The Young and the Restless Former Fans Unite Over Michael Muhney Firing: Make Sure CBS Hears Them Loud and Clear (VIDEO)

The Young and the Restless Former Fans Unite Over Michael Muhney Firing: Make Sure CBS Hears Them Loud and Clear (VIDEO)

I have to say, I hope that anyone that works in any part of the entertainment industry is paying even a little bit of attention to the turmoil connected to CBS’ The Young and the Restless. There is a moral to this story that eclipses just daytime television. When you have a solid group of fans that band together in solidarity, the result can either be fantastic or catastrophic for any television show. When Michael Muhney was fired from Y&R last month the fans lashed out demanding the network bring him back. That was never going to happen. Muhney was let go because of some serious allegations and even if they were false, CBS would never hire the actor back because it would indicate that they had made a mistake – something networks rarely own up to.

The Young and the Restless Former Fans Unite Over Michael Muhney Firing: Makes Sure CBS Hears Them Loud and Clear (VIDEO)

What has emerged in the middle of the scandal is something even bigger than the original issue. The fans, thanks to comments by other cast members and powers-that-be, have been disrespected which is absolutely ridiculous if you think about it. Every single person working on the Y&R sound stage owes their ability to put food on the table to the very fan base that they’ve made fun of. The same people that flew a banner over CBS in support of Muhney are also now taking aim at the advertisers and insisting that once Muhney’s final performance airs in about ten days they will be checking out of Genoa City for good.

CBS has clearly underestimated the power of the fans. It’s not like 20 years ago when everyone talked to their friends about what happened on Y&R. Instead thanks to several internet groups there is indeed the ability to band together and formulate a serious plan to make their presence felt. For everyone speaking out saying they will be tuning out after Jan. 30 there are probably 300 others who are thinking the same and just not bothering to chime in. Some will say that the fans have nothing to do with the future of Y&R but that simply isn’t true. Shows are canceled when fans find better ways to spend their time. That is the nature of this business. If people really do what they are threatening, those ratings really will drop and if you think the cast and crew is worried now- just wait until later on!

The Young and the Restless Former Fans Unite Over Michael Muhney Firing: Makes Sure CBS Hears Them Loud and Clear (VIDEO)

When Muhney asked for privacy and space to protect his family I have to think he may have understood better than everyone at CBS combined exactly what the fallout could look like. He seemed to be very in tune with the power of the viewers and if he was paying attention then he already knew there was a powder keg building with each and every firing or disconnected story line. The mess that exists now was a long time in coming and he just so happened to be that final straw. Will you be tuning out later this month? Do you believe that you guys really will make a difference in what happens next for Y&R? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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  1. B. Mosely says:

    No M. Muhney, B. Miller, M. Stafford….No me, I’m done…

  2. SoapFan says:

    Once Billy Miller and Michael Muhney no longer grace my screen, I will no longer be turning into Y&R. CBS/Sony/Y&R can give me all the excuses under the rainbow and I won’t buy one of them. Y&R has become the home of bad, rehashed storylines, lazy, sub par acting (mumbling, bad ad-libbing, etc.), poor writing and bad directing/producing. I don’t give a fig about Cane/Lily, Dylan/Avery, Carmine/Lauren/Fen/Michael and Victor/Nikki or their storylines. Most of the actors I like and respect, but there is one that I would love to see go and either the character killed off or recast. This person’s lazy acting (you can tell that lines are being read off of something behind the other actors or the phone because this actor doesn’t really look at the other actor’s involved in the scene, just through them), mumbling and repeated ad-libs (same words, different day) show a lack of respect to the viewers. Yet, quality actors are let go or not allowed outs in order to keep them under contract. TPTB at Y&R have lost their collective minds, and now they’ve lost a viewer.

  3. Anita Hill Hancock says:

    This has been a long time coming. Soaps have always been a favorite of mine. A new show every day, no reruns. But in the last few years the advertisers think we would rather see perfect strangers win lots of money or people try to show you how to cook with ingredients you can’t afford. Soaps had families, they include the lone viewer in their celebrations. Now they just have the same stories. Whose in bed with who, and I thought you were dead crap. You get rid of our family when you kick them out. Fans are just too smart to let that happen anymore, and they are also too smart to buy products from advertisers that support them. What happened to Y&R after Jeanne Cooper died? It seems like this show went to hell in a handbasket

  4. xy&rfan says:

    Yes, I personally,a fan from day 1, will be joining the mass exodus of one time loyal fans of Y&R on 1/30 at 1:31 PM. This of course will be the final scenes of MM. Unfortunately, it has been a very sad learning experience for MM and the fans. We have seen how our very foundation could be rocked by those we once trusted and thought to be “our family.” Total disrespect for MM and the loyal fans in the very genre you all depend on for your “bread and butter!” You’ve been paid for your work and we helped you get your pay and be able to bask in the glory of stardom . You don’t think we’re important or worthy of respect, you kick aside a man who has kept you at #1 who we all love. Sadly you will get to see that we are important and not to be disregarded as yesterdays trash. You Y&R&cast//CBS/Sony will now get to see how MM and the fans will be able to walk away with our heads held high while your #’s drastically drop. You created this situation and ruined a perfectly great working relationship! Now you’ll see how it feels to have the rug torn out from under you. Bye, bye Y&R….

