Chicago Fire Recap 02/22/23: Season 11 Episode 14 “Run Like Hell”

Chicago Fire Recap 02/22/23: Season 11 Episode 14 "Run Like Hell"

Tonight on NBC Chicago Fire returns with an all-new Wednesday, February 22, 2023, season 11 episode 14 called, “Run Like Hell” and we have your Chicago Fire recap below. In tonight’s Chicago Fire season 11 episode 14 as per the NBC synopsis, “An annoying floater takes a romantic interest in Violet. Ritter catches a local politician in a compromising position. Mouch and Severide help Trudy with an arson investigation.”

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Tonight’s episode begins with Carver who was spiraling. He would get so drunk that he would be too hungover the next morning to wake up on time or go to work for his shift. He’s taken to claiming he’s had the flu. It was a lie. It wasn’t even a good lie because Kidd wasn’t fooled by it in the slightest. Kidd knew no good comes from someone calling in a sick day barely an hour before shift. She thought this whole thing with his brother has him running scared. Its why she’s been so forgiving towards him for snide comments he made last week and its why she tried to justify his actions with her by claiming it was the flu when everyone knew it was a hangover.

It was pretty well-known that Carver was a heavy drinker. Everyone on his crew knew he was because they’ve seen him drinking. He doesn’t leave until the bar closes. He also doesn’t away without issue. He’s gotten into bar fights before and Kidd has had to bail him out of jail. Kidd has tried talking to him about his drinking. He told her that it was none of concern. He doesn’t have a relationship or kids. He only has the job. He worked hard and then he played hard. It was fine as long as the playing didn’t interfere with the working.

Which Kidd was willing to accept until she realized that one was outweighing the other. Kidd wanted to help Carver and she couldn’t until he was willing to accept help. The most she could do was get a floater to cover for Carver. But the floater tonight was a bit of a jerk. He didn’t like to work. He likes staying the floater because that meant he was only called on three calls a weeks rather than what the usual firefighters have to deal with and so everyone was pretty much sick of him by the end of day one.

The guy even cheered when it was the other crew that called in on a fire. Ritter had been with his people when they doused a fire at a ballet studio and it had been his job to clear upstairs. Ritter announced himself. He checked every room. He eventually found a woman and man hiding in a closet together. It looked suspicious. They apparently hadn’t wanted anyone to see them together. Only Ritter felt he’s seen the man’s face before and he asked about it when he was told to forget him or he’ll regret it. And so Ritter thought that was strange.

The guy refused medical treatment. He went out the back before anyone other than Ritter could see him, but Ritter later found out who the guy was. His name is Don Ramsey. He was the city treasurer. Meaning he was a politician caught in an actual closet with a woman that wasn’t his wife. Ramsey had also threatened him. Ritter never told Herrmann Ramsey’s name. He just mentioned an unidentified man and so that’s what Herrmann put in his report. And somehow that report got back to Ramsay.

Ramsey tracked down Ritter. He demanded to know why Ritter mentioned him at all. He assumed Ritter was using that as leverage against him and he threatened Ritter again. He threatened to destroy Ritter’s career as well as his whole house if he ever named him. Ritter wasn’t supposed to discuss him with anyone, but the guy was a little too late for that because Ritter had already told Gallo everything. Including Ramsey’s name. Gallo was Ritter’s best friend and he’s kept Gallo in the loop throughout everything that’s happened.

Ritter even mentioned that Ramsey threatened him again. He also told Gallo that he was going to tell Herrmann everything. He felt Herrmann deserved to know about the threats just in case Ramsey goes through with trying to destroy all of their careers. Ritter went as far as Herrmann’s door when he changed his mind because he overheard Herrmann arranging his wife’s chemo’s appointments and he thought he has a lot to handle right now as it is. And he also didn’t want to destroy Herrmann’s current good mood.

Herrmann has been really hopeful lately. He’s been asking everyone about their lives. He was even giving advice to Violet because the floater kept trying to flirt with her and she kept telling him she wasn’t interested. Gallo offered to help her out. He said he was willing to pretend they were dating if that helps her. Herrmann was getting all the juicy gossip and he was entertaining his wife with it. It helps her get through chemo. And so Herrmann was with Cindy missing the biggest scoop. Violet kissed Gallo as a way of finally telling the floater she wasn’t interested.

Mouch was also asked by his wife to investigate a couple of petty arsons at an apartment building. Mouch ended up solving the case and he found out the woman was burning up flyers because she was sick of all the rules in the building. But Ritter also solved his dilemma. Ritter confronted Ramsey. He told him that he genuinely doesn’t care about his private life and that if he threatened his family at the firehouse again then Ritter was going to personally see to it that he destroys Ramsey’s career.

And Carver returned to work. He apologized to Kidd for his behavior and he stopped drinking. He realized he was going too far with it and so he decided it would be in his best interest to give it a rest for a while. And hopefully he continues with that.

The End