Grey’s Anatomy Recap 04/06/23: Season 19 Episode 13 “Cowgirls Don’t Cry”

Grey’s Anatomy Recap 04/06/23: Season 19 Episode 13 "Cowgirls Don't Cry"

Tonight on ABC their hit drama Grey’s Anatomy returns with an all-new Thursday, April 6, 2023, season 19 episode 13 and we have your Grey’s Anatomy recap below. In tonight’s Grey’s Anatomy season 19 episode 13 called “Cowgirls Don’t Cry,” as per the ABC synopsis, “A bull rider shows up at Grey Sloan with severe injuries, forcing Maggie, Amelia, Owen and Blue to examine their own biases.

Elsewhere, Simone can’t find anyone to be her maid of honor, and Mika takes drastic measures to pay down her student debt.”

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In tonight’s Grey’s Anatomy episode, Ben was still worried about Bailey. He thought that her job became a lot more dangerous thanks to the current political climate. She was running a women’s clinic and she also recently dealt with violent picketers.

He had a right to be concerned, but Bailey reminded him that she got used to his job as a firefighter and that was just as dangerous as her job running the clinic. Bailey still let Ben drive her to work everyday because she could see how important it was to him to feel like he was doing something. It just wasn’t going to change her job or her decision to run the clinic.

The clinic was remaining open. They would treat women with their medical needs. Some of which extends beyond abortion care. There were cancer screenings. There was sex education classes and the clinic was doing some good work. Bailey wasn’t going to run from that anytime soon.

She went back to work at the clinic and this time she didn’t have the residents hanging around. They stopped being interested in the clinic after Addison left. She was a minor celebrity. They wanted her to notice them. And without her there, they were back to chasing surgeries.

All the interns wanted surgeries. They were also deadly serious about doing great at work. It was just Lucas who kept messing up. He refused to wake up on time. His roommates even gave him an earlier time than the actual time they were leaving the house, but he managed to sleep through that as well.

Lucas was horrible with time management. He also never took ownership of the things he did. He was the one that didn’t set his alarm. He was the one that overslept. He was the one that kept missing the ride to the hospital with his roommates.

Lucas never saw that part. He chose to blame his roommates instead for not literally babysitting an adult. Lucas was still playing the blame game when a patient came in that showed him that maybe he should take ownership of the things he did.

There was a guy that came in because he was in pain. His name was Seth. He said he felt a sharp pain running up his side. He tried Gray Sloane after trying several other hospitals. The other hospitals remembered his former drug problem with Adderall and they dismissed him as a druggie seeking pain meds.

The other hospitals never took the time to fully investigate Seth’s pain. They ran basic tests and nothing showed. They didn’t dig deeper. Only Lucas saw things differently. His gut instinct was telling him that Seth wasn’t seeking pain meds. He ignored his gut with another patient and she died.

He didn’t want that to happen with Seth. Lucas was going to ignore Richard’s orders to discharge Seth. He got Simone to back him up. They were secretly trying to find the cause of this pain Seth was feeling and they got caught investigating by Schmitt.

Schmitt was very tough as a Chief Resident. He ran those kids ragged. He also knew firsthand not to ignore Richard’s orders and he was trying to teach the interns the same. Except he didn’t talk things out with him. He just barks orders at them. He did it for a good reason only he was a little mean.

Bailey had overheard him telling the interns off for ignoring Richard and it brought back some not so fond memories. Schmitt had also tried not to be mean. He talked to Hellmouth about his hookup buddy applying to a job in Arizona. And he had wanted to vent.

Schmitt was blaming himself because he thought he pushed another guy away. Which was a little laughable because Hellmouth knew better. She knew that he was dating a nurse. He has all the power in this relationship and he wasn’t with the guy for conversation. He never even invited the guy out on a date.

They were just hooking up in the supply closet. It wasn’t a real relationship. Schmitt has the power to change that and he was complaining. It was not like how it was with Nico. Nico was a jerk and now it was Schmitt being a jerk.

Schmitt may have told the interns to discharge the patient, but they chose to ignore him too. They kept looking into what was causing Seth pain and they found out that he had a toothpick lodged in his stomach. Seth hadn’t been lying after all.

He was in genuine pain and his past mistakes were being unfairly held against him. He wasn’t like Lucas. Lucas kept making mistakes because he didn’t want to take ownership. And he started to take ownership when Richard got angry at them for not discharging Seth.

Richard hadn’t known at that point that Seth had this trouble. It was just Lucas and Simone who knew and they could have equally gotten in trouble if Lucas hadn’t come clean. He said it was his idea to keep Seth in the ER. He also said that an additional test could save Seth from suffering.

They put a camera down Seth’s throat. They found the toothpick. They carefully removed it and all the pain went away. Lucas now knows to trust his gut. Schmitt was also able to trust his because he talked to Bailey and it made him realize that he wasn’t a bad guy. He was a good guy.

Schmitt was used to lagging behind. It made him feel like he had something to prove and he doesn’t have to do that anymore. He was Chief Resident. His talk with Bailey reminded him that he could be nice to the interns. And he started doing by taking them out for drinks.

They all needed it. Mika revealed that she couldn’t sell her own blood to pay off her medical bills because she was underweight and so the least she could do was be there for her patients. Mika helped a patient to accept care by helping her to fill out paperwork to go on a payment plan.

But Blue and Jules helped a bull rider teenager get back on her feet. They advocating against animal cruelty and this proved to be a subject close to Blue’s heart. And that surgery also showed Maggie that she should take the job in Chicago.

Maggie said the thing that’s wrong with her marriage was that Winston retreats. He retreats when it gets tough and she was tired of dealing with his cowardice.

Jo meanwhile stayed home because she was sick and so Link stayed home to take care of her.

But someone plastered Bailey’s image with her address and phone number on a flier that they put on every car in the neighborhood – the flier said the words “baby killer”.