Miranda Lambert Denies Gastric Bypass Surgery Claims For Weight Loss (PHOTO)

Miranda Lambert Denies Gastric Bypass Surgery Claims For Weight Loss (PHOTO)

The latest cover issue of Life and Style Magazine has a surprising rebuttal from Miranda Lambert on her weight loss rumors. The speculation all started when Miranda showed up at the AMA Awards showing off her extreme weight loss. She reportedly dropped 25 pounds from her 155-pound frame in a very short span of time, which led to rumors that she may have secretly gotten her stomach stapled.

However, Life & Style’s report claims that Miranda is now firing back against the rumors, and claiming that neither plastic surgery nor a gastric bypass had anything to do with her weight loss. Apparently, she did NOT lose 30 pounds in 8 weeks via a shortcut, but old-fashioned hard work. Eh. It’s still difficult to believe, but with celebrities, you never know – they have a ton of free time and access to the best trainers and the best food. It’s possible that Miranda just worked really, really hard to lose all that weight so quickly, even if it sounds a tad bit unbelievable.

Life & Style also has a story on Paul Walker, and how his untimely death has affected his teenager daughter. It’s truly devastating, especially considering that Paul and his daughter were just starting to bond. Just another example of how short life is, and how you need to take advantage of every moment and every day.

There’s also a feature on Kris Jenner, and how Kris is exploiting her daughters, Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner, by forcing them to date. Uh, Kris definitely exploits her daughters, but I don’t think she ‘forced’ Kendall to date Harry Styles. Kendall’s got enough of the famewhoring Kardashian gene that it would have come naturally to her.

And finally, it wouldn’t be Tabloid Wednesday without a catfight story. According to Life & Style, Miley Cyrus is threatening Jennifer Lawrence to stay away from Liam Hemsworth. Does everyone seem to forget that Jennifer’s in a steady relationship with Nicholas Hoult, and has been for a very long time? Plus, her relationship with all of her Hunger Games co-stars seem purely platonic, so I don’t think Miley has anything to worry about.

Image Credit: Life and Style

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