Grey’s Anatomy Finale Recap 05/18/23: Season 19 Episode 19 & 20 “Wedding Bell Blues/Happily Ever After?”

Grey’s Anatomy Finale Recap 05/18/23: Season 19 Episode 19 & 20 "Wedding Bell Blues/Happily Ever After?"

Tonight on ABC their hit drama Grey’s Anatomy returns with an all-new Thursday, May 18, 2023, season 19 episode 19 & 20 and we have your Grey’s Anatomy recap below. In tonight’s Grey’s Anatomy season 19 episode 19 & 20 called “Wedding Bell Blues/Happily Ever After?,” as per the ABC synopsis, “Simone’s wedding day arrives as Jo and Link’s relationship hits a major turning point. Meanwhile, the attending surgeons fly to Boston, forcing a reunion between Nick and Meredith. Bailey gets a big surprise.

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In tonight’s Grey’s Anatomy episode, it was the day of the wedding. Simone and Trey were so happy to be together that they broke a cardinal rule. They saw each other before the wedding.

It was the biggest jinx around. Yet, they risked it because neither of them could wait a few hours for the ceremony. They saw each other. They kissed. They said they couldn’t wait to get married and then Simone goes to the hospital. She didn’t need treatment or anything. She went in on her day off because she wanted to ask Lucas to be there for her patient.

Simone’s patient Tobey Barrett was coming in for her breast cancer. Simone had promised her that she would be there with her every step of the way and then the wedding turned out to be the same day as Tobey’s appointment. Only Simone didn’t tell Tobey about it because Tobey was skittish.

She initially didn’t want to believe she had cancer. She was a young woman with a career. Simone had been the one to calm her down. The one to get her to accept her diagnosis. And Simone didn’t tell her about the wedding because she didn’t want Tobey to try rescheduling her appointment.

Tobey needed treatment fast. She doesn’t need an excuse to try and reschedule and so Simone asked Lucas to be there for her patient. She knew she was asking a lot of him. Lucas confessed to being in love with her. He asked her not to marry Trey and she let him down as easily as she could. She doesn’t blame him for not wanting to be at the wedding.

She knew he was going to work. She asked him to look after her patient seeing as he was already going to be there and he agreed to do it because hey he still loves her.

Lucas later had to fend off a few questions from Tobey. The last thing she heard was that Lucas was going to be Simone’s Man of Honor. She knew it was strange that he would go from that to missing the wedding. Tobey correctly guessed he has feelings for Simone. She asked him about it and he owned up to it.

He has it bad. He wanted to get over his feelings because it was doing no one any good to chase after a woman that was marrying someone else. Only was she going to marry someone else? The jinx took effect and a lot went wrong on the special day.

Simone faced several wedding day disasters. Her florists had been booked for the wrong day. Trey was in charge of the flowers and he made a mistake. He told the florists to come a month after the wedding.

He hadn’t wanted to tell Simone so he asked Mika for help. Mika mercifully experienced in floral arrangements. It was one of her many jobs during college. She was able to steal some roses from Simone’s family garden. It was a great thing they were having the way at the house. Simone had wanted to honor her parents that way.

Simone wanted tulips for her wedding because it was her mother’s favorite flower. She wanted to get married at the house where her parents got married. She wanted to wear her mother’s wedding dress. The dress split at zipper when she was putting it on. The reminder of her mother’s wedding made her grandmother believe it was her daughter’s wedding day again. She has Alzheimer’s. She talked to Simone as if she was talking to her daughter. She told her daughter that she doesn’t have to marry the guy if she’s in love with someone else.

Simone never that her mother planned to marry someone else. Her mom left the other guy for her dad. She listened to her own mother’s advice and it was her mother that was trying to warn Simone she was making a mistake. Her mom loved hummingbirds. One of those birds flew into the window. It died right in front of Simone. Her mother made sure there would be no tulips for the wedding. She tried to ruin the wedding dress twice. The first time was the zipper. The second time was when she cut her finger on the thorns of her makeshift wedding bouquet. And bled on her dress

There were all these signs that were saying this was a bad idea. Simone asked her father about her mom’s engagement to someone else. She asked him as they were walking down the aisle. He told her that they met two months before she was supposed to marry someone else. She then gave up this other guy because her love for Simone’s father was just too strong. Simone’s mother was doing her best to tell her that Trey wasn’t the guy for her. And it was up to Simone to figure out if she was going to listen to the message.

