Chicago Fire Recap 03/01/23: Season 11 Episode 15 “Damage Control”

Chicago Fire Recap 03/01/23: Season 11 Episode 15 "Damage Control"

Tonight on NBC Chicago Fire returns with an all-new Wednesday, March 1, 2023, season 11 episode 15 called, “Damage Control” and we have your Chicago Fire recap below. In tonight’s Chicago Fire season 11 episode 15 as per the NBC synopsis, “Kidd, Seager and Carver investigate a fire at the city stables. Kylie clashes with some of the firefighters over changes due to budget cuts. Herrmann struggles to keep it together as Cindy’s condition worsens.”

Tonight’s Chicago Fire season 11 episode 9 looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it.   While you’re waiting for our recap, check out all our Chicago Fire recaps, news, spoilers & more, right here!

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Tonight’s episode begins with Severide who got into an amazing program. The program was being run through OFI. He has to temporarily leave the firehouse to undergo some training, but it will ultimately shape him into a better leader. It could also help his career. Chief Boden has always liked Severide and so he wasn’t going to get in the way of Severide doing this program. He just wasn’t going to like losing him for a while. Boden was considering his possibilities when the call came in about a fire at the City Stables. He sent crews to deal with the fire. They also had to rescue one of the grooms who didn’t want to leave the horses and so they rescued that guy as well as rescuing the horse.

Only something went wrong. The ceiling collapsed while Gallo was still inside. He became trapped under the rubble and he almost died. He had to be rescued by the others that were still in the building. They got Gallo free. Gallo walked out of the building and it was like nothing had happened. He didn’t even go to the hospital to officially get checked out. He has a nasty cut on his neck that he was just going to ignore until Violet begged him to go to the hospital. This whole thing reminded her of Hawkins’s death.

It made Violet very attentive to Gallo. They were friends and so he knew that this new attentiveness came about because Violet was worried. Although, it did get annoying after a while. Gallo also had other things on his mind. The groom that they saved had later died from smoke inhalation. They were told about it the next day when Seager came by. Seager was investigating whether the fire at the stables was arson. The city wanted to lay the blame on the groom that died. His name was Leroy Merill. He worked at that stable for forty years and he didn’t leave until he knew those horses were safe. And still they wanted to blame him.

Mouch thought that was incredibly unfair. Mouch was the one who dragged Leroy out of that fire. He saw how much the man cared for the horses and how he didn’t want to lose any of them. Mouch believed that Leroy deserved a better shake than what the city was trying to do to him. Mouch usually doesn’t let things become personal and yet he couldn’t stop this one from unsettling him. The others that were there felt the same. They even offered to help Seager with her arson investigation. Carver came in really handy when he identified the heater that started the fire as an immersion heater.

Carver saw his chance to help as a way to flirt with Seager. She didn’t seem to mind and so Kidd left them to it. Kidd was covering for Herrmann at the bar. She’s been doing that a lot lately because he’s had to stay home with Cindy. Cindy wasn’t getting any better. Chemo was the worst. She felt tired and nauseous all the time. She’s feeling weaker than before. She had lost all of her hair. Cindy was at a point where she felt like giving up and Hermann could see that. He tried to be supportive. He tried to help her through this and unfortunately he had to watch her be in so much pain.

Herrmann used every bit of free time to be there for his family. He didn’t even join in when the other firefighters tried to revolt against Kylie’s cost-cutting methods. Kylie had gotten a cheaper soap for them to wash with. She also got a cheaper toilet paper. But those things were to so cheap because they were horrible. The toilet paper felt like sandpaper. The soap was of poor quality. The firefighters just wanted things to return to the way they used to be and so they tried to stage a revolt against Kylie.

Kylie shot them down. She told them that unless they wanted to pay for coffee and other amenities that cost-cutting was the only way to keep them operational. The one thing that really drove them over the edge though was the cable. Kylie booted them down to basic cable. They didn’t have HGTV or National Geographic. They were especially upset by losing Turner Classic Movies. They told Kylie that she was treating them like animals. Like they didn’t deserve a standard of living. They were arguing with her when Herrmann finally broke down.

Hermann began crying to himself away from the crowd. He hadn’t wanted anyone to see him. Only Ritter saw him. Ritter came across Hermann and he didn’t turn away when his friend needed help. Ritter silently offered as much support as he could. He didn’t tell anyone about what happened. He also didn’t intervene when he saw the weird dynamic between Violet and Gallo following Gallo’s accident on the job. He let Gallo come to the realization that he had to talk to Violet on his own. And it may have taken awhile, but Gallo did have that conversation with Violet.

Some people found out how the firefighters were being treated and they donated a bunch of stuff to them so that they didn’t have to live within the budget. Herrmann meanwhile told his kids that its okay if they’re angry. He’s angry too that their mom was sick. His son Kenny came up with a Cancer Clown. It was those clowns that you can keep punching and it really helped the kids manage their anger.

And Seager was able to prove Leroy innocent. It was his nephew who was a newbie who accidentally started the fire and so it wasn’t arson.