General Hospital Spoilers: Jane Elliot’s Return Sparks Anthony Geary Rumors – Is Luke Spencer Headed Back to Port Charles?

General Hospital Spoilers: Jane Elliot’s Return Sparks Anthony Geary Rumors - Is Luke Spencer Headed Back to Port Charles?

General Hospital Spoilers reveal GH’s 60th anniversary may bring some major surprises this April as Jane Elliot has confirmed she will return to reprise the role of Tracy Quartermaine. But that’s not all.

Rumor has it there are a few other big surprises in store this Spring that may rival the Nurses’ Ball, and one of them just might be the return of Luke Spencer (Anthony Geary).

Will he come through as an apparition after his death played out last year across the pond?

It’s not likely, because GH fans have known better all along than to accept that Luke of all characters would be bumped off like an afterthought or loose end the writers forgot to tie up.

Is Tracy headed back to Port Charles with company, or will he only surprise her after she gets there?

General Hospital Spoilers – Luke is Lurking

We won’t be surprised if a mysterious figure is seen lurking around Port Chuck soon and keeping tabs on people.

When Mayor Laura Collins (Genie Francis) becomes a person of interest to them, some fans might suspect Victor Cassadine (Charles Shaugnessy) is on her tail and ready to take her down, but we shouldn’t be so quick to jump to conclusions.

Could the person who appears to be stalking Laura actually be looking out for her?

GH Spoilers Hint Victor Can’t Know Luke’s Alive

Victor did kill Luke, allegedly. However, the truth may come out that he thought he did him in, and Luke let him think that.

There is no better way to target a criminal mastermind like Victor than to let him think his enemy is long gone.

He’s spent a year assuming Luke was eliminated and no longer a concern he needed to look over his shoulder for.

This is a dangerous position to be in because Victor has no idea he’s been the one being hunted all of this time.

Luke could have been watching his every move and learning what all of Vic’s best tricks are to duping everyone in town. Luke might even know who The Hook is!

However, he’s got to keep his identity under wraps until it’s time to take Victor down.

If Vic finds out too soon, his whole plan could be botched and pretending he was dead all of this time would have all been for nothing — a price he doesn’t want his loved ones to pay.

General Hospital Spoilers – Luke Spencer Comeback Will Be Epic!

Since Luke has been in hiding, he has had time to watch Victor from a distance. We already know Tracy is coming back but does she know Luke is alive and well?

Is Tracy bringing Luke with her, or letting him reveal himself in due time? Did she know his death was a ruse from the start?

We have so many questions. Stay tuned for more GH news and spoilers so you don’t miss any of the answers.