Law & Order Winter Premiere Recap 01/05/23: Season 22 Episode 10 “Land of Opportunity”

Law & Order Winter Premiere Recap 01/05/23: Season 22 Episode 10 "Land of Opportunity"

Tonight on NBC Law & Order returns with an all-new Thursday, January 5, 2023 episode and we have your Law & Order recap below. In tonight’s Law & Order season 22 episode 10 “Land of Opportunity,” as per the NBC synopsis, “When a homeless migrant is murdered, evidence leads Cosgrove and Shaw to a mysterious cover-up at a construction site; Price and Maroun push a key witness to testify, knowing that speaking out could lead to legal consequences.”

Tonight’s Law & Order season 22 episode 10 looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it. So make sure to bookmark this spot and come back from 8 PM – 9 PM ET for our Law & Order recap.  While you wait for the recap make sure to check out all our Law & Order SVU recaps, spoilers, news & more!

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In tonight’s Law & Order episode, a young man was murdered in the city. He was shot. He was left on a bench and a jogger found his body mere minutes later. But this young man had been in an altercation earlier. He was in a homeless shelter when some smug rich guy started to harass one of them over something stupid.

The rich guy had ruined his expensive shoes by walking in vomit. He blamed the nearest drunk for it and was going to beat him up until our murder victim intervened. The murder victim was identified as Luis Morales. He took down the rich guy before sending that man on his way. And so of course the rich guy became the suspect in Luis’s murder.

Luis traveled from Venezuela to the United States in the hope of the American dream. His parents had been murdered by the corrupt government where he was from and he wanted to start over. He made it all into Texas when the governor there put him on a bus to New York. Luis has been living in a homeless shelter ever since.

But Detectives Cosgrove and Shaw were put on his murder. They looked into the guy he had a fight with. The guy was a jerk however he quickly put the blame for the fight on the victim. He said the homeless in that area has been acting out. The whole neighborhood hated that shelter.

There was even another altercation with someone else from the neighborhood. Luis got into an argument with a woman. She owns a gun. Just not the type that was used to murder Luis and so this lead was only helpful because they found out Luis had borrowed this woman’s cell phone to call Michael Higueres.

A journalist. Luis helped Michael write a story about the Texas governor’s stunt. He, therefore, knew to call him when he claims he saw something big and he was supposed to have met up with Michael on the night he died. He was two blocks from the meeting point with Michael. There was security footage proving Michael waited around for Luis and never saw him.

Luis apparently saw something at the job he was working. Luis and a buddy were working at a construction site by someone who likes paying people off the books and less than union wages. Anyways, Luis and his buddy went to the construction site. They saw bodies being buried. They ran out of there and Luis’s buddy tried to put the whole thing out of his head.

Luis on the other hand had wanted to report what he saw. He reached out to his journalist. He planned on telling Michael everything he saw and hopefully getting justice for the people that were murdered. Except Luis was killed before that meeting. And his friend disappeared from a shelter.

Thankfully, the friend had a drug addiction. The detectives were able to track him down by hitting up his usual haunts and they eventually got someone to tell them what Luis saw that day. The police then went to the construction site. They used a special camera to find the bodies hidden in the concrete foundation.

They also brought the foreman in for questioning. They asked him about the bodies hidden on the site. He first tried to deny knowing the bodies were there. He even denied knowing Luis. The cops had to come up with this story about Luis documenting everything in his journal and that got the foreman to talk.

Randall said that two immigrants used an elevator they shouldn’t have. They died in an accident. Only they couldn’t risk reporting it because another incident would have gotten their 300-million-dollar project shut down. Randall instead was ordered to cover up the bodies. He thought that would be it and then Luis started asking questions.

Randall got worried. He told his boss. Eric Wise said he’d handle it. Next thing you know, Luis was dead. Randall confessed to all that he did to the cops and they saw an opportunity in him. They asked him to wear a wire. They wanted to get Wise to admit he did something to Luis.

However, Wise was too smart for them. He refused to incriminate himself. He shifted the blame to Randall and informed Randall that he would be fired for hiding bodies on the construction site. Wise figured out that the police let Randall go to enlist a confession from him. He decided to cover up what he did.

He denied ever having a conversation about Luis and he asked his goon to escort Randall from the building. It was as Randall was being escorted that the cops saw from their hidden camera on Randall that Wise’s bodyguard had a gun. They got a warrant. They took the gun and they proved it was the murder weapon.

They also found 100 thousand dollars hidden in the bodyguard’s home. He had been hired to kill Luis and making a plea deal with him helped in their case against Wise. EADA Price brought Wise to trial for murder. Wise’s lawyer made the case that Wise knew nothing about the accident or Luis’s murder. He was putting all the blame on Randall. He even said Randall was the one who hired the hitman. And what Wise forgot was that there was another person in the room when Wise paid off his bodyguard.

His assistant was undocumented. She was hiding from ICE and that’s why she stayed silent during this process, but they still called the assistant to the stand and she disappeared before she could testify. ICE raided Soraya’s home. They picked up both her and her daughter. Wise had reported her. But luckily they were able to get Soraya free in time to testify and so she still took down Wise. And unfortunately, she still got deported with her daughter in the end.


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