you are so right,fans have spoken MM,BM,MS is the last straw not to mention the terrible story lines that are going on right now,I was a fan since 1980 but no more Y&R for me.

  • Lois

    The very same fans that CBS/Sony and Execs. at y&r laughed at a month ago… huh? insult the fans and then play then for fools??? Not feeling it!!!

  • FanNoMote

    I agree. Fans are the customers, in years gone by they had to guess at fan reaction, with social media you don’t have to guess, but you do have to listen. You would think the canceling of other long-time soaps would make them eager to listen to what viewers want. Jan 31 tweet #GoodByeY&R and see how high it trends.

  • Morgan

    For an “already teetering show”, Y&R sure has good ratings. They’ve been enjoying the best ratings in five years this last couple of months. If anything, I think fans that never liked Michael Muhney or Adam are flocking back now that they now he’s a short timer. There’s room for improvement, but Y&R been pretty good lately.

    • Jaxiska

      Oh yeah, I’m going to START watching a show again because an actor/character I DIDN’T like is leaving the show in a couple of months! WTF? REALLY?

  • Steven C. Cates

    They have been doing this for a while now – nothing new. Not defending.them, but.I doubt the loss of MM will hurt the show for long. The loss of Victoria Rowell hasn’t in all the years since she left – and her fan-base is extremely vocal ( but still they watch).:

  • Pat

    It’s time for the show to end forever. They had their turn at being number one for many years. The stories are pathetic.

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  • janie

    I’ve been watching 25+ years, I’m done 1/30. They’re trying the same move with David Tutera. He’s going to be back next week.& do Neil’s wedding. I watched today & am starting to despise Lilly, she’s so nasty! I’m done and don’t care about any of the characters. I sure as heck wouldn’t tweet with those nitwits! I’m sickened when Eric Braden is on. GH here I come starting friday! Already deleted Y&R plus B&B. Done with CBS.

  • Shelley

    I was watching the Twitter Party and other than a handful of questions the three cast members were mostly commenting on todays show. They were also trying to get Y&R to trend. Ya it didnt work!!

  • Fran Leary

    I am sad to see him go, he did amazing part as Adam. They let Billy go also. The background music isn’t the same or as good any more. The new sets are a eye soar. Some of the new characters they are forcing on us aren’t cutting it. Poor Bill Bell. Get back to being a classic love story.

  • Erin

    I have only watched Adam scenes for the past 2 weeks and today is the last one I’m watching. I’m so sad it had to come down to this but I’m so sick and tired of how stupid the powers that be are!!!!!!! Nothing will bring me back!

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  • young and Rest-less

    I don’t understand what they are doing and don’t like it..i’ve watched this show my Whole life,with mom and grandma..but the story they are giving us is WACK! I want the other ppl in charge back because clearly they know not of what their doing


    i am so sad that Michael Muhney has been terminated. he is by far the best actor on the show and feel things should have been setteled differently.. Worst move they could have made. After all these years, I am done with Y@R.

  • katrine velasquez

    Yes I agree with all of you the show Will out forever Adam was great phiiisy this Cassie delis thing sent way to far good by the young and restless Adam your great ?

  • PPatton

    Having them Tweet during the last shows that Michael is in with Billy is an absolute INSULT!!! It goes to show everyone that the fans are right in leaving the show behind after 1/30. As much as I would love to see the fallout and how Jack handles the news, it’s just not possible for some of us! I cannot believe they are even trying it. I’d rather put soap in my eye than read the Tweets or watch the show any longer. As others have stated, they should have the character killed off and reveal later that he WAS NOT AT FAULT IT WAS …… WAIT FOR IT…….. NIKKI IN A DRUNKEN STOOPER. SOUND FAMILIAR? It should that is what the show is. Same old story! They finally have a great character and look at what happends. Oh and now we are going to (I won’t since I am done) get to see poor Summer get sucked into a story with Ian! REALLY! Apparently he will be the new evil character on the show hat everyone is disgusted by! I think I should be paid for the writing of this show as we all know it is going this way! NOT AT ALL INTERESTED IN ANY REMAININ STORIES. I hope GH hirs Michael. I will watch and I havent watched that show since the mid 80’s

  • Paula

    This sounds like a desperate, ridiculous, and somewhat dangerous thing to do. One of the things that has turned off many of the fans is the insulting remarks some of the cast have made on Twitter so they are going to put a bunch of these people together to tweet to the fans, some of whom are already angry. What could go wrong?

  • KMA Y & R

    After 30 years I’m done with Y & R after MM last episode from fan in Australia.

  • Anita Hill Hancock

    Too little, too late. I have no beef with Most of the actors, but Y&R you blew it. I hate that all of these storylines are so screwed up. Bringing in these new characters with shakey storylines shows desperation. You need a list just to keep up with the “newbies.” It’s made me so sick, I guess I’ll have to go to General Hospital!

  • PaddieL

    I still am wondering WHO put this young girl, a fairly new character, up to having the nerve to stomp into the writers office and DEMAND a real star on the show be fired or she would make a police report. I sure don’t know a 19 year old with that kind of clout, unless she was being coached by ‘the mustache’.

  • PaddieL

    I agree completely. Parents have gone to jail for leaving little kids alone in a car. He needs to look in the mirror for the one that is responsible for his daughters death.

  • endre

    He will be missed.

  • Reba

    Y & R reminds me of a passive aggressive company. Have their employees stick together and go after another employee. CBS allowed the character assassination of Mulhney. If they wanted Y & R to be successful they would fire the head writer Jill and find a way to return the real Adam to the show. Mulhney should just hire a lawyer and give Y & R something they will never forget. Character assassination is a no no. Keep the boycott going.