The Young and the Restless Tuesday, January 24 Recap: Chelsea & Billy’s Podcast Shocker – Devon Takes Lily to Court

The Young and the Restless Tuesday, January 24 Recap: Chelsea & Billy’s Podcast Shocker – Devon Takes Lily to Court

The Young and the Restless (Y&R) spoilers recap for Tuesday, January 24, reveals that Daniel Romalotti Jr (Michael Graziadei) will assure Phyllis Summers (Michelle Stafford) that he didn’t fire her. After Daniel stresses how much this gaming project means to him, he’ll suggest he just needs Phyllis’ full attention and support.

When Daniel worries about the venture potentially being dead in the water, Phyllis will grow concerned about things falling through at Chancellor-Winters.

It’ll leave Phyllis thinking they need a backup plan – like Newman Media or perhaps an international company.

Daniel will downplay that idea since he has a contract in place, but Y&R spoilers say Phyllis will still seem uneasy about her son’s division being in limbo.

At Devon Hamilton’s (Bryton James) penthouse, he’ll let Abby Newman-Abbott (Melissa Ordway) know that he’s made his choice regarding Lily Winters’ (Christel Khalil) offer.

Lily will show up soon after and find out Devon’s rejecting that offer – and his decision will be final.

Once Lily realizes Devon isn’t willing to negotiate, she’ll act like Nate Hastings’ (Sean Dominic) earlier view of him was right.

Since Devon won’t be able to reach a compromise with Lily, he’ll suggest they’ll have to go to court.

After Lily leaves, Abby will admit this reminds her of Devon threatening to take her to court along with Chance Chancellor (Conner Floyd) over custody of Dominic Newman-Abbott-Winters-Chancellor (Rainn and River Ware).

Although they all got past that, Abby will point out that she and Chance decided to back down.

That was the best thing for Dominic, but Abby won’t want Devon thinking everyone will always surrender to his way of thinking.

Devon will understand, but he’ll also feel like he has to stand his ground on the things he truly believes in.

However, Abby will worry that Lily might never forgive Devon for dismantling the company.

Abby will also fret over the possibility of Devon losing in court, but he’ll act like losing isn’t an option.

Once Lily arrives at Society and admits her meeting didn’t go well, Phyllis will express concerns about Daniel’s project.

Lily will push for patience, which obviously isn’t Phyllis’ forte!

After Phyllis takes off, Daniel will try to apologize for his mom’s behavior, but Lily will get that she’s just being a protective mom.

Lily will appreciate Daniel’s understanding when it comes to the project being up in the air, but he’ll look pensive as he stares out the window.

In Tucker McCall’s (Trevor St. John) hotel suite, he’ll flash back to romantic moments in bed with Ashley Abbott (Eileen Davidson) before remembering how things fell apart.

Tucker will eventually throw his drinking glass in frustration and head to Crimson Lights.

That’s where Tucker will cross paths with Victoria Newman (Amelia Heinle), who’ll gloat about Tucker’s downfall and mention she knows about his link to Audra Charles (Zuleyka Silver).

Victoria will act like Tucker would be better off leaving town since there’s nothing left for him in Genoa City.

There’ll be talk about Tucker’s next move as Victoria wonders if he’ll try to stage a coup at Newman Enterprises.

Billy Abbott (Jason Thompson) will pop up at one point, so Tucker will act like the gallant knight is coming right on cue to save the damsel.

Although Billy won’t think Victoria needs saving, he’ll warn Tucker away from his family.

In a moment alone with Billy, Victoria will voice her concerns about Tucker sticking around GC and will feel the need to keep an eye on him.

Billy and Victoria will also discuss the successful pizza night at Chelsea Lawson’s (Melissa Claire Egan) place, but Victoria won’t be thrilled to hear Johnny Abbott (Paxton Mishkind) is planning another family gathering.

After Billy takes off, Tucker will approach Victoria again and point out that he hasn’t decided who his next victim will be.

That said, Tucker will assure Victoria that she’ll be the last to know if it’s Newman since it wouldn’t be any fun if she saw him coming.

Later, Phyllis will leave a voicemail for Nate in hopes of making a pitch regarding Daniel’s venture.

Once Tucker overhears and assumes Daniel’s project isn’t going well, he’ll push Phyllis to put personal issues aside and talk business.

If Phyllis wants Daniel’s project to come to fruition, then Tucker will warn her not to shop it around and will act like the universe has led her to him instead.

At Chelsea’s place, she’ll listen to a podcast and summon Billy with some big news.

It turns out Chelsea will want to do a mental health podcast with Billy since they both have experience with those kinds of struggles.

Chelsea will assure Billy that they’d get a mental health professional involved to make sure they did it right.

Of course, Chelsea would also need to get her therapist’s approval – and there’ll be some debate about whether they should use pseudonyms or not.

Nevertheless, Chelsea will seem quite excited about running with this idea. Billy will offer support and admit it’d be fun to work on something together again.

The Young and the Restless spoilers say Billy and Chelsea will make some updates to their podcast plans along the way, but this certainly seems like it could be a beneficial project for both of them.

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