Back at the hospital, Kwan had tried leaving to go the wedding when a woman came in with her son. The son showed signs of opiate poisoning. Child Services had to be called and Kwan was the only one that believed the mother wasn’t negligible. The mother and son were in Seattle on vacation. She left him alone to take a shower. He found drugs that someone else had left behind and he took them. The cops found them. They determined the mother wasn’t negligible now that Kwan was telling them what really happened. And so Kwan saved the day there.

Kwan tried to pull off another miracle when he saw Max flatline. He worked on Max in spite of her DNR. She explicitly told her doctors that her greatest wish was to never live on a machine. Only Kwan ignored her orders. Kwan still blames himself for her condition getting so bad that she required surgery in the first place. He now wants to make it up to her as best he could. Even if he could possibly lose his license because of this. Jules returning from the wedding had happened faster than Kwan thought it would.

Jules got upset when she went to go check on her roommate. She said that wasn’t Max’s wishes. She demanded to know who intubated Max and Kwan admitted it was him. So, she turned her wrath on him. Jules was only back early from the wedding because it had gotten called off. Simone ended things with Trey and then she went running into Lucas’s arms. She was in love with him, too. She finally accepted the signs. She wanted to start over with him and she believes her future lies with him.

They slept together. She ignored her cell phone because it was blowing up with calls from her family. She instead chose to focus on work. She and Lucas got dressed. They returned to work and Simone later learned that Trey came into the hospital as a patient. He was injured. He ne has some scratches and he could have hurt his shoulder. Trey’s first concern was his hand. He wanted to be able to perform surgery again. He was second year surgical intern in Baltimore. He also wasn’t mad at Simone when she came to check on him. He wanted to try and convince her to still marry him only her showing up with Lucas helped Trey see what really happened on his wedding day.

Trey used his good hand to punch Lucas. Owen got between them. He had Trey go back to his gurney and Lucas realized he shouldn’t have come down. It’s now going to be all over the hospital that he broke up the wedding. It’s what Trey’s family believes as well. They also blame Simone. Simone had to call his family when he went into surgery. They took that time to blame her. They said Trey was heading to the hospital to try and convince her to go through with marrying him. And that his resulting accident was her fault.

Simone felt so bad for what she did that she joined them in beating up on herself. She also shouted at Lucas because she felt so bad. Lucas wasn’t assigned to Trey and so Mika took over for him there while he replaced her with Sam Sutton. He was barely in the man’s room when the guy started to code. He was bleeding out. Mika hadn’t spotted it earlier because Jo asked her to step out. Jo and Sam have been flirting a lot lately. It was making Link sick with jealousy to the point he was now being a jerk to Jo. It resulted in Jo asking him to move out.

Over in Boston, there was a bit of a snag on the ride there. They road on Catherine’s private plane. They faced through turbulence and almost died. Richard almost drank and Bailey had to knock it out of his hand. Nick was also on the flight. It scared him so bad that he went running to Meredith’s house and he found another man there. The guy’s name is Michael. He was tall, handsome. Nick assumed he was Meredith’s boyfriend. It turns out Michael was Zola’s tutor. He was there helping with Zola. And so Meredith telling Nick that had reopened that particular door.

Meredith was at the office because she thought previous research into Alzheimer’s had been wrong. She was shooting down Derek’s work in that field and she was doing so anyways because she desperately wanted to find a cure. She might have lost funding by being too honest at the Catherine Fox Awards. Only she got to watch Bailey accept the award that year. Bailey’s women’s clinic was doing great work of help supplement residencies all across the country. She deserves that award and she got it the day after they celebrated her husband when he got an award. And so they were an award-winning family of heroes.

Amelia and Winston made up. Winston also asked Maggie if they could try again. He still loves her and she loves him. What about long-distance?

Link finally worked up the courage to tell Jo he’s in love with her and she said it back. They were in love. They were happy and unfortunately the hospital got hit with the tragedy. Teddy was performing surgery on Sam when she passed out. And they lost her pulse.