Chicago Fire Recap 03/22/23: Season 11 Episode 16 “Acting Up”

Chicago Fire Recap 03/22/23: Season 11 Episode 16 "Acting Up"

Tonight on NBC Chicago Fire returns with an all-new Wednesday, March 22, 2023, season 11 episode 16 called, “Acting Up” and we have your Chicago Fire recap below. In tonight’s Chicago Fire season 11 episode 16 as per the NBC synopsis, “Cruz feels the burden of his increased responsibilities. Kidd, Gallo and Carver get caught in the middle of a gang war on a call. Herrmann wrangles Trudy for help lifting Cindy’s mood.”

Tonight’s Chicago Fire season 11 episode 9 looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it.   While you’re waiting for our recap, check out all our Chicago Fire recaps, news, spoilers & more, right here!

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In tonight’s Chicago Fire episode, Carver was back to doing construction work during his off hours. His brother had cleaned out his savings. He was currently strapped for cash and he needed all additional cash flows he could get. But seeing as he needed to go do construction after work, he had to risk a parking ticket by parking right in front of the firehouse.

wanted to keep his tools safe. He also hoped for a slow day so that he could keep an eye on his car and unfortunately hoping for a slow day will automatically give someone a busy day filled with issues.

The first call that they took was to an apartment building. The woman that called then had them come upstairs to her apartment and she locked the door behind them. She was apparently scared of violence in the building, but she had every reason to be because her son Tyler had been shot. Tyler had a gunshot wound to the head. It’s a miracle he survived.

He needed urgent treatment and it was a little bit hard to get him to an ambulance much less the hospital. His mother was named Ariel. And Ariel didn’t want to cause any fuss.

Ariel was scared. She told the firefighters that there was a war for turf going on. The bullet that shot her son had come in through one of the walls and that’s why it didn’t kill Tyler.

The wall had slowed it down. But the bullet was still lodged in Tyler’s head. He needed to go to the hospital and they had called an ambulance for him when this turf war kicked off again. Four men came to the building. They started to shoot at Ariel’s neighbor. The neighbor was also returning fire. Mouch had seen the men go in and he had warned his people in time for them to hide.

They also called for police backup. The police were slow to the scene and so Kidd did something. She threw opened fire extinguishers into the hallway.

It created enough smoke to force the shooters out of the building. They left just before the cops showed. The diversion also helped Kidd and her team get Tyler out of that apartment building. They got him into an ambulance. Violet even found the bullet had navigated. It was in Tyler’s nostril. Violet was able to get to it thanks some of the equipment she had in the ambo.

Tyler getting injured was very emotional for the whole squad. Carver said that no kid should ever have to go through that and his new girlfriend was able to take his mind off of it. But Kidd wasn’t as lucky. Her husband was out of town. He just upped and disappeared on them. The official story was that he just had to take a work opportunity. They also thought he’d be coming back. It was however really hard on his wife because she had no one to turn to after the day she had. She ended up going to Severide’s old office on instinct and she ran into Cruz.

Cruz had stepped up as the interim lieutenant now that Severide was on furlough. He had to deal with his own fill in on the team. The guy’s name was Bamford. He was a real jerk. He considered himself to be a prankster. Only he chose one person to prank. He constantly “pranked” Capp. He called him Fester. He pinned a fake snake to him. He just went out of his way to knock down Capp and it was Capp who hadn’t noticed it. Capp was such a nice guy that he thought the pranking was good-natured instead of mean-spirited.

Cruz also had to take a class in order to stay in charge of squad. Between his shifts, paperwork, and now school work there were times when he missed out on the important things. He missed Javie’s game at school. He had to get his wife to cover for him. But he was able to still be there for a friend. He helped Kidd talk through her issues. He helped her to feel better and she was later asked about him. Chief Boden didn’t think Cruz liked being in charge. He was the one that suggested that Cruz take over and now he could see Cruz coming apart on the job.

Kidd had tried to speak up for her friend. She said that Cruz had everything under control. But she had been wrong. She saw Cruz basically falling apart in his office because he couldn’t handle the new guy and he felt his team was falling apart. He considered giving up leadership. He told Kidd that he was no Severide. She told him that he was experiencing Imposter Syndrome. She knows because she experienced it too. She was a mess when she took over her team. She kept believing she had to be someone she wasn’t. And so she told Cruz that he didn’t have to be Severide.

All he has to do is be Cruz. Cruz eventually gave the new guy a talking to. He got him to calm down and he started to believe in himself that maybe he could do the job.

Carver meanwhile sold his car to a rich guy in return for a lot of money and then he gave that money to Ariel. He said it was to help her move to a better area.

And Trudy ended up taking Cindy out for a makeover. She got pampered. She got the chance to feel like herself again in spite all of the chemo and then they went to Molly’s for drinks. Cindy surprised her husband with a new look. And she told him that they could have a Chemo party once treatment was finally over.

Hermann had been wanting to plan a secret party and so this gave him hope.