Kate Middleton Used a Sperm Donor to Get Pregnant: Camilla Parker-Bowles Claims Baby George Not Prince William’s Biological Son

The Royal Baby Emerges!

Oh boy, has Camilla Parker-Bowles ever gone too far this time. It seems that Britain’s favorite alcoholic royal has taken her raging jealousy of Kate Middleton to a whole new level. Prince Charles‘ wife has had a month now to come to terms with the idea that Prince George has pretty much put a lock on Prince William and Kate Middleton being the next couple in line for the throne once Queen Elizabeth abdicates her position. In those booze soaked weeks Camilla’s rage has festered and she just can’t help but take serious shots at Kate.

According to the Sept. 9th print edition of GLOBE, Camilla is spouting off to anyone who will listen that Prince George isn’t really William’s child. She insists that the couple reached out to a fertility clinic while trying to conceive and Camilla claims that Kate actually used a sperm donor. That would mean that there is no royal blood running through George’s veins making him 100% commoner and not a legitimate heir.

Kate is beyond insulted and hurt by the allegations and Camilla’s clamoring for a paternity DNA tests has William about ready to blow his top. He has watched his evil stepmother pull some serious garbage over the years but claiming that George isn’t his baby is the final straw. He is already looking to see what steps can be taken to keep Camilla permanently away from his young family.

Do you think that Camilla is just looking to cause trouble or is there maybe a hint of truth to her fertility clinic claims? Did William spend too much time on those polo ponies – was his sperm count just too low? Even if they did need some help in getting pregnant isn’t George still ultimately very much William’s son? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Kate Middleton Used a Sperm Donor to Get Pregnant: Camilla Parker-Bowles Claims Baby George Not Prince William's Biological Son

  • Angel 2009

    Well, consider the source of this utter nonsense – The Globe. Nothing to see here . . . move along peeps.

    • Nunyabizness

      I thought you meant the source being drunken Camilla! LoL

  • Reuven

    Camilla Parker-Bowles – The Exemplary Unethical of UK

  • J_Doe5686

    Camilla Parker Bowles is just like everybody’s drunken stepmother. She’s bitter because she’s so old, ugly and nobody likes her.

  • a simple citizen

    I have zero use for any of the ‘royals’ and newsflash…there is NO SUCH THING AS ROYAL BLOOD….we are all descended from Adam and Eve and the only reason that these yahoos in Britain are self proclaimed ‘royals’ is because they are from a long line of thieves, killers, plunderers, liars, cheats, ….well, you get the idea. I know, I am but a simple citizen…thankfully, of the USA so this is sheer entertainment for me :)

  • Keshia

    Camilla is nothing but a bitch, George is indeed William’s son

  • ClaytonBrown

    This is nothing new. They all have different fathers. Do the research. They are no more Royal than a three headed chimp. You are all so gullible. They are all frauds.

    • mark

      Camila wants again to wreak williams family just like she wreaked Dianas?shame on you old ugly grandmother!

  • Bobby Shaftoe

    Test, don’t guess.