  5. lbrush says:

    Finished watching 2 weeks ago. Can’t even watch him leave:(

  6. Elizabeth North says:

    What ever happened to INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY? It is a sad day when a man loses his career over an “alledged” incident of misconduct; alledged, as in unproven! This life long fan will be saying farewell (for good) to Genoa City when MM exits! He/his character have been carrying the show for a while now, and quite frankly another actor replacing him in the Adam role is as insulting to the fans as it is unacceptable! He was the future of the show! His character (for the next 30 years) would have been as monumental as Eric’s has been for the past 30 years! How sad the Jill Phelps had to come in and botch this situation, as well as destroy a show with ridiculous story lines and characters that were only worthy of fast forward! If CBS wants to throw the fans a bone fire her! It is completely unprofessional that this situation was leaked. Again, this was a he said she said! If it was serious it would have become a Police matter – the fact that it didn’t speaks volumes! In this Politically correct world we live in demonstrating common sense has become a thing of the past! As if 20 year old impressionable young girls don’t exaggerate (for attention), misconstrue a situation for something that it’s not, or become influenced by another (with their own agenda) to make trouble where there is none! CBS fire Jill Phelps, beg MM to return (for the fans sake), and tell the writers to get their acts together — otherwise the fans will MAKE SURE in the ratings dept Genoa City is a ghost town! P.S. Sharon and Melissa, you both are class acts — they better not retaliate on you for your support of MM!

  7. Linda Simpson says:

    We fans are very serious about what we are doing to make it clear to “the powers that be” on the Y&R, that we support Michael Muhney. I believe the writers are wrong in what they did. I don’t listen to tabloid rags for honest answers. Even TMZ.

  8. Texasbred says:

    You are so right grambert. This should have never gone public and tweeted. Also, the fans were treated so badly. I never thought Hunter was the correct casting for Summer. We saw Summer as a little girl now we are suppose to believe this 20 yr. old is a young tender teenager when she looks much older. Also, she really does not have much talent. Just being truthful not trying to be mean. Little Delia, the actor was so much more talented. However, Hunter should not have been exposed like that. How awful for her.

  9. Stacy Meisles says:

    We really are leaving Y&R Jan 30. Team Michael Muhney. CBS u r in for a rude awakening. Selling fans short is a bad move. We made u #1, and we r taking it away.
    We r standing strong!
    Michael gets the last laugh!!!!!

  10. Linda Simpson says:


  11. Linda Simpson says:

    Team Muhney, all the way !!

  12. OESIGMA19227 says:

    I grew up watching The Young and The Restless, I even loved it when Mary J. Blige made a song on TYATR Theme Music. However, Victor Newman character will not be enough for me to stay tuned. I looked forward to watching Adam be the Villian. But now I am no longer a fan, GOODBYE YOUNG AND HOPELESS.

  13. RedRiver38 says:

    The arrogant actors on Y&R trashed the fans and Michael Muhney. Well, they are successful in that he’s gone and the fans will be too on January 30th. Eric Braeden’s arrogance & ego know no bounds.

  14. Elizabeth North says:

    Why has my comment that I submitted erased? Not happy! Elizabeth North

  15. Hope Nodrama says:

    I totally agree. The way CBS/ Sony handled thing was very unprofessional. Well I already stop watching.

  16. Stacy Meisles says:

    They r all afraid of being fired like Michael. Stupid move, Y&R is gonna b history. So they will all b out of work lol

  17. Stacy Meisles says:

    Watching nothing on CBS

  18. Hope Nodrama says:

    I said the same thing. I personally think they all lying. If u gonna lie, lie right. HK of all ppl? really? He don’t even work close to her like that. I mean damn if they was going to use a décor for a lie like that at least use females he work very close with, like Chelsea or the girl that play heather. I didn’t say Sharon bcuz her and Micheal r close friends. My things is he work close to topless woman on the set, I would think her would grab their titties being it’s right there in front of him. It’s all BS to cover why they really fired him. They fired him bcuz he not a kiss ass. He have a mind of his own. He not a follower like others r. MM is a grown man about his business and does his job very well. Firing him and then trashing his name all bcuz he didn’t want to b a puppet is very unprofessional and stupid.

  19. Nancy says:

    A side note- Several months ago, it came out with the passing of Jeanne Cooper that she use to squeeze her male co-workers privates and butt. They all talked about it including when they remembered her. Now, this clearly shows this behavior would be classified as sexual harassment on the job. It also shows the relaxed and acceptable playful sexual atmosphere behind the scenes on Y and R. If anybody had dared complain, would they have let her go? No. It seems this behavior was acceptable behind the scenes and set a precedent of what was ok .

