Will The Young and the Restless Survive After Losing Michael Muhney and Billy Miller?

Will The Young and the Restless Survive After Losing Michael Muhney and Billy Miller?

Not only is it a new week for The Young and the Restless but there is also a serious changing of the guard underway as not one but two beloved characters were sent packing late last week. Fan favorites Michael Muhney and Billy Miller both had their final scenes air and a multitude of fans have insisted that they would be leaving along with their favorite actors. In Fact David Tom starts today as Billy’s replacement. We could ponder whether or not they’ll really follow through but the reality is that Y&R has already lost 500,000 viewers since this time last year and those ratings don’t lie.

The show has been sliding downhill for a but with the firing of Muhney seeming to be the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back. It caused longtime fans to band together in order to become very vocal and CBS quickly learned that this isn’t a group that they necessarily wanted to do battle with in a pinch. Now that Muhney is gone what will happen next? I think that is the huge question on everyone’s mind. The show has already lost a lot of its core audience by character assassination both onscreen and off and executive producer Jill Farren Phelps has made it clear that she is running things her whether regardless of who likes it or not. She appears to be ruining the show for many fans, yet no one is stepping up to fire the appropriately nicknamed “Dr. Death”.

Last week Y&R began cynically trying to keep viewers engaged by hosting Twitter parties during Y&R. This gimmick is intended to keep viewers watching in the hopes that if they actively join in on Twitter then maybe one of the stars will respond to them. I suspect it’s going to take a lot more than tweeting to keep the savvy viewers tuning in, don’t you think? Tell us in the comments below!

  • Elizabeth Cogley

    I Strongly feel that if Michael M was the devil people made him out to be he should gotten the 3 strike rule. He is a valuable asset to the show. He should of been on like probation, and had mandatory counseling. If he hadn’t changed his ways then; so be it. Fire him

  • Doris

    I don’t think CBS wants us to watch the show. If they did, they wouldn’t take off everyone we love to see. That is simple logic.

  • Sonya

    With all the other daytime shows going under, you would think The Young & The Restless would do anything to keep their show from tanking too!!!! They tried to get rid of Nikki at one time, Catherine was gone several times, where is Jill and they got rid of or chased off Phillis, Adam & Billy. I’m sure I am missing some! Quit chasing off or firing the actors!!! I am a lifetime fan of this show, but am getting fed up and don’t know if I will continue watching as you tear your own show apart!!!!!

  • Former Fan

    I quit watching Jan 30th also. Funny that I don’t miss it. I have been watching since I was very young,

  • Kay

    I am wondering if someone has been given money to screw up the show. It almost left the air years ago and the fans said “NO WAY”! I enjoy the show but it has TOO many things going on all at once. I am glad they kept the kid from going to prison. I am hoping Adam shows up at Sharon’s doorstep and she saves him like he saved her. The current actors need to be saved and stop bringing in new people, it isn’t helping the show.

  • Nerissa Hosein

    I am sure David Is a good actor but he is no Billy Miller. I didn’t even notice the character before Miller took it over. And furthermore Miller had mad chemistry with Amelia, Tom seems to be too forced with her… We need Miller back!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ki

    Now that Billy Miller is gone along with Michelle I have absolutely no reason to watch. It’s sad because I’ve been watching since I was a kid but the show is absolutely boring and predictable now. Please get some new writers and bring the favorites back.

  • Nancy

    I am still watching. I grew up watching soaps with my mom and I am now 65. I have been sad when favorite characters left for whatever reason. This time with Michael Muhney and Billy Miller gone I am angry. It was sad and painful to watch their last scenes. This week I am furious at what I see. The way Michael was fired and then his character assassinated is unconscionable. I so not believe Mchael laid a hand on Summer. If she was harassed by Michael then she should have brought charges. Haven’t heard charges just a lot of nasty rumors. How stupid do they think we are. I hope Muchael recovers from this and finds all the success he deserves. He is the most excellent actor I have watched in all my years watching soaps. That is saying a lot. And I wish Billy Miller the best. I miss and love both of these very fine actors

    • Arlene Centifanti Moore

      I have watched it also from day one. I too miss adam and billy. I think they will have to break up billy and Victoria since he looks to young for her. I really really liked chelsa and adam together. hey need to fine out soon that Kelly killed dd

  • Patricia

    I have been a huge fan from the beginning and now, with all the changes being made I will no longer be watching it anymore, all I can say is B-BYE Y&R, well that is until they let JFP go and bring back MM and BM but from what I read, that isn’t happening any time soon…She will stay until Y&R goes right down the tubes. She’s making her money and she really doesn’t care about the fans, obviously! So see ya Y&R , It has been a wonderful trip with lots of laughter, tears and memories..

