The Masked Singer Recap 03/15/23: Season 9 Episode 5 “Sesame Street Night”

The Masked Singer Recap 03/15/23: Season 9 Episode 5 "Sesame Street Night"

Tonight on FOX The Masked Singer airs with an all-new Wednesday, March 15, 2023, Season 9 episode 5 and we have your The Masked Singer recap below. On tonight’s The Masked Singer season, 9 episode 5 called “Sesame Street Night,” as per the FOX synopsis, “Jennifer Nettles From FOX’s Upcoming Series Farmer Wants A Wife Joins The Panelists Desk Elmo, Big Bird, Cookie Monster, Oscar the Grouch, The Count and Abby Cadabby bring the fun in a special Sesame Street episode.

Grammy Award-winning superstar entertainer Jennifer Nettles joins the panelists as three celebrities sing their way through the competition.

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In tonight’s The Masked Singer episode, it was Sesame Street night on the Masked Singer! Elmo, the Cookie Monster, and the amazing Big Bird showed up to perform “Dynamite” with the judges. It was great start to an even better night. The Sesame Street crew were just people that light up the room wherever they go and each and every performance was dedicated to one of them. Up first was the Squirrel. The Squirrel came out as a frontrunner when she began last week and she revealed interesting bits in her clue package. She revealed she was a mother because her son was a huge fan of the Count. And so the Count stayed on the stage during the performance.

The Squirrel performed “Just the Two of Us”. They showed off a lower register with their voice. Her clue package showed a wedding dress which could either mean she was married or she played a bride in a movie. The Squirrel also had a gorilla in her clue package. That one threw everybody, but then there was these chocolate balls in that video and her final clue from the night was Ken. The Squirrel has apparently worked with Ken. They’ve worked together in a movie where he didn’t have that many lines.

Ken now believes he knows who she is. He thinks she’s Kate Hiegel. Kate was in his first movie role. They became friends and so he felt for sure that this was Kate. Only Nicole thought differently. Nicole thought the Squirrel was Kate Hudson. Kate had won a golden globe that was presented to her by Tom Cruise. This could be where they kissed. Kate Hudson played a rocker in “Almost Famous”. She was also connected to brides because she played one in “Bride Wars”. So that’s when Jenny said she was sure the Squrrel was Malin Ackerman.

Ackerman has actually kissed Tom Cruise in a movie. They both played rockers and so that could be the rock clue. She was also in “27 Dresses” with Kate Hiegel. So, she could be quite a few people. The Fairy on the other hand had limited herself when she said she was Nepo baby. Someone born with a famous parent and that she worked as an actress. Her final clue was “Endless Love”. The Fairy performed “You’re No Good” in honor of her personal favorite – Oscar the Grouch. And Grouch stuck around long after the performance.

The judges all came up with interesting guesses. Jenny thought the Fairy was Tracee Ellis Ross because “Endless Love” was performed by her mom, Diana Ross. Tracee was also an actress. Ken went outlandish of course. But Oscar told him to stand firm with his guess. He said boos were fun. Robin meanwhile thought she was Rasheeda Jones. Rasheeda did know Rob Lowe, probably hung out with Emilio Esteves, and she could have worked with Sean Penn. All three were in her clue package and so there’s no telling where the others might have met them.

Then there was a performance from the Hare. The Hare performed “Whenever, Wherever”. She actually sounded a lot like Shakira. For a moment there, they did wonder if she was Shakira. Only she said she was proud to be a member of 30 Under 30 which was her final clue. Her other clues mentioned she turned to social media to help find a path for herself. She’s even been vulnerable on social media. But The Hare has partied with Nicole and so Nicole thinks she knows who this is. She thinks the Hare is Lele Pons.

Lele was a good friend. She also found herself through music and dance. Like it was stated in the clue package. Only some thought she was Camilla Cabelo. It had to be someone who curved their r’s like Shakira. But someone had to be sent home tonight. The first person eliminated was the Squirrel. The final guesses for the Squirrel were all over the place. Robin thought she was Heather Graham. Ken was sticking by his good friend, Kate. Nicole was sticking with Kate Hudson. Our guest judge for the night thought she was Anne Hathaway. And Jenny stuck by her initial guess of Malin Ackerman.

And Jenny was right. It was Malin. She’s the Squirrel. She came with her son because her son loves Sesame Street and she’s just been having a blast on the show. Ken should have remembered they did the movie “Couples Therapy” together. Him losing to Jenny was truly all on him. Ken was still laughing about it as the final two competitors of the night competed in the Battle Royale. They performed “On Top Of The World” and the winner from that battle was the Fairy. The Fairy was the new champion, but the Hare gets to be unmasked.

Nicole thought the Hare was Lele Pons. Jenny thought she was Jenny Ortega. Ken thought she was Selena Gomez. Robin agreed it was Lele Pons. And our celebrity judge thought she was Camilla Cabelo. And two of them were right.

The Hare was Lele Pons. Lele loves trying new things and that’s why she came to the show.