American Idol Finale Recap 05/21/23: Season 6 Episode 18 “Season Finale”

American Idol Finale Recap 05/21/23: Season 6 Episode 18 "Season Finale"

It’s another exciting night of American Idol on ABC tonight with an all-new Monday, May 21, 2023, season 6 episode 18 called “Season Finale” and we have your weekly American Idol recap below. On tonight’s American Idol season 6 episode 17 as per the ABC synopsis,“The live coast-to-coast, three-hour season finale features special performances from music legends and today’s top artists, with the Top 3 contestants taking the stage for the final time as America decides who will become the next American Idol.”

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Tonight’s episode begins with our top 3, Iam Tongi, Colin Stough and Megan Danielle. Pitbull and Lil Jon open the show with “Jumping.” Then “Give Me Everything,” by Pitbull feat. Ne-Yo, Afrojack & Nayer.

The judges, Katy Perry, Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan take their seats at the judges panel.

Keith Urban is the mentor for the finale, he sits down with Megan first. She tells him that she doubted herself for so longs he listed to the negativity. He encourages her to be herself and turn off all the negative things. Megan is singing, “God Whispered Your Name,” by Keith Urban.

Lionel says that she doesn’t have to be introduced to BBQ sauce. Her cry in her voice is everything, as far as he is concerned they have three number ones. Katy says she can see that she really likes the new version of her. Luke says she didn’t make one bad vocal decision and she didn’t miss a vote.

Iam is up next to sit down with Keith who loves the sweet spot in his vocal. His mom comes in to meet Keith, and he says he dad always plays his music. Iam is singing, “Making Memories Of Us,” by Keith Urban.

Katy says in between he and Megan she had to pick up a tissue and get ready, when he sings it weaves through people’s hearts and gets them so much. Luke says he has a natural gift from God to create the reaction and tell a story. It was his favourite performance so far. Lionel says he is an incredible story teller and they get to listen to the words, he tears up on a song that he already knows because he has a great delivery.

Colin is with Keith and can’t believe he is sitting with him, he grew up listening to him. Keith likes the changes he makes to the song, he says he is an artist. Colin is singing, “Stupid Boy,” by Keith Urban.

Luke says he is being him, and that has been a pleasure to see him navigate and grow into his style and artistic look. Lionel remembers when he first came in and said “who me?” and now he has an attitude, he is singing love songs and girls are screaming, he is very proud. Katy says it was so sweet, he was at 10% and now he is at 70% and in the real word, he is going to hit 100%.

We get a glimpse at Megan returning home, she feels like her life has completely changed. Through all of it she was thinking of her Paw Paw, she knows he would be so proud of her. She did not expect that many people cheering her on, getting a key to the city. She heads to the cemetery where her Paw Paw was buried and updates him on her life. Last stop is Douglas County High School, where Megan puts on a concert. Back to Idol, Megan is singing, “Faithfully,” by Journey.

Lionel says it is wonderful to end on American Idol with God’s plan. Katy says this feels like parents when kids graduate, she aced the class, it was phenomenal and she is where she is supposed to be. Luke says he cries during her performance and he knows people at home are being affected by her loss because she shares it. The end of the song was the best he has seen all season.

Yam goes back home and he is being called the pride of Hawaii. His town is small and full of love. He is given an honorary diploma, then it is a parade through town and a concert at Turtle Bay Resort to 14,000 people. Everyone takes a moment of silence in Iam’s father’s memory and for others who have passed on. Back to Idol, Yam is singing, “Cool Down,” by Kolohe Kai.

Katy says he is the culture and brings the culture to Idol. Luke says when he gets into that island music, wow. Lionel says that he has taken his natural God given gift and spread it around the world.

Colin goes back home and gets a tour bus for the day with his name on it. He looks out the window and can’t believe all the people who are outside to welcome him. He gets a ket to the city, then it is off to Hatley High School Football Field for a concert where he is joined by Rickey Medlocke, Lynyrd Skynyrd. Colin can’t believe her s there with him, he is speechless. Back to Idol, Colin is singing, “Either way” by Chris Stapleton.

Luke says he is so much better than he originally thought he was. Great performance. Lionel says it is not every day you go back home, you have your jet, your bus, your key to the city, congratulations. Katy says she loved what he just gave them, it is his sweet spot.

Lucy Love and the legendary TLC perform “No Scrubs,” by TLC.

Zachary Smith and Kevin Cronin perform “Take It On The Run,” by REO Speedwagon.

The time has come for the first result for the night, Iam, Colin and Megan return tot he stage. They gave it their all in the first two rounds and one is leaving the competition now. Over 13 million votes so far, the first person to take a spot, in no particular order, is Iam Tongi. The next person in the top 2 is Megan Danielle. Colin Stough is out, but his single is available now.

Jelly Roll performs “Save Me,” with Lainey Wilson.

Kylie Minogue performs Padam Padam, then Nutsa joins her for “Can’t Get You Out of My Head.”

Lionel Richie takes the stage to sing, “Sail On.”

Keith Urban takes he stage to perform “Wild Hearts.”

Iam Tongi and James Blunt hit the stage to perform “Monsters,” by Jams Blunt, this one is for Rodney. There isn’t a dry eye in the audience.

Calvin Harris & Ellie Goulding perform, “Miracle.” Then, Tyson Venegas joins Ellie on stage to perform, “Burn.”

Lauren Dangle performs, “These Are The Days.” Then, Megan jointer to perform, “Thank God I Do.”

Luke Bryan performs his new song, “But I Got A Beer In My Hand,” and then, he is going by Colin to perform, “Slow Hand,” by Conway Twitty.

Jasmine Sullivan performs “Bust Your Windows, then Wé Ani  joins her on stage to sing along with her.

Lainey Wilson performs “Heart Like A Truck,” and she is joined by Marybeth Byrd.

Haven Madison joined Katy Perry on stage to perform, “Still Need You,” then “By The Grace Of God.”

Clay Aiken and Ruben Studdard are on stage to perform “The Impossible Dream (The Quest) from Man of La Mancha.

Iam and Megan are back onstage and are surprised that they are going on a Disney cruise vacation with three people each.

Megan performs her new single, “Dream Girl.”

Iam Tongi performs his new single, “I’ll Be Seeing You.”

Voting is closed, it is time to crown the next American Idol.

The WINNER: Iam Tongi

The End