NCIS Hawai’i Recap 03/20/23: Season 2 Episode 17 “Money Honey”

Tonight on CBS NCIS Hawaiʻi returns with an all-new Monday, March 20, 2023, season 2 episode 17 called, “Money Honey,” and we have your weekly NCIS Hawaiʻi recap below. In tonight’s NCIS Hawaiʻi season 2 episode 17, as per the CBS synopsis, “Captain Milius returns to Hawai’i as the NCIS team works to catch a dangerous high-value U.S. Government target with the help of an informant unlike any they’ve ever encountered. Also, Tennant and Daniel deal with Alex’s acceptance into the Naval Academy.

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In tonight’s NCIS Hawaii episode, there was a shooting at nightclub. It happened in Bangkok. It wasn’t on the news in the States. It also didn’t involve any Navy personnel. Which was why Tennant hadn’t heard about it. Tennant has other concerns. She just found out her son applied for Annapolis and that he got in.

He was going to Naval College. He felt he was ready to take that risk. His parents however were concerned that this might be too much for him. They didn’t think he consider all the possibilities and Tennant’s ex was also a little put out that Alex turned to another man to write his recommendation. He felt that was his job as a father. And the man that did that had later presented himself to Tennant at her office.

It was Captain Joe Milius. He was back in Hawaii. He was transporting a witness in an arms deal that went wrong. The witness’s name is Adrianna Velasco. She was partying with her boyfriend and his friend in Bangkok when the two were murdered. Adrianna only barely survived herself. She should want justice for her boyfriend. Only Adrianna was more concerned about a party. She handed over her cell phone to Joe when he demanded it and she failed to mention that she has a second phone. And that she’s using the phone.

Adrianna was taken from the scene. She was transported to Hawaii. She was told that they could make a deal with her in return for the flash drive she has. She has her boyfriend’s evidence against his billionaire crime boss on that flashdrive. The same boss that ordered the hit on him. Meaning she could get justice for her boyfriend by working with NCIS and the FBI. They just had to get her to the safe where this flashdrive was supposedly being held. And so it was just Adrianna being difficult that they didn’t go after the flashdrive straight away.

Adrianna wasn’t taking all of this seriously. She took Kai and Jesse to the mall. She started shopping. She ran into her old friend there because Adrianna was still using her second cell phone. She heard about a party and she told Kai about how she couldn’t wait to attend. Adrianna only took them to the safe after she made arrangements for the party. Then she opened the safe. She took out a flashdrive and handed it to Whistler before disappearing. She pulled a full on Houdini. And the flashdrive was a dud.

There was a cat video on the flashdrive. It didn’t have any details or money transaction. It was just nothing. Adrianna was also gone and so there was no way to ask her if that’s all she has against the man that killed her boyfriend. Only Kai later tracked down Adrianna. He found out that she wants to go to that party so bad because the man that killed her boyfriend would be there. He goes to the Dalton Ball every year. Adrianna just wants to be close enough to do real damage. She claimed to Kai that she just wanted to prove she wasn’t beaten and that she was still standing and that had been a lie.

Adrianna later went to the party with a gun. It seems she always wanted to kill the man that ruined her life. Its why she was ready to hand over the flashdrive in order to get the Navy to take her to Hawaii. It’s always been about Dante Reeves. Adrianna wants to kill him. Kai wants to plant a listening device on him. Their two agendas came to a head at the party. Kai was escorting Adrianna when they eventually got asked by one of Reeves’s people to follow them upstairs to a private room. Then Adrianna pulled a gun.

She did that in the elevators. Kai figured out what she was planning. He tried to talk her out of it. He promised that his people would catch and arrest Reeves. Adrianna put the gun away after he said that and she was set on getting evidence when suddenly they were before Reeves. Adrianna pretended she was willing to sell the flashdrive for ten million dollars. Reeves said there was no flashdrive because it was his people that wiped it a couple of days ago. And so they were going to kill both Kai and Adrianna when Kai fought back.

And Adrianna pulled her gun. She was going to shoot Reeves when Kai reminded her that she was better than that. His people were on the way. He said the distress word and he had taken care of Reeves’s bodyguard. His people later came running in and they arrested Reeves for attempted murder. And it turns out Adrianna knew about everything on that flashdrive and so she could still help them build a case against Reeves.

And after an awkward family dinner with Joe, Alex, Alex’s dad and Tennant, the family has agreed to let Alex go to Annapolis.