Law & Order: Organized Crime Winter Premiere Recap 01/05/23: Season 3 Episode 10 “Trap”

Law & Order: Organized Crime Winter Crime Recap 01/05/23: Season 3 Episode 10 "Trap"

Tonight on NBC Law & Order Organized Crime returns with an all-new Thursday, January 5, 2023 episode and we have your Law & Order Organized Crime recap below. In tonight’s Law & Order Organized Crime season, 3 episode 10 called, “Trap,” as per the NBC synopsis, “When an informant comes to Stabler desperate for help, the task force sets their sights on a dangerous gang making their mark on New York. Jamie goes undercover, but soon realizes he may be in over his head. Bell meets her new boss.

Tonight’s Law & Order SVU season 3 episode 10 looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it. So make sure to bookmark this spot and come back from 10 PM – 11 PM ET for our Law & Order Organized Crime recap.  While you wait for the recap make sure to check out all our Law & Order SVU recaps, spoilers, news & more!

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In tonight’s Organized crime episode, Detective Stabler had to go to counseling following what happened with the Silases. He fired his gun and that alone required a meeting with a counselor, but there were other things he needed to deal with before he could feel comfortable talking about his feelings. Stabler had someone reach out to him for help. One of his criminal informants had gotten into trouble with the Cuban mob down in Florida.

This informant said he does street racing for fun. He was winning a couple of competitions down there when someone approached him about earning more money. They said if he follows a shipment from Miami to New York City that everything would be good. All he had to do was make sure the cops didn’t stop the shipment.

There was an issue with the cops on the ride up. The informant managed to hit their squad car and got quickly arrested for that. The goods meanwhile made their destination. But someone must have gotten spooked about their driver being in police custody because they grabbed the man’s wife. Her name is Sheree.

The Cuban mob has her. Her husband was getting worried and so he contacted Stabler. Stabler brought this case to his people. It wasn’t long before they were reaching out to old contacts. They soon learned that the Cubans were no joke. They use road racing as a means of hiring people and they needed one after Stabler arrested another one of their drivers.

Stabler arrested Chaz. He found blood in Chaz’s hidden compartment. They were testing for Sheree when someone came up with a bright idea to replace the driver for the Cubans. Jamie seemed the best bet for that. Jamie used to race cars in New Jersey before she joined the Academy.

They also knew where the next race was going to be thanks to Stabler’s friend Nestor. Nestor handled all racing cars in NYC. Nestor was the one to introduce Jamie around as his boy Kevin. They met up with the Cubans. Jamie mentioned that he wasn’t interested in the race tonight because there was too little money.

The grand prize was originally six thousand. Jamie convinced the guy he saw to raise it to twenty thousand, but there never was a race. It got canceled by a police raid and everyone got arrested. This included Jamie because he hit a cop who was grabbing the Cuban. Jamie’s little stunt won him prestige amongst the Cubans.

Not so much his fellow cops. Sergeant Bell had to pull serious strings to get him released from prison. She also had to convince Stabler to go back to counseling. She said he’s so closed off emotionally that he needed as many appointments as he could get. So, Stabler did return to the therapist. He talked about his feelings.

Stabler was even opening up when he had to return to work. Jamie got an in with the Cubans. They gave him a phone number and he called them and followed directions to a warehouse. There he was told he either drove for them or they were going to hurt his sister. His supposed sister lives out of state.

Jamie also had to get his own car. He returned to the police unit that had those and he came across the cop he punched to make an impression. That same cop punched Jamie back and then gave him the keys to the car. And once he had the keys, Jamie drove back to where the Cubans were hiding, ready to do the job.

Jamie even came across Sheree. Jamie told them how to find her and then he ditched his wire. Stabler and Bell went into the warehouse. They arrested two people. They found and rescue Sheree. But they lost sight of Jamie. Jamie got into a car and was driving people around. Reyes and Jet were supposed to follow him, but they were seen and so Jamie was forced to pull off a daring move to shake them off. And now Jamie was with dangerous people and without the protection of his fellow officers.