Survivor Recap 03/08/23: Season 44 Episode 2 “Two Dorky Magnets”

Survivor Recap 03/08/23: Season 44 Episode 2 "Two Dorky Magnets"

Tonight on CBS Survivor airs with an all-new Wednesday, March 8, 2022, season 44 episode 2 and we have your Survivor recap below. In tonight’s Survivor season, 44 episode 2 called “Two Dorky Magnets,” as per the CBS synopsis, “Tribes must snake their way toward the win for immunity and reward.

Also, paranoia starts to set in as a looming suspicion becomes the elephant in the room, and lines are drawn in the sand at tribal council.

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Tonight’s Survivor episode begins with the end of the first tribal council and Matthew says it could not have gone better for him, in his opinion. He got the idol flushed and Brandon stayed. Matthew knew he was safe, but didn’t want the spotlight on him.

The next day, At the Soka tribe they are talking about dogs, Matt just lost his due to a breakup, he dog looked like Toto from Wizard of Oz and his now ex-girlfriend left with the dog – so he is a little broken hearted. He lost his vote for the next two tribal councils and doesn’t know how it could have gone any worse, but he found and incredible connection with Frannie, he likes her.

He says she is really cute, has a funny laugh and snort. He would 100% ask her out, he thinks she likes him too. Frannie does like Matt and she is happy he trusts her. She is worried though that other people on the tribe might look at their connection as a negative. She doesn’t want her distance herself from Matt, but for the sake of game play, she thinks she should.

The bird cage is driving Yam Yam crazy, and Carolyn.

At the Ratu tribe, Kane is worried, he is the only person that voted for Brandon who is still in the game. The idol got flushed and historically it gets put back in, so he is looking as much as he can to find it. Lauren sees him going off and she knows what he is up to. Kane calls Matthew, he got a carb.

Danny at Soka is looking for an advantage as well, but pretends he is looking for bamboo. Then, he does it, he finds an advantage.

Carolyn got really close to a snake, it scared other people off, but not her and it pays off, she found an advantage in the game.

Danny’s immunity idol is an old school immunity idol and he found a coin that has no power.

Carolyn is so excited about her find and she is keeping it to herself, it is hard for her, but she has to do it. She has the key, she goes to the cage, opens it up and takes her advantage. She felt like she can’t breath, she is so overwhelmed. She got back to camp and then she thinks, she has to put that bag back because if she doesn’t the rest of the tribe is going to know she found it.

Sarah and the rest arrive back near the bird cage and they notice how the bag looks like it was opened inside. Carolyn is brought over and tries to act like she doesn’t know what they are talking about.

Time for the immunity challenge, today they are going to race up and over an obstacle to garb sandbags. They are going to empty them to find a ball. Once they have it, they will lift a heavy ladder, climb it, use a rope to life a bridge, everyone will race across the bridge to the finish where one tribe member must manoeuvre that ball to the top of a snake maze.

They are playing for fishing gear, there two loots, one great and one ok.

It is close, all teams make it the last part pretty much at the same time. Ratu does it, they win immunity and get the largest fishing gear loot. Soka wins, they get the smaller fishing gear. Tika is going to Tribal Council where someone will be going home.

Time for tribal council. Yam Yam says there was tension in the tribe after the immunity challenge. Helen thinks the fear is that if she is talking to someone she thinks she knows what is going on, but she doesn’t know what is going on if two other people are talking.

It is time to vote, Carolyn is up first, then the rest continue.

First vote is for Carolyn, then Helen, Helen, Helen. Three votes are enough, Helen is voted out.