David Tom Struggles To Find His Footing as Billy Abbott On The Young and the Restless

David Tom Struggles To Find His Footing as Billy Abbott On The Young and the Restless

It has been twelve years since the last time David Tom was seen on The Young and the Restless in the role of Billy Abbott. He recently returned to the show, replacing fan favorite Billy Miller and found himself knee deep in a serious story line. Tom is admittedly used to a much different Billy and he is adjusting to how the character has grown and evolved over the years. According to the Feb. 10th print edition of CBS Soaps, Tom has found it really difficult to dig into this character because there are so many directions to go in.

Tom feels like he has to tap into Billy’s back story, honor the way that the previous actor portrayed him and then somehow make the character his own again. Not an easy task and Tom admits that he is feeling the pressure. Then too is the fact that Billy Miller was extremely popular with the Y&R fans so Tom knows that he is starting off with an uphill battle. Plus longtime fans have threatened to boycott the show beginning this week do to so many cast changes and Jill Farren Phelps weak storytelling. It makes me wonder how many people will actually tune in to even decide whether or not they like Tom’s portrayal of Billy.

Will you be watching to see his first scenes today or are you part of the mass exodus leaving Y&R in search of a better way to spend that hour? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

  • Annoyed at Y&R Management

    The 2nd generation (teenager to young Miss) Victoria was David Tom’s sister, so I guess we can be grateful that those two didn’t end up married. Y&R has lost Phyllis, now the character of Adam, and frankly, those two and their respective mates were the only electricity on the program. Now we have to muddle through the boring left-overs. I’m sorry, but this is it for me. Talk about spoiling their own success – worse than watching the Broncos because it’s a serial and not a single day of implosion.

  • Dionne

    I stopped watching after the death of Jeanne Cooper and after the character of Phyllis was written off. I too loved Billy Miller’s portrayal of Billy Abbott. However, I was a teen when I started watching Y&R and grew up with David Tom’s Billy. I tuned in today just to see David Tom. I am excite
    d he’s back!

  • RedRiver38

    I quit watching this crappy show. Don’t care.

    • nico

      But yet you read articles about the show. Keep up or give it up.

  • Lynne Stanton

    I stopped watching. Billy Miller should have been allowed to pursue other projects while playing Billy Abbott and Michael Muhney was awesome as Adam. No more Y&R for me because of JFP!

  • Lynn

    the DVR will still come on for the only soap I’ve ever watched – there have always been dull episodes(and I can fast forward them- LOL) and cast changes – it’s just one of those constants in my life.

  • DinosaurBones

    I don’t usually comment on these sites. But I went online to find out what in the world was going on with the Young and the Restless. I’ve been watching for many, many years (since the 70′s and the Brooks family) but I’m really confused as to why they are killing off or replacing all the good characters and actors and replacing them with such horrible ones. I mean–Dylan and Avery? Leslie? Cane and Lilly? I tape the Y&R every day and fast forward through all their scenes because they grate on my nerves. Even Victor and Nikki have been handed ridiculous story lines of late. And Paul… Poor guy… He used to be so cool. Now they’re making him look like a fool! The old Billy was great, likeable and believable. Today, I watched David Tom and laboured through his lines… He’s just trying too hard! Really disappointed with all the changes. maybe it’s time to fire the writers… or….Maybe it’s time to quit taping!

    • Andrea Seay Ramirez

      Ditto ditto ditto on all these comments…I rarely comment but watched everyday from DVR…my husband will be happy I am freeing up the space. It was hard enough with the sudden loss of Mrs. C (beloved Jeanne Cooper, which obviously couldn’t be avoided), but then they take Phyllis away and now Adam and Billy?!?

    • BB

      I too have been watching the Y&R since it began in the ’70′s and I just can’t stand some of the changes they have recently made.
      David Tom does not fit the part of Billy Abbott. He looks scruffy and younger and is not a good passionate match for Victoria. So what if he was there when he was younger.. He couldn’t act then.. He can’t act now. I PVR it everyday and I fast forward the Lily and Kane story lines and the Avery and Dylan story lines as well!
      Bring back Michael as Adam . He has grew on me and does play a good rival to Victor.
      Please don’t put Sharon and Nick together.. It’s way too much!! They have tried before , didn’t work. Get rid of Chloe and Kevin story lines .. They are way too boring , and so is the character , Summer, Hunter King .. Send her off..

  • Gayle G

    Nope I did not and will not watch !