  20. Janet says:

    After 40 years I’m signing off. The show has become a shadow of its former self. Michael Muhneys firing was the last straw. Unsubstantiated rumors (surely placed there by Muhney haters) could ruin this mans career. Relics like Eric Braeden publicly bashing him (along with Greg Rikaart, Christel Khalil, Melody Thomas Scott to name a few) should be ashamed at their lack of professionalism. The actors that openly mocked fans obviously have forgotten which side their bread is buttered. Fans can make or break a show. The pathetic storylines right now is making it very easy for me to stop watching as of Jan 30. I hope TPTB realize what a horrible mistake they’ve made in alienating us and not taking us seriously. Their days as #1 are numbered. I hope they’re happy.

  21. edwina lee says:

    I feel a loss in my routine after having deleted Y an R 2 and 1/2 weeks ago, but I deplore the cast members who feel the need to go on twitter and trash a former castmate. Did he or didn’t he? I really don’t care anymore. I hate the storylines, I hate that someone exposed the whole scandal and that a young girl is involved. Who would drop her name and, perhaps, an innocent person? Such a mess. This whole situation REEKS of unprofessionalism. I would hate if MM was, in fact, guilty, but not knowing the facts, I can only guess that Y and R ratings are about to take a major decline.

  22. ginger says:

    Well said!!! EB needs to go…MM is the only one that can play Adam, but that’s gone…Bye Bye Y&R Jan 20. Been watching since day one

  23. Bu-Bye - - says:

    Wow YR.. Could you describe any better drama than this. Could you laugh or mock us any harder.
    Could you be anymore disgraceful.
    In less a week I am done.
    You waste my time!
    I can’t find in heart to feel excited or look forward.
    Couldn’t wait to see the next time –
    join us again in young and the restless.
    Or should I say Heartless.
    Cannot share my heart or soul as I don’t see now or ahead of me to even care. Good Bye YR, wouldn’t miss you but sure will miss MM so take care Michael and God Bless.

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  26. Mensa says:

    I’m out. Not loudly, not posting except for this. Just out. Bye Y&R.

  27. Justin Lewis says:

    Question: if this didn’t happen why didn’t Michael Muhney sue the network for firing him? Why didn’t he fight to keep his job?

  28. Dorothy says:


  29. Jaxiska says:

    The mass exodus of fans begins on Jan. 31!!! Y&R’s only hope…REPENT, AND BE SAVED! #TeamMuhney

  30. Tarra says:

    I’m out, sadly!!!! After 30 years!!! Mm forever!!

  31. jabo says:

    I’ve been watching the y&r since 1979, & it never disappointed me until now. Michael Muhney is the best actor on the show hands down, how can you get rid of the man, who I think was going to replace the old fool in Victor Newman# Eric Braeden

  32. Beeswax says:

    Great points! Best comment on here!

  33. Pissed Off says:

    Booyah baby! That’s right! Exactly; what about the ass and crotch grabbing and swearing like a truck driver (with road rage) talked about on the Jeanie Cooper tribute!
    This shit is crazy! Mrs. C must be rolling in her grave! She’d NEVER leave billions to Devon and leave Jill out in the cold! She loved Jill like a daughter and knew Drvon got what 5 minutes! Neil Winters sucks! New younger actors suck! Hilliary went from wack job, revenge Queen psych and now a week later is Jacks trusted confidant! The writing SUCKS! The only one keeping me tuning in was Adam/Muhney! I’m outa here! Psych! Later! Booyah! Got better things to do then waste my time on this bullshit … “Okay” … Ya I’m talkin to you too EB!

  34. marcia says:

    Total disrespect for the fans! They should be getting rid of hunter king, perhaps the trash pics she puts up on the internet for the world to see! Do some background work you will see michael muhney is probably not the first and she will be crying sexual harrassment around every corner!!! CBS get real and fire phelps!!!

  35. Texasbred says:

    Well said Grambert. People presume they know what happened and resort to calling MM a pig when they were not there at all!! I am not trashing the alleged victim, just not willing to hang a man on speculation. Also, Hunter is not a baby, she has two hands to slap anyone touching her and a mouth to scream and then report the actions to HR, police, etc. Story aside, i find HK acting boring and she looks too old to be playing Summer who was a little girl a year ago. I think Michelle Stafford looked shocked when referring to her as her little girl and there was no chemistry between those two. I thought it looked rather awkward. I hope they send Summer to boarding school and we get another actor who is talented to play Summer.

  36. Texasbred says:

    I agree that Shawn is very likeable and talented at GH and i really love him. However, he is not a replacement for Jason. He is his own character. I miss Kate Howard Georgie, Lucky, Baby Jake, Jason (can only be played by Steve Burton) and other very talented actors that were let go. The show is just not the same to me. Some actors just mold their characters and make them their own. Thats what MM did for Adam Newman.