Chicago Med Finale Recap 05/24/23: Season 8 Episode 22 “Does One Door Close and Another One Open?”

Chicago Med Finale Recap 05/24/23: Season 8 Episode 22 "Does One Door Close and Another One Open?"

Tonight on NBC their medical drama Chicago Med airs with an all-new Wednesday, May 24, 2023, episode, and we have your Chicago Med recap below. In tonight’s Chicago Med season, 8 episode 22 called, “Does One Door Close and Another One Open?”, as per the NBC synopsis, “Shocking information threatens Jack Dayton’s surgery and the future of OR 2.0. Archer goes rogue to save a patient in need. Maggie questions her future at Med.

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In tonight’s Chicago Med finale, the brand new OR 2.0 malfunctioned. It was an AI. It learns and it now also seeks out ways to please people. It tried to please Crockett. 2.0 showed a lesion that wasn’t there because it was trying to give Crockett what he loves. Which was a challenge. Crockett was the doctor with the most experience with 2.0.

He enjoyed working there. He just didn’t think that the machine would come to enjoy their time as well. Grace found out that 2.0 was fudging data to keep Crockett working for as long as possible. She realized that they didn’t put in any guardrails in the machine and so it was learning, but it was learning the wrong things.

Grace told Will about it. Together they told Crockett about the problem. He didn’t kill Richard Evans. 2.0 did! There was no one who could have foreseen this because 2.0 was still very new.

There was time to fix it and to do that they have to cancel upcoming surgeries in there while they fixed the problem. Only Jack Dayton didn’t want to wait around. Jack used Chicago Med as a gimmick to sell his devices and he wants to get rich from the exercise. He just wasn’t going to get rich if he dies because of 2.0.

Crockett warned him about the machine. He told Jack that his surgery has to be somewhere else. He didn’t think anyone should put their lives in the machine’s hands at the moment and Jack seemed to listen. Not at first because he thought Crockett was wanting to blame the machine for his own mistakes.

It was only after Crockett told him about this phantom lesion that 2.0 made up that Jack seemed to listen. He said he needed to think about his next steps. He also told Crockett he trusts him completely and so it had looked like he was going to work on 2.0 before letting it hit the stock exchange.

Crockett let the matter go seeing as he thought Jack had listened to him. It wasn’t until later that he realized that Jack had been playing him. Jack wanted to go ahead with the surgery in 2.0. He didn’t care about the risks.

He also wasn’t going to accept Crockett walking away. Crockett had become the face of 2.0. Jack was worried about what the donors would think if Crockett didn’t do the surgery. He was demanding the surgery because he had already promised investors that he would televise it. He still wants to sell this thing and get rich.

Jack was leaving Crockett no choice. The surgery was going ahead. It was going to happen in 2.0 and there was nothing anyone could do to stop it. Crockett later told Will about what happened. Will doesn’t trust Jack. He doesn’t believe Jack when he says he will work out the kinks after the IPO goes through. Will could see that the goal post was always going to move with Jack. The man cares only for himself. Will could see that and so does Grace. Grace didn’t support the surgery in 2.0. She didn’t think anyone should be risking their lives with the machine after it committed an error.

It needed to be worked on not with. Will tried to warn Sharon about it. He wanted to know what the hospital could do to prevent Jack from risking his life and unfortunately there was nothing she could do because Jack basically owns the hospital. He could do whatever he wanted with it. Will also had other patients. He didn’t like the direction the hospital was going in and unfortunately there was nothing he could do to stop it. Will instead had to focus on Janice Anderson. She came in claiming her husband tried to kill them both.

They were driving in the car. She was behind the wheel. Her husband Fred was in the passenger seat when suddenly he grabbed the wheel. He drove them into a tree. He could have killed both of them. Will called Daniel down to the ED. He later talked to the husband. Fred was claiming it wasn’t him that grabbed the wheel. He said it was his hand. His hand began to act on its own and it tried to kill them. That was Fred’s story. There were also witnesses when he said it. Will was in the room and so was a visiting doctor by name of Dr. Johnson. Johnson was from the same farmer community as the Andersons.

His hospital didn’t have the means of properly treating their injuries and so he rode with them when they went to Chicago Med. He stuck around after he heard Janice’s story. He said that doesn’t sound like Fred. He said Fred loves his wife. The wife even said they had a great relationship. It was just lately that things have been off with Fred. Fred as it turns out had a stroke. Hence the phantom arm effect. He didn’t try to kill them. The stroke was shown in his MRI. Fred thought on some subconscious level that maybe he did it because he suspected his wife was cheating on him.

Only she wasn’t cheating on him. She was waiting to hear back from her doctor because had to undergo a biopsy to determine if a lump was cancerous and thankfully it wasn’t. Daniel realized this couple just needed to open up communication. Janice shouldn’t hide her biopsy. Fred shouldn’t hide if he doesn’t feel like himself. It reminded Daniel of his own relationship with Lilianna that he later tried to work on. Will meanwhile figured out the best way to deal with 2.0. Will and Grace came up with a plan. They had 2.0 malfunctioning on the live feed to convince people that it wasn’t ready to hit mass market.

Jack was okay. His surgery was a success because Crockett didn’t listen to the machine only Sharon knew this was sabotage. She tried asking Will about it. He said it was all him and he handed over his letter of resignation. Will was taking the blame even though it was Grace who hacked it. Grace thought they should both get in trouble. She tried to talk Will out of resigning. He told her it was too late because he already quit. He didn’t know that he might have taken Chicago Med down with him.
Jack later told Sharon that he made a mistake. He leveraged everything on 2.0 being a success. This included the hospital and so the hospital might run out of money now that he’s lost everything.

Archer meanwhile found his son. Sean fell off the wagon only he’s feeling better now. He still wants to donate his kidney and he couldn’t because he has to be clean for six months before he could donate. He also missed out on the girl because Hannah doesn’t see him that way. Archer was performing an illegal surgery in the hospital afterwards when his own condition was worsening. He desperately needs a kidney. And now he doesn’t know where he’ll get it.

And everyone had a heartfelt goodbye to Will when he resigned from the hospital, but it was going to be okay for him because he went and moved in with Natalie and her son. The two were starting over somewhere new.