America’s Got Talent All-Star Finale: Who Are The AGT 2023 Favorites?

America’s Got Talent All-Star Finale: Who Are The AGT 2023 Favorites?

As the All-Star AGT finale of America’s Got Talent 2023 draws closer, fans are waiting to see who will be chosen as the All-Star and take home the grand prize. With talent ranging from singing to dancing, this competition has been an exciting one.

Aidan Bryan is a singer with an incredible range that has charmed everyone throughout the show, while Aidan McCann is a talented dancer with amazing choreography.

Ana-Maria Margean is an acrobat whose performances have left viewers absolutely stunned, and she’s also got what it takes to win.

Avery Dixon brings her unique style of dance and movement to each performance, making every routine memorable.

The Bello Sisters bring energy and enthusiasm to their music routines that can’t be beaten. And Detroit Youth Choir showcases powerful vocals that fill listeners with pure joy.

Kodi Lee’s powerful voice and remarkable piano skills have mesmerized viewers, while Light Balance Kids bring a unique performance with their LED costumes that light up the stage.

On the other hand, Michael E Winfield is a magician who always entertains with his visual effects.

Power Duo shows off incredible feats of strength and agility in each routine. While Tom Ball brings humor and wit to every performance, making him an audience favorite.

Will it be Kodi Lee with his amazing voice and piano skills? Or will it be Power Duo with their incredible feats of strength?

While choosing the winner amongst these incredible acts may be a challenge, one thing is for sure—America’s Got Talent All-Star Finale will be an unforgettable night of entertainment.

The competition is heating up, so make sure you don’t miss America’s Got Talent All-Star Finale.

It’ll be an unforgettable night of entertainment that you won’t want to miss! Who do you think will take home the grand prize? Make sure to tune in to NBC and find out who the winner is!