’s room and she says she has never seen her wear that much makeup before. She says two out three isn’t bad, she has two good kids, and her, they are wrong about her they way they see her.

Present day, the three are sitting at a table and eating lunch. Kate brings out a therapy cat, she tells them that whomever is holding can talk. Randall takes the kitty. He says he has been thinking a lot about this in the past few days, he thinks Rebecca should move in with her. Kevin doesn’t like it, Randall won’t be there and she will be alone with a nanny like she is now, no difference. Building the house is the one good thing that he says he did for her.

Kevin gets up from the table. Kevin is back, Randall says he can find time to spend with her and she would understand that they have to change the plan. Kevin doesn’t want to override her wishes. Rebecca comes into the room with her nurse, and she put makeup on all by herself. Kate goes to take her mom for a walk and leave the too together. Randall says that that is not their mother, theirs was magic. Randall tells him that it is a beautiful house, but he is not going to leave their mother in it all alone.

Phillip says maybe they should go back to the house, Beth says no, they need to leave it to the three of them.

Rebecca is trying to put baby Kate to sleep but she won’t go down, and she doesn’t want her to wake her brothers. She sits on the bed with her and falls asleep, baby Kate falls on the floor but she is ok. Rebecca calls the doctor, leaves a message about her fall.

Kate is back with her mother, she puts her to bed and offers to sit with her until she falls asleep. Kate picks up a book and starts to read to her.

Kate calls Toby to check on the kids, they are doing well. She tells him that her mom can’t remember that Miguel is gone and she can’t decide what is best to do. He tells her that her mom choose her for a reason.

Randall asks Beth if they can talk, she guesses that he wants to move her in, he doesn’t think Kate can handle this. She tells him not to underestimate Kate. She reminds them that they are not kids anymore, they are adults and both Kevin and Kate could handle it. Kevin tells Sophie that Randall wants to move mom to Philly and maybe he is right, maybe this is not right for her. He doesn’t know, but he has to get this one right. Kate calls the guys to resume their talk. She tells them that she will make the decision, but first, they need to look at her. She gets it because she was magnificent and this is brutal. Kate tells them both to follow her. She gets Randall to brush her hair and Kevin to put hand cream on her hands.

Everyone sits down for Chinese food together, Kate says she has an announcement to make about mom while the kids are not there. Moving to Philly is not an option, she cannot allow it. Keeping her there without family is not an option either. They are going to being her to LA whether it is in a facility or with her and Phillip. Kevin says looking at mom helped him and he now knows what the new plan should be.

Sophie and he were talking, they would like to move there and live with mom. Sophie says she never liked LA anywhere. Kate says he can’t allow him to move away from the children. Madison says they will move as well, the only thing keeping them in LA was Kevin. Nicky says he will be there too. Kate says ok. Kevin promises Randall that he is. Up to it. Randall shakes Kevin’s hand and thanks him. Kate says maybe this is the reason all along, why there are three of them.

We get a glimpse into the future and the arrangement works out well, Kate is able to stay in the home that she asked Kevin to build for her. Then we see Rebecca putting a young Kevin to bed, and him putting her to bed. He calls Randall and tells him to get there soon, it won’t be long now.