  • SEG

    “do to” … try “due to” – who wrote this piece

  • rhonda

    You are so right about the sets and houses! I can’t tell the difference between Victor’s and Victoria’s on the outside. Has anyone else noticed that the supposed brick doorway of the ranch isn’t brick, you can tell by the indent at shoulder height. Ridiculous!!!! YnR save your show before it’s to late!!!!!!

  • pumpkin16

    The kids grow up fast in that town.

  • Music is Life

    I’m with the many fans who grew up with this show. I have been disappointed in the writing for MONTHS. The first big blow was losing the character Phyllis and then Billy and Adam make it hard to continue to watch. Someone at CBS should love the show enough to do an intervention before it’s too late.

  • Romanzwriter

    Everyone just needs to get over MM firing. Most of us don’t really know the man – don’t really know what happened to get him fired. We know his character. It’s not the same thing. Have I been disappointed in the recent story lines? Yes. I don’t know why they have made Sharon so wacko or why they killed off Delia, but I’ll keep watching because it’s a great escape everyday. The producers should know, by now, that fans are unhappy with the show and I’m hoping that they’ll listen and start putting a little more effort in the storyline. I’ve been watching since the beginning and I’m hoping it’ll be around for many years to come.

    • y&r junkie

      Yeah i actually liked Sharon and now it’s like they have created a totally different version of what she use to be, and i wish i knew y they would let a child die off the show like that

  • Tuneea

    I will continue to watch. I have been watching since i was a kid. I like Billy Miller but i also like David Tom. I’m a Y&R addict lol.

  • Bequet Myka


  • SnarkyGrin

    I’m disappointed but won’t stop watching. Tom’s performance was a little sad. It was clear he was trying to mimic Miller. He even did that jaw clenchy thing Miller does and seemed to have been forcing a lower, raspier voice.

  • Ginny

    I have been watching the show off and in since it started snd in the last 16 years I have been a avid fan. What bothers me more than anything else is did the young actress have witnesses to this alleged grouping. SO they took her word for it. Is that all onehas to do to get one fired. Amazing

  • Kristen

    Probably a Canadian viewer.

    • Sammylynne


    • Grace

      Really??did you have to go there??!

  • y&r junkie

    I like the old Billy, but y wait so long to bring him back??? I’m not going to stop watching though, i can’t I’m too attached!

  • y&r junkie

    Yeah i dont get y they are doing that now????

  • Melanie

    Wow! I turned on the TV and now Billy Miller is gone!!What are the writers doing?? I don’t like his replacement now and back then. I was so upset over the death of Dee Dee. She was a joy to watch and made me laugh all the time. I don’t know what you all are doing with Sharon either. She acts nutty and whines all the time. Where is Michelle Stafford?? All the good characters that keep us watching are being replaced?? What is going on?? I hate that you all have Jill being with Geneave’s (sp??) ex?? Give me a break!!

  • Nerissa Hosein

    I’m sorry no disrespect meant to david but when he played Billy, the part was boring as hell!!!! Miller came in and added his spunk, sarcasm and humor to a role and then people noticed Billy Abbott..

  • Mandy

    I won’t get started on the terrible story lines, but I ADORED David Tom as Billy Abbott 12 years ago and I hope he succeeds in falling back into his character, I’m sure he will. I still find it kind of awkward that his character is married to his sister’s iconic former character, but hey, I want to give him another try!

  • Ki

    I was disappointed when Michelle left but now I thoroughly ticked off. I will no longer watch the show as Billy and Michael were the only reasons to tune in. I loved Billy’s smile and no actor could have been picked to be a better Adam who was poised to be the next Victor. The show is beyond boring now…smh it’s a mess.

  • Nona

    Remember, Billy was not showing “chemistry” to Victoria as part of his role – he was depressed and was shutting her out, since Delia’s death. Thus the affair with Kelly. Billy & Victoria had chemistry before. Remember the days in the trailer? Fond memories, too bad the show went to hell in a hand basket.

  • maria

    exactly!! people just need to give it time. as another commenter said, you’re sad when favourite actors leave but then time passes and you get new favourites. I remember being upset when ‘britney’ left, but within a few weeks I stopped noticing.

  • maria

    You need to go back to grade two and learn how to write a sentence. Then, after your teacher gives you a gold star, you can come back to the comment section and give it another go. Good luck and God speed.

  • Amie Laraine Thomsen

    Ok this may be a silly question but can Jill be fired? Maybe if that happened we can get back to normal….

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  • hatingitrightnow

    I agree with everything Dinosaurbones wrote. I’ve watched the show since the 70s as well and so disappointed with the writers; story lines are too drawn out or just crazy- time to quit the show.

  • Barbcg

    David Tom’s acting makes me wish they had just killed off Billy Abbott. He’s just horrible to watch and painful to listen to. It’s a joke.

  • Gena

    Well I am willing to give the new Billy a chance.. I love the chemistry between Victoria and the old Biilly… I’m trying not to count Adam out.. we did see a hand inthe snow..& it moved.. so let’s hope for the best

  • Racquel Garnette

    The acting is not going great for David Tom. The writers needs to make some big changes. First get a new man for Sharon second recast Abby. This abby is very annoying and she overacts when she is playing her character. She is moving way too fast. The old abby was so much better. I am happy for Devon. He found a new boyfriend. Hilary is left in the dark. The writers needs to recast Billy Abbott as soon as possible.

  • iloveY&R

    Wow…….I have watched Y&R for years and did try to watch a few episodes with David Tom….extremely disappointing! Nothing against David Tom but he can not fill the role of Billy Abbott, he does not look old enough and can not quit smiling, his simply not the quality actor that Billy Miller is! Y&R has let the best two actors they had acquired in a long time go. Whomever replaces Adam has BIG shoes to fill also because M.M did such a fantastic job much better than the prior actor. Let’s face it Josh Morrow is an excellent actor but has got a “position” on the show and no matter where the story line leads he will never be able to assume the nasty role of a villain when the infamous Victor Newman leaves. Y&R going down hill…fork up the money to get Billy Miller back!!!

  • Racquel Garnette

    Whatever. Why should i be patient for a guy who played the original person from a decade ago. That is bullshit. Don you don’t know what you are saying so why don’t you shut the fuck up. Maybe you like guys on the young and the restless who are young guys. David Tom looks like a kid and his acting is very bad. So what if he got lots of awards. I wasn’t talking about that. You got to know what you are saying on here if you don’t then get lost. Most of the people agrees with me that David Tom acting as Billy Abbott is bad. The writers made a dumb move of replacing Billy J Miller with David Tom. Don go fuck yourself asshole.

  • Jill Summer

    He needs depth in his character and masculinity . He is delivering his lines with one level in a whinny fashion
    I hope he can pull it off but so far it does not look like he has much of a vocal range or acting range.
    Too bad, the cast is working hard to support him, I hope he is working with a coach and he can incorporate some depth quickly. A tall order.

  • Reese

    I did watch & give him a chnace. He is a no go! Bring back Billy Miller & Michael! Get rid go Summer whoever she is & especially JFP!!!!!

  • Betsy Hackbarth

    Bring Billy Miller back! I’m ready to stop watching. That was my favorite couple and this new guy doesn’t have it!!!!!!

  • A_murph

    I honestly do not like the new Billy. His acting is not as good a the Bl;y Millers. Billy Miller was a very believeable actor. I honestly can’t Hardly watch David Tom’s acting. Bring back Billy Miller!!!!!!

  • tamic

    He sucked at playing Billy the first time and now he sucks worse! Uuggg! So dissappointed ! I miss Billy Miller so much!!!! :’(

  • Melanie

    The new Billy is a terrible actor…I can’t watch him, I fast forward through his parts. Find somebody better

  • don

    He got an emmy for his performance of billy and DT is not BM. I will keep my comments about DT performance when storyline got further and I have to say that fans should pissed off at the writers too and as a result actors leaves due lack of good storylines. Billy Miller performance was good when he took the character to a dark place grieving father and vengeful father who wants the bastard who killed his child to pay if u look that in this angle yes his good to play that part not DT.

  • Bonnie Bryan

    I do not like the recast for Billy, I think David Tom looks wAy to young for Victoria, there could have been a better replacement someone who looks and talks like a man. David is like a teenager, he could be Victorias son by the looks of him

  • Shelia

    Hated David Tom then and Hate him as Billy Abbott NOW!!!!! Bring back BILLY MILLER !!! Save the show.

  • sunspell

    As a Heather Tom as Victoria fan (I know…years ago!!!) – I find it a little strange to watch her real life bro playing Victoria’s love interest

  • Dee

    I don’t like him. He always seems to be struggling to act and at times over acting. I find him uncomfortable to watch.

  • Tugey

    Yes not only does he whine he talks like he has a mouth full of marbles. He looks like a teenager. They should have never let Billy Miller leave.