The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Thursday, February 2 Recap – Chance Doubts Jack’s Loan Story – Adam Confesses to Chelsea

The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Thursday, February 2 Recap – Chance Doubts Jack’s Loan Story – Adam Confesses to Chelsea

The Young and the Restless (Y&R) spoilers recap for Thursday, February 2, teases that Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman) will confront Kyle Abbott (Michael Mealor) about Adam Newman’s (Mark Grossman) accusations, which involved Kyle conspiring with Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) to get him out of the company.

Jack will push Kyle to tell him it isn’t true, so Kyle will insist he hasn’t committed to anything specific.

That’ll still leave Jack irritated that Kyle considered it, but Kyle will act like Adam is a total slacker who’s collecting a big fat paycheck for mediocre work.

Kyle will rant about Jack bringing Adam on board when no one else wanted him at Jabot.

Although Kyle won’t understand why Jack won’t just fire Adam, Jack will make it clear that he’s the one in charge here – not Kyle and certainly not Victor.

Once Jack changes the subject to his relationship with Diane Jenkins (Susan Walters), he’ll hope Kyle’s mom was able to alleviate some of his concerns.

Kyle will push Jack to protect his heart, but he’ll admit he’s trying to be cautiously optimistic since he wants both his parents to be happy.

At The Grand Phoenix, Diane will run into Nikki Newman (Melody Thomas Scott), who’ll insist she knows Diane and Jack pulled off that burglary at her Chicago apartment.

Diane won’t believe there’s any proof – and she won’t think Nikki wants to cause trouble for Jack anyway.

Since Jeremy Stark (James Hyde) was a threat to all of them, Diane will suspect Nikki is actually glad he was arrested.

Nikki will confirm that’s true, but she’ll still disapprove of Diane manipulating Jack and will wonder if she’s moved in already.

Although Diane hasn’t taken that step yet, she’ll confess that she’s indeed reunited with Jack.

Diane will warn Nikki that they’re going to be together for a long time and urge her to accept that.

At Society, Summer Newman-Abbott (Allison Lanier) will push Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) to back off Kyle when it comes to his Adam sabotage plans.

Summer will act like Kyle tells her everything and will point out that he said he wanted nothing to do with Victor’s plot.

After Summer urges Victor to stop pressuring Kyle, she’ll note that this could strain things between Kyle and Jack.

Summer won’t want that for her family – nor will she want to be upset with Victor.

Victor will assure Summer that he’ll take what she’s said into consideration and will let her know how much he adores her.

At Crimson Lights, Adam will sit with Chelsea Lawson (Melissa Claire Egan) as they wait for Billy Abbott (Jason Thompson) to bring Connor Newman (Judah Mackey) and Johnny Abbott (Paxton Mishkind) back from ice skating.

That’ll give Adam a chance to open up about Victor sabotaging his career to bring him back into the Newman fold.

Although Victor’s methods are totally inappropriate, Adam will admit his father’s instincts are dead-on since he’s not happy at Jabot.

Adam will talk about Jabot not being a good fit and will confess to slacking off.

When Adam’s not doing something devious or seeking someone’s approval, he’ll guess he lacks motivation.

Chelsea will wonder if Adam would really turn down a great offer from Victor, who perhaps genuinely believes his son belongs in the family empire.

In Adam’s heart of hearts, Chelsea will think maybe that’s what Adam wants, too.

Although Adam won’t think any of the other Newmans care what he wants, Chelsea will feel like Victor is the only one who matters.

Once Billy brings the boys in, Adam will seem uneasy over Chelsea, Billy, Johnny and Connor acting like one big happy family.

When Adam hears about Chelsea and Billy’s dinner plans, he won’t seem pleased about those either.

Later, Billy will arrive at Chelsea’s door to pick her up for their friendly dinner together.

Chelsea will be a bit nervous about going out into the world and will admit she wouldn’t attempt this with anyone else.

At Society again, Nikki will complain to Victor about Diane and Jack, but he’ll insist they deserve each other and suggest that can be their punishment.

Once Summer finds Kyle at Jabot, she’ll get updates on Adam pointing the finger at him earlier.

Kyle will claim Jack was relieved to hear he wasn’t participating, so Summer will act like it’s good that her husband listened to her.

After Summer reveals that she told Victor to stop pressuring Kyle, she’ll seek confirmation that he’s staying out of it.

Kyle will seem uncomfortable and hesitate to respond before Adam interrupts.

Adam will be looking for Jack, but he’ll assume Summer heard the news about what Kyle’s been up to.

Once Adam talks about Kyle’s underhanded move, Summer will try to shut down his accusations.

“What don’t you admit you really don’t want to be here?” Kyle will finally ask Adam, who’ll ultimately stomp off.

At the Abbott house, Jack will seem uneasy when Chance Chancellor (Conner Floyd) shows up on behalf of the Chicago PD.

Chance will return the suitcase containing Jack’s $500,000 since it was found during a more thorough search of Jeremy’s suite.

After Chance says Jeremy is claiming that Jack loaned it to him, Jack will insist that’s right.

Chance will find that odd since Jack and Diane said they were at Jeremy’s room to discuss the money she owed him.

Since Stark already had a great deal of cash, Chance won’t get why it was still an issue. Jack will act like Jeremy wanted Diane to pay him back herself.

Since it would’ve looked pretty bad for a convicted money launderer to have this kind of cash on hand, Jack will suggest that’s why Stark didn’t hold onto it for his lawyers.

Once Jack says Jeremy probably wanted to make it clear that it was obtained legally, Chance will wonder why Jack didn’t mention it before.

Jack will claim he didn’t think it was relevant, so Chance will seem irritated as he talks about things conveniently working out well for Jack.

Next on Thursday’s Y&R episode, Diane will meet up with Jack and express relief over him getting his money back.

Although Diane will worry she said too much with Nikki earlier, Jack won’t mind going public and will have no intention of letting anyone take his happiness away.

The Young and the Restless spoilers say Jack and Diane will inevitably face some new hurdles soon, so stick with the CBS soap.

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