Welcome to Plathville Recap 07/09/24: Season 6 “We’ll See Where Life Goes”

Welcome to Plathville Recap 07/09/24: Season 6 "We'll See Where Life Goes"

Tonight on TLC their reality show Welcome To Plathville airs with an all-new Tuesday, July 9, 2023, episode, and we have your Welcome to Plathville recap below.  In tonight’s Welcome to Plathville special episode called “We’ll See Where Life Goes,” as per the TLC synopsis,

“Ethan and Olivia hope a move to Minnesota will strengthen their marriage but it’s not long before cracks reappear. Kim reveals a new boyfriend while Barry focuses on his new life as a single parent. Moriah finds solace as she reconnects with her faith.”

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In tonight’s Welcome to Plathville episode, it was an all new season for the Plath family. Only first the family had a look back at what happened in the past year. Ethan and Olivia went to Europe for a couple of months. They tried to get away from their problems, but the problems followed them there.

They were struggling to make things work with his family being so against them. Micah and Moriah added to their troubles. They used to be close to Olivia until they turned on her. Olivia never really understood why. She didn’t want to be around Ethan’s parents because his parents actively chose to harm her with words if not action. And his siblings first respected that decision to hate her.

The younger kids didn’t really fall in line with their parents’ decisions. Micah and Moriah also broke away from their parents’ strict lifestyle. Now their parents were even getting a divorce because Kim doesn’t want that lifestyle anymore. She couldn’t bring herself to talk to her husband.

She was resenting that the divorce was taking too long. They could be at the same location and Kim would go outside to call Barry on the phone because she didn’t want to speak to him in person. Kim also had issues with Olivia and Ethan that they resolved on their own.

Moriah wanting to paint Olivia as the villain was coming out of nowhere. She moved out of the house she shared with Olivia and Ethan. She moved out when they were in Europe. She did that because she felt that Olivia was telling lies about her mom. Olivia once said that Kim was using Ethan’s credit card without telling him or paying him back.

Ethan never called Olivia a liar. He never called his mom a thief. He simply said that the three of them sat down to handle their issues with each other.

Moriah taking to social media to call Olivia a liar was so unnecessary. She moved out rather than talk about it with her brother. She also talked to Micah. Micah was now on board with Olivia being the villain.

They went to their parents with their concerns. They claimed that Olivia brainwashed them into hating their family. They claimed they were influenced to hate their lives as kids. They told their parents that Olivia could never get on board with their lifestyle. The same lifestyle that most of them rejected.

Did either Moriah or Micah save themselves for marriage? Did they never drink? Did they never party? When was the last time they prayed. Or went on a date. Kim wasn’t even divorced yet and she was already dating. Moriah eventually got baptized again. She said she made peace with her parents. She now feels like her parents were great parents. She’s forgetting the educational setbacks that were caused by her parents. She’s forgetting that the homeschooling put her behind most of her peers. She even accused Olivia of stealing her music to make money from it.

What money? Moriah didn’t know how to start her music career. Olivia helped set up studio sessions. She also printed out a bill showing that Moriah got back every cent of what little she sells. Olivia never took a dime from her. Moriah also doesn’t talk to Olivia anymore. She has her blocked. She blocked her brother Ethan too. She was accusing them of stealing while never talking to them about it. Isn’t that what she accused Olivia of doing with her mom? Moriah cut all ties with Olivia and so Olivia broke through her own programming.

Olivia grew up very strict like Ethan grew up. Their families were religious. Olivia was forced to cut ties with her sister Lydia because Lydia moved in with her boyfriend. Which was a sign of her going to hell according to their parents. Olivia at first listened to those same parents. She married Ethan young. She made his family become her whole world and look how that turned out. Olivia soon realized that she needed her sister back. Her real sister. She reached out to Lydia Grace. They reconnected. Her sister was now the one offering emotional support. And Olivia told Lydia some of her fears.

Olivia and Ethan have been married for a while. Neither of them was ready for kids. They couldn’t even agree on how they would raise them. Ethan would want to raise them how they were raised. Olivia wouldn’t want to make the same mistakes as her parents. She would be a far more relaxed parent that her own or Ethan’s had been. It led to several fights between Ethan and Olivia. He doesn’t want to raise his potential children to be like Olivia and she doesn’t want to raise her potential children to be like him.

Ethan took a trip out to see Micah in California. It was supposed to be a guys trip. They included their younger brother and their dad. They were supposed to reconnect. Moriah ended up coming as well because she had work obligations nearby. Ethan spoke with her privately. Moriah apologized for overreacting about Olivia stealing her music. She apologized once she was confronted. She didn’t try to apologize beforehand. She also spread that story around before she came to realization that she overreacted.

People still think that Olivia tried stealing Moriah’s music. Plus, the more problems they have with his family, the more he struggles with the marriage. Olivia told Ethan once that how they grew up was a great world for men. Not for women. He’s fine going back to that because he was privileged to not be oppressed by it. Olivia couldn’t say the same and that’s why she doesn’t want to go back to it. And moving around every year wasn’t going to fix their problems.

And so Ethan and Olivia had to call time on their marriage.