FBI: Most Wanted Finale Recap 05/23/23: Season 4 Episode 22 “Heaven Falling”

FBI: Most Wanted Finale Recap 05/23/23: Season 4 Episode 22 "Heaven Falling"

Tonight on CBS FBI Most Wanted airs with an all-new Tuesday, May 23, 2023 season 4 episode 22, “Heaven Falling”,” and we have your FBI Most Wanted recap below. In tonight’s FBI Most Wanted season 4 episode 22 as per the CBS synopsis, “The team helps Remy try to catch his brother’s real killer 25 years after Mikey was murdered, on the fourth season finale.

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In tonight’s FBI: Most Wanted finale episode, Remy was finally getting ahead with the investigation into his brother’s murder. He found the eyewitness that the prosecutor tried to hide. Her name is Cassie Fortner and she was homeless back then, but she has a great memory. She remembers seeing two white kids arguing that day.

She said one of them was wearing a Mets jersey with the number six on it. She saw the kids were trading blows and then the one wearing the jersey went down. She didn’t see him moving after that. The kid that she saw was Remy’s brother Mikey.

Mikey wasn’t killed by Davis. He was killed by one of his buddies. Mikey went down to Fort Lauderdale on Spring Break with a group of friends and one of those friends killed him. The cops got it wrong. The prosecutors got it wrong. They all blamed a black man for a crime because they were too lazy to investigate a couple of privileged kids from New York.

Remy sees that now. He went looking through his mother’s things to find the photos that Mikey’s friends had given them after Mikey’s death. And he was looking into them when worked tried to intrude.

Some guy was trying to rob his bank because the place was having a bank run. The bank was failing and people wanted to get their money out, but this guy brought a gun with him. He shot the security guard. He tried to take the whole bank hostage until he got the money he wanted and so the FBI were called in.

Remy’s team were able to quickly arrest their bank robber. They saved the day without firing a single shot. No one was harmed. Their perp was arrested before Remy couldn’t even come down to the scene. And so he got the chance to stick with his own investigation.

Remy told his team about what he was doing. They offered to help him. He told them it wouldn’t be an official investigation and they didn’t care about that. They wanted to help him find his brother’s killer. Remy later had the team split up to question Mikey’s friends. He went down to Florida with three friends.

One of the friends died in his freshman year of college. Which left only Tony and Benji. Remy interviewed Benji himself. He knew Benji or at least he thought he did and so he questioned him about what happened that night.

Benji said he didn’t know about any fight. He said that they had been drinking and that three of them returned to the room and Mikey wasn’t there. They assumed that Mikey had still been partying.

They were hungover the next morning to find out that Mikey hadn’t return to the hotel room. Benji said he knew that Davis did it. He said that Davis lied when he said Mikey was hassling him for drugs. Mikey wouldn’t have taken drugs. He was too into sports to put that in his body. Benji said that alone proved that Davis killed his friend.

One of the guys had told the police that Mikey got into a fight with Davis. Mikey said that wasn’t him. He said it was Tony only Tony said it wasn’t him either and that it was actually Benji who saw this fight on the beach.

Tony also added that he checked the other room for Mikey the morning after. Benji didn’t mention this other room. This other room was the room of a girl. Her name is Jenna. Jenna went down there with the guys during spring break. It was her that Mikey and Benji fought over.

Remy interviewed the cop that took Cassie’s statement. The cop said that the boys were fighting over a girl and that’s when they traded blows. Cassie had left that part out when she talked to Remy because she hadn’t remembered it.

Only her original statement was written up. It was the prosecutors that selectively chose fragments from her statement to put in a file and then never used that file during court. The prosecutor in the case had wanted to make a name for himself. He wanted to show that it was safe for tourists down there.

Remy went to go ask Benji again about this new information he learned. Only Benji went on the run. He ditched his cell phone and he was using his car. The only witness against him was also later found murdered. Cassie was murdered by the gun registered under Benji’s name. Benji is a killer and he was going to escape retribution by trying to get a train ride to Canada. His mother was helping him. His mother provided him money, she took the gun, and Canada was going to be a gateway to Israel where he has family was.

Benji was her only son. She’s been protecting him all his life. She was the one that was pushing for Davis’s trial. She was the one that has been covering up what really happened. She probably paid off the prosecutors for all they know. They found Canadian money on her. They realized her plan for her son.

They then caught the next train going to Canada. And they found Benji on that train. Benji has been waiting to tell the truth for years and so Remy finally gave him the chance. Benji admitted what he did. He said he called his parents because he was so scared and they took care of it.

They threatened Jenna into silence. Jenna stayed silent because she was pregnant. She was pregnant by Mikey. Mikey hadn’t wanted her to come to Florida. He was being mean to her and Benji was telling him to calm down. They were both drunk and one thing led to another and they got into a fight because Mikey thought Benji was trying to steal his girlfriend from him. Years later Benji was arrested for Mikey’s murder. He was also arrested for Cassie’s murder. Only it doesn’t matter to Larry Davis because he sadly died in prison.

And so Remy was talking to the people doing a documentary on all of this when he met Jenna. Jenna told him about her son and Remy later got to meet him.