Blue Bloods Winter Premiere Recap 01/06/23: Season 13 Episode 9 “Nothing Sacred”

Blue Bloods Winter Premiere Recap 01/06/23: Season 13 Episode 9 "Nothing Sacred"

Tonight on CBS their hit drama starring Tom Selleck Blue Bloods airs an all-new Friday, January 6, 2023, episode and we have your Blue Bloods recap below. On tonight’s Blue Bloods Season 13 Episode 9 “Nothing Sacred”,” as per the CBS synopsis, “Reagan family tensions run high when Frank and his grandson, Joe Hill (Will Hochman), contend with a grievous insult to the memory of Joe’s father, Joe Reagan. Also, Erin and Henry work together to bust an over-the-phone scammer targeting the elderly.

Danny intervenes in an undercover assignment led by his spiraling former partner; and Eddie’s captain takes suspicious interest in her efforts to locate a stolen puppy.”

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Tonight’s Blue Bloods episode begins with Danny, their sole witness in the Bardo murder will not testify. Maria says ballistics doesn’t match either in the gun they recovered. Naomi Dixon drops by the precinct to see Danny, she is the wife of Danny’s first partner. Danny and Naomi go in a room to talk, she tells him that Johnny has been on an undercover case for the last few months and he is not himself. He drinks, snorts cocaine and yells at the kids. Danny suggests she speak to his handler. She begs him to talk to her husband, she knows he will listen to her.

Eddie and Luis are walking the beat when the stop by a little girl who is selling hot cocoa and cookies, she is saving money for a new puppy because a man stole her puppy. The little girl’s name is Elyse and her dog Pickles was trapped.

Henry is in a store and sees an old friend named Donna, he gets suspicious when she buys a handful of gift cards.

Frank is at the cemetery at Joseph Conor’s grave and the son is cracked and fallen over, he says it is just not right. Joe is there, he tries to life it, but it is too heavy. Joe says he is going to find who did this, Frank says no, he will delegate.

Maria and Danny go see Johnny who is shocked to see him. Maria reminds him that he was in a traffic accident last week and that Naomi spoke to him. Danny tells him to get his ass under control. Johnny says he is doing his job and Danny doesn’t understand. The conversation doesn’t go well.

Eddie and Luis go to speak to McNichols and wants someone to look at Elyse’s case.

Henry goes to see Donna and bring her flowers and apologizes for being suspicions when he met up with her early in the day. He talks to her about a scam with gift cards and it turns out that she was scammed out of six thousand dollars. He tells her they are pros.

Frank is in his office with his team, he finds out that Joe is snooping around, he didn’t listen to Frank.

Eddie and Luis find McNichols talking to Elyse and her father at her hot cocoa stand. Eddie is upset, McNichols acted like the case was frivolous and now she is there speaking to them.

Danny and Maria arrest Johnny for assault.

In an interrogation, Danny tells off Johnny, he tells him that he is putting the job against his family.

Harry goes to see Erin, he wants to speak to the person in charge of elder abuse because of what happened to Donna.

Jamie goes to see McNichols regarding Eddie’s case. She says she is running with it.

Frank calls Joe to his office, he asks him why he lied to him. Joe said he agreed to something he shouldn’t have. Frank tells him to hand over any suvelience tapes and leads that he has. Joe thinks that his grave was targeted.

Jamie tells Eddie that McNichols shut him down so they have to let this one go.

Danny and Maria go to see Naomi and tell her that it is time to contact Johnny’s handler. Naomi is worried that if they call his handler Johnny may not return home ever. Frank says he is going to do his best to get him back to Naomi and the kids, without calling his handler.

At Sunday dinner, Joe says he has a lead on who broke the headstone. Everyone except Frank is surprised, they didn’t know about it. Frank apologizes. Eddie says what is done is done. Joe excuses himself and leaves.

Erin arrives at the office and she tells Anthony to go to elder abuse and ask around about a local scam for gift cards.

Johnny calls Danny, Naomi is gone. He thinks somebody got wise on him and grabbed her. Johnny begs him to find Naomi.

Anthony calls Henry to come into the office to talk about Donna’s case.

Eddie goes to see McNichols and says sh his sorry about everything. It turns out that McNichols daughter came to her with the same complaint and she ignored her. This is why she wanted to take the case of the dog being nabbed.

Turns out, Naomi was grabbed by Youngblood, someone from Johny’s undercover case.

Frank is worried that this whole gravestone thing is going to drive Joe further away from him.

Henry goes undercover and is able to nab a guy who is a gift card scammer, but it is not the guy who scammed Donna.

Frank and Maria work with Johnny and find Naomi. Johnny is happy, he hugs his wife and says he is sorry.

Eddie and Luis find the people who stop the dogs by tracking down a similar red car. When they arrive and arrest the people, they find a shed full of stolen dogs.

Frank goes back to the graveyard, Joe meets up with him. Turns out the caretaker nephew took a hammer to the headstone, along with others, after his uncle fired him. They were not targeted after all.