Fifty Shades Of Grey Movie Cast Revealed To Be Unknown Actors, Not A-list Stars!

Fifty Shades Of Grey Movie Cast Revealed To Be Unknown Actors, Not A-list Stars!

Fifty Shades of Grey continues to be one of the most buzzed about films in recent history, which means that it’s well on its way to joining the pantheon of books-turned-films that cause mass hysteria among its fans – joining the likes of Harry Potter, the Hunger Games, and Twilight. While I wouldn’t necessarily put Fifty Shades of Grey in the same league as Harry Potter of THG, the most apt comparison seems to be Twilight.

With the majority of the fans being female, Fifty Shades of Grey could one of the major female-driven blockbusters to open next summer. With the script and director in place, and a release schedule locked down, all the attention has shifted to the cast.

This is the question that has been simmering on everyone’s minds since the film was first picked up in a bidding war by Universal. We know that the author of the novels, E. L. James, has a high level of creative control regarding the film. That means that whatever decisions the studio and director want to make, James will have a say in them. However, she seems as committed to making a good film as everyone else is, and the pedigree of the talent involved so far means that Universal is not planning on releasing a shoddy film just to earn some quick bucks [cough, first Twilight movie, cough].

So who will play Christian Grey and Anastasia Steel? Will it be Henry Cavill or Ian Somerhalder for Christian Grey? Will it be Emilia Clarke or Alexis Bledel for Anastasia Steele? Or will it be complete unknowns, as sources have been saying more and more lately. There has been a lot of talk surrounding the ‘favorites’ for casting, but most of these favorites are fan favorites, not necessarily studio favorites. This is the kind of film that needs solid actors and actresses to pull off the material, but what A-list actor or actress would be willing to do a film with this much sex and nudity [assuming they’re sticking close to the source material]? It all depends on the filmmaker’s vision, sure, but smart money’s also on the studio already realizing this and aiming to cast unknowns in the lead roles. They manage to save face if the movie doesn’t do well, and they’ll launch the career of two young stars if the movie does well.

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