  • Patricia

    Me thinks they like Bitches!!!

  • Betty Alford

    I agree with Deb .Billy M. and Michael M. should never be replaced. they are the main reason I have watched.They will regret losing 2 of the best I have seen. I know they can get work elsewhere. good luck to them . No more Y&R.

  • Anissa Likens

    I have been watching y&r for 30 years and I quit watching the day Micheal and Billy quit and I don’t miss it. Good luck to Micheal and Billy in whatever they decide to do.

  • Far

    I started watching Y&R just a few months ago. I’ve watched other soaps on and off for decades (began Guiding Light in 1984). Even though I’ve really made an effort every single day since October to see why this soap is ‘the best’, plots are just a bit too dramatic and unreal even for a soap and too many characters are disappearing too quickly. The Billy and Adam change is the end for me. Not only is Y&R insulting and chasing off long-time fans, it can’t even keep new viewers. That’s the death knell for any show. I’ll bet the actors are secretly looking for other jobs…

  • Norma

    I stopped watching Jan 30. I’m done.

  • Melissa

    No one can ever replace Billy and Michael!! Adam and Billy were two of my favorite characters!! Now is a time when Mrs C and Victor would step up and kick ass lol!!! CBS FIRE this new piece of crap who calls herself running stuff!

  • alewis

    I refuse to watch anymore episodes until Michael M & Billie Miller come back. I say do us all a favor and get rid of Jill Farren Phelps before a long time running show is put to death.

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  • Marynelle Vickers

    I hadn’t watched since 1/30 and hadn’t missed a thing since Michael and Billy are gone. I’m OK with re casting when an actor wants to leave on his own accord AND I can deal with stupid s/ls from time to time, BUT Y&R just isn’t the same AND firing Michael was the last straw and not working with Billy M. If fans don’t stick of for actors and let them know how unhappy we are with the whole show, then we and the actors lose. WE are the ones that make Y&R #1 and we can be the ones who let it drop like a rock. This is for the show we all have followed from the beginning or whenever we started watching. I wonder who will be next if they don’t fie Jill……

  • Marynelle Vickers

    I so agree. If we don’t take a stand for our show, we’ll never make a difference. Fans who stop watching can help the whole show and all the actors. But it has to be a lot of us or it won’t do any good. Fans have to wake up and take a stand, not just for Michael and Billy, but all the other actors that they dearly love because Jill is not throw with her hatchet work.

    • NTuned

      They lost 500,000 viewers last week. I haven’t seen how many this week. I used to live tweet during that show and I don’t do that anymore either. I just find something else to do during that hour. I clean or catch up on other shows I’ve DVR. I still haven’t heard whether CBS has decided to do about the decline in viewers.

  • Marynelle Vickers

    I totally agree . I use to love Victor (EB) but not anymore. Can’t stand to look at him or listen to him mumble his lines. So I don’t miss it one bit

  • Marynelle Vickers

    Jay, stop DVRing and watching now so we, the fans, can make a difference….. get their attention and try and save our show. We have to stand up for what is right and all the time we’ve invested in this show. So many of the characters are like our family and Jill has ruined it. Only way to make a difference is stop watching. You can do it. You’ll feel better and you’ll feel like you are making a difference.

  • Reanne

    I am 23 years old I been watching y&r since I was 15 I hate to miss 1 episode but them letting Michael and billy go is horrible . I think the new replacement sucks !!!

  • Sarah

    I would like to know why. I loved Adam and the new Billy sucks.

  • Diann jones

    Young and restless lost 2of the best actors, this new Billy sucks! All he does is wrinkle his brow and tilt his head down? And Adam gone? Really ? I’ve been watching y&r since it started,but all good things come to an end. I will NOT watch Y&R anymore

  • Joe Mama

    I actually stopped watching last fall but tuned in the last couple weeks of January to see the last scenes with these two excellent actors. I will not watch again.

    She also ruined GH back in the day. Stopped watching and never returned.