1000-lb Best Friends Recap 02/22/23: Season 2 Episode 8 “Hurry Up and Weight”

1000-lb Best Friends Recap 02/22/23: Season 2 Episode 8 "Hurry Up and Weight"

Tonight on TLC their fan-favorite series 1000-lb Best Friends airs with an all-new Wednesday, February 22, 2023, Season 2 Episode 8 and we have your 1000-lb Best Friends recap below. On tonight’s 1000-lb Best Friends season, 2 episode 8 is called “Hurry Up and Weight,” as per the TLC synopsis, “The girls take on a monumental challenge — completing a 5K race with Dr. Procter.

Meghan’s bachelorette party in Savannah, Georgia, provides some fun debauchery, but a potential confrontation threatens to ruin the entire celebration.”

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Tonight’s episode begins with Dr. Procter telling Tina that he cannot approve her for surgery today because she hasn’t seen the psychologist and the dietician. She says she was more focused on the weight. He says this is not just about the surgery, it is a team effort. Congratulations on the weight, but she has to do the rest. This is not what she wanted to hear. She wanted to have the surgery and do the rest after. Ashely is approved, and Dr. Procter says he will see them at the 5k. Tina tells Ashely that she is going to do whatever she has to do.

The girls meet up to take a long walk because all four of them are in to doing the 5k together. Ashely reveals that she was approved for weight loss, Vannessa and Meghan are so happy for her. Vannessa is so happy because this is a big victory for Ashely, she did this all on her own. Then, Tina reveals that she was not approved because she didn’t go to all her appointments. Ashely says if she made it through, so can Tina. They talk about the 5k and Vanessa and Meghan are now a little apprehensive. Tina says it is something she has always wanted to do. Tina wants to know how long it takes to walk a mile. Meghan is dreading the 5k, but her wedding is coming up and she wants to look good, she is doing the 5k. Vannessa likes doing the 5k but all the extra skin is hard because of the chafing.

Vannessa is at her appointment with Dr. Procter, he tells her that she looks fantastic. She tells him that her life has changed, she finally was able to put a seat belt on. She has so many breakthroughs. He tells her it is incredible, she has changed her whole life. He wants to do a weigh-in. He wanted her at 360, she is at 248.5, and gives her a high five. She lost over 200 pounds. Dr. Procter is so excited to see Vanessa do well, it was such a long road where she could even qualify for surgery, this is the best part of his day. She tells him that she is extremely self-conscious with all the loose skin. He says he doesn’t think she is quite ready yet. She has to loose all the weight she wants to lose. She doesn’t want to pay, have this done and then loose another 30 pounds. He thinks she probably has 40 pounds of loose skin. He tells her that she should be at 180 pounds before they do it and he will refer her to some doctor who can do it. Vannessa is excited.

Tina has a lot going on in her life, life is chaotic, she is trying to get through her appointments, but she wants to be there to help organize Meghan’s bachelorette party. Vannessa says she wants strippers and they can do a pub crawl. Ashely says it is going to be three drunk women and she is going to have to take care of them all. Tina says her marriage is really tense right now, she is just not into the therapy, she is finding it overwhelming. Tina reveals that her houses too cramped, they need Meghan to leave that extra room. Tina doesn’t think it is the right time to say something to Meghan because she is going to be heartbroken.

Its time of the 5k walk, the whole crew arrives. Dr. Procter says it is not about winning, it is about finishing. And, this is a great way for the ladies to challenge themselves. Vannessa’s son Jacob is there as well to do the walk. Meghan is not going to lie, she doesn’t want to do this, but Tina is her bestie and she is going to do her best not to disappoint her. At the one mile marker Vannessa is out, she just cannot take the pain of the rubbing with all her loose skin. Meghan is going to try and continue.

Meghan is about half way through and she is done, she says she is in so much pain. Dr. Procter comes to her rescue and encourages her to continue. Ashely and Tina see the finish line, the sprint and have big smiles when they pass it out and family and friends are there to congratulate them. Meanwhile, Meghan is on her third lap, Dr. Procter tells her that he is very proud of her. Meghan sees the finish line, she thought everyone would be home because it is dark, but they are there to congratulate her. Meghan is crying and everyone is so proud of her. Dr. Procter tells her that he knew she could do this and he is so proud of her.

On the drive to Savannah for her bachelorette party, Meghan shares with the girls that the theme of her wedding is renaissance and medieval. They arrive in the hotel room and the girls had it all decorated in advance. Meghan loves it, the room, the decor and games, she is ready to party. Ashley pops a bottle of champagne and the toast to the best bachelorette party ever.

Tina is so uptight, she has to tell Meghan that she has to move out and it is so hard to come up with the nerve. She knows she has to put her and her family first, but this is not easy and she knows Meghan is going to blow up, she is going to lose it